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Title: A Day in Our Life (Drabbles)
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy, AU and SO full of drama
Characters: OT5
Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine!
Summary: Consist of 5 drabbles which just like the title, something funny that probably happened somewhere in A Day in Our Life. Let's face it with much lighter heart.

1st drabble: The Messenger (Ninomiya Kazunari) )

2nd drabble: A forgotten thing (Sakurai Sho) )

3rd drabble: Oh, Happy Day~ (Aiba Masaki) )

4th drabble: Just my luck (Matsumoto Jun) )

5th drabble: Depressing (Ohno Satoshi) )

>Hi there! I haven't writing for quite some time so I'm really sorry for any mistake. I'm supposed to be in hiatus mode now but somehow a lot of depressing things are happening lately and I just hope that these stories can make someone out there to feel much better. As expected, there are times that we have to laugh out what was happened to us. Am now listening to 'One Step' from Arashi's latest album and the lyric is so inspring for me!
>To my loyal readers who are still wating for the next update of Dead Run-Revival, I'm really sorry to say that I still don't have time to write the new chapter m(_ _")m I hope these drabbles can at least give you 'something' to read for a while. I tried to write these between my free time(that's why it only comes out in short drabbles~). Let's say this is my appreciation for your support and patience up until now ;)
>Last but not least, Thank You SO much for reading! All the best for a better day :D


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