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Title: Project Eternity
Pairing: OT5
Genre: AU, Action, Drama, Friendship
Rating: R (For this chapter)
Disclaimer: I own the plot only~ Not Arashi~
Summary: Despite of government 'Project Eternity' declaration, 5 genius boys were saved after their parents managed to hide their real intelligence. 10 years later, they witness their parents get caught in misunderstand and aim to save them.
Yet, they never thought it will drag to something serious.
A/N: I'm sorry for every error and mistakes.

Chapter 12

Seeing Mr. Hatsuyuki is stepping forward with his gun accurately targeting Sho, Jun cautiously pulls his friend closer behind. The scientist however shows no sign to stop till he finally stands less than 5 steps from the teenagers group in front him.

“Why do you have that gun with you? Wasn’t the General Officer had it with him before?”

Mr. Hatsuyuki just chuckles.

“I took it from him. Night when you guys sneaked inside the building I was actually in charged to monitor our new security system. That idiot just left it on his seat when your father shouted to come and see him, so I took that chance to take this gun.”

“So you actually already conspired with him to arrest your neighbor night when we stayed at your house?”

The older one shrugs.

“Well, actually I didn’t expect him to come. He almost ruin my plan when he said he want to arrest you guys for messing with his subordinates’ work so I threatened him that I’ll reveal to the government that he actually passed out night when you guys trespassing into that burn out building. What an idiot. I wonder why the government retains him for that long.”

At that moment, Aiba realizes that he and Ohno are cover by Sho, Nino and Jun who are standing in front them. As low as he can then, he whispers something without turning his face to his friend beside to avoid from gets caught. Ohno who at first doesn’t grasp what his cheerful friend tries to say immediately response with a question and almost get busted if Nino doesn’t speak exactly at the same time.

“So at last you are just government’s another loyal dog. How pathetic.”

“All I did till this point is for the sake of my curiosity to know what Project Eternity is about. That project only can be exposed to special kids and ministers so I must find a way to gain the government’s trust and let me join the project.”

“Then, why are you coming here? There’s nothing useful you can found in this house.”

Sho’s seriousness however makes Mr. Hatsuyuki explode with laugh.

“What’s so funny?!”

“You still don’t get it, don’t you?”

The five teenagers frown.

“I’ll answer your question anyway. Currently the government is worried if it’s true that your late father knew what Project Eternity is about though it is supposed to be government’s big secret. So if I found your father’s ‘founding’ and show that to the government, the project will stay unknown forever and I will finally gain their trust to make them let me join Project Eternity. Like killing two birds in one stone I suppose?”

He shamelessly snickers when see the five guys’ face turn to disbelieve one.



“You’re not in situation to make a choice, brat. You’re just as annoying as your late father.”

That is Sho break point. Get totally carried away by his anger, he almost stamp toward the older one with his fist all ready to wreck the ugly face. He however stops by his friends when the four guys hold his body to prevent the other one from moving and struggling.


“Sho! Calm down!”

A sudden shoot into air startles them.

“QUIET! At least be grateful I’m going to finish you guys with his gun!”

Despite of the man’s hurting statement, Sho only can grit his teeth bitterly.

A smirk spread on Mr. Hatsuyuki’s face as he unlocking the silver gun in his grip. The moment he almost lifts it to his target, a sudden loud mad barks making him stop and turn to the living room’s direction with quizzical face. Taking that chance, Ohno and Aiba quickly pull their three friends in front to fall on knees with them. Being the only one who doesn’t know about the huge dog’s presence, Mr. Hatsuyuki just frown to see their action till he witness a huge white dog suddenly stormed into the basement library in full speed and a second later, jump over the five guys who are crouching down on the floor. The old man try to aim his gun on the animal, but due of panic he couldn’t move his fingers properly and falls on his back hardly when the furry one landing above him. The gun drops onto ground a second later as the Alaskan Malamute now attempt to bite his wrist.

“Right on time.”

Ohno gives out a relief sigh. For a while the five of them just watch the old scientist struggling to make the dog above him to let go of his shirt sleeve. A moment later, Ohno and Aiba offer their hand to help the other three guys to get back on their feet.

“You guys call him to come?”

