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Title: The Medium
Rating: G (For this chapter)
Genre: AU, friendship, horror, angst
Characters: Sakurai, Aiba
Disclaimer: Slightly inspired from Fatal Frame.
Summary: 10 years ago Sho was saved from a haunted spirit by the town's medium, Aiba. The two of them become best-friends-forever and always stick to each other after that until one day Sho was forced to stop from seeing his only friend. What Sho doesn't expect though is to find out that he might lose Aiba in the most saddening way. Now it's all up to him to let the Final Ritual to be performed, or save Aiba and drag their town into its calamity.
Warning: Supernatural stuff and mentioned of human sacrifice.
Chapter 1 )

>It has been a while since I post something. I wrote this short series several months ago but just finally find a time to post it. I'm afraid I'll get stuck from finishing another series if I write a long one so I decided to restart with a shorter one this time ^^
>I'm very sorry to all my LJ friends who I didn't get to wish Happy Birthday and haven't received my PM yet. I couldn't use my laptop for quite a while (again) because my father need to use it for his job ^^" And I wasn't around for almost the entire Ramadhan too, so I couldn't find a time to hang out in here. And Happy Eid to those who celebrating it too :D
>Comments, improvement critics and opinion are much appreciated! Happy reading!


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