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*peeking from behind the door*

Hi there! It'd been a long time!
But well actually not that long ne? Anyway how are you now? I hope you're having a great day. And even not, I hope your day will be brighter soon :) When I looked back on my previous entries I noticed that I haven't post anything that related with Arashi aside of my fics. For those who already noticed this must be thinking how weird I am(But I'm a weirdo in reality too, so don't mind it (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ ).

For those who're concerned about my health, thank you :) I feel so grateful.Thankfully my scan's result showed nothing bad. My sickness is getting better but in a really, really slow progress cause the doctor said the joint part that I feel pain is normally have low blood pressure which makes the recovery will take till several months.

Though, the reason why I post this is not because of that only. One more reason is cause I just get my laptop back after almost 3 weeks living without it! O(≧∇≦)O-yatta! Finally I can watch Arashi, do my assignments and write fics again(Yeah, I finally overcome my writer-blocked).
But the bad news-I think I won't post any new stories until near year end. Well...once you suddenly stop doing something that you constantly do for a long time, somehow your body tend to forget how to do it again right? That's what I through now. I need time to find my 'rhythm' back. For those who still waiting for my new fics(if there's any), I really appreciate it *hug* Thank You SO much!

Today I decide to post something Arashi-ish(since I haven't post one yet) ;) And since I've watch quite a lot of Arashi members' drama up until now, I decide to share with you about their future role that I wish to see one day :D
Roles that I want to see Arashi members get one day )


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