“Yup. We’re lucky Oh-chan took that calling-device with him.”

Suddenly, a loud dog’s whine follow by a thud comes into their ears. Aiba’s face is the first one change to horror look when seeing their furry friend is now shaking and whining painfully on floor.

“What a nuisance.”


Snorting, the old scientist rubs his wrist as the dirty dog leave an obvious bruise around it. When realize Aiba is panicky running toward the dog, Mr. Hatsuyuki swiftly kneel down to reach for the gun that he drop without purpose. Yet, Sho is much faster in reacting. The teenager quickly snatch the gun before quickly straight up and aims it to the older one.

“Hands up.”

His firm tone makes the older man freeze for a while. As the scientist lifts his hands, he slowly gets up from the floor when Sho gesture him to do so.

“Look, let’s-”


Mr. Hatsuyuki grits teeth by it. Both he and Sho then just return each other their hateful gaze in silent until Aiba’s voice come to their sense.

“Jun, is he alright?”

Jun moves to kneel down beside the worry Aiba immediately. As gentle as he can, he then lift the furry creature’s head to lean on his lap before start to examine its face and turn it to other side, making Aiba gasp by horror when found the dog has external bleeding on its left eye. Couldn’t hide his anger anymore, the used to be bright guy furiously looks at the old scientist.

“What have you done to him?!”

“I just hit it with the clip. Maybe too hard?”

Another whine comes from the dog which makes Aiba to bring his stare back on it. As his hand strokes its body to calm it down, Sho moves closer to the old scientist’s direction.

“I want you to get out from here now.”

“Calm down Sho-kun. It’s unfortunate but I don’t want to just leave just like this. How about we make a deal? I won’t tell anyone that I bump into you guys here if you let me to find for your father’s investigation-”


“Look, I know you don’t want to dirty your hands by killing someone. You and your friends still young-”

The older man jerk up when Sho suddenly send a bullet right above his head. For a while, the library space fall into silent as the man can’t believe Sho will has enough courage to pull the trigger.

Knows he has no other choices, Mr. Hatsuyuki gives out a defeat sigh. With his hands still up in the air, he slowly makes his way toward door while Sho and Nino follow and eyeing  his every movement in extreme care to ensure the latter will not dare to do something ridiculous. Only after he gets out from Sakurai’s residence and drive away from the area several minutes later, the two guys finally can calm down before close the front door and return to where their friends are staying at. The moment they enter the basement, they found Jun is pushing the bleeding wound on the dog’s eyes while Ohno and Aiba caressing its body to lessen the pain it is dealing with.

“Is it bad?”

“Let’s hope it’s not.”

Jun then shortly glance to Sho who is still standing on the doorstep.

“Sho, I need first aid.”


In a swift motion, Sho takes his leave to the kitchen after tell Nino to help him.

Couple of minutes later Sho and Nino hurriedly returns into the basement again. To their luck the bleeding is not so terrible. The blood on the dog’s eye already slows down when Jun starts to treat it and wrapping it with white bandage. Right after he done with his job, the Alaskan Malamute try to move away from his lap but stop by the chemist himself.

“Take your time. It’s fine.”

His words answer by a small whine from the dog.

“Should we carry him? If we don’t leave now that bastard might come here with his allies.”

“No, I think we still have time. That scumbag must be thinking we already flee from here anyway. He will expect we have no guts to stay here and risking our safety for being busted. For now let’s just stay here and…let this brave dude rest.”

The rest nod while Sho reaches for the thick fur and gently pet it. Only after they make sure the dog calm enough and ready to fall into slumber, Jun carefully place it on floor with the other guys’ help. They for a while just stare it before get up from the floor and look at each other’s face, almost immediately disappear from the basement a second later to settle something.


Minutes change to hours and now, they spend almost entire 3 hours to look for Mr. Sakurai’s founding that the old researcher tell them before. Exhaust clearly show on the five of them faces after dig and look for all possible places that Sho’s father might used to hide his founding till the point Aiba and Jun climb up the high wall cupboards in the basement’s library to look for any hint. Even though, they finally found nothing.

With the sun now rise highly in sky, the five guys eventually at their limit. After sitting on main bedroom for almost another entire hour, Jun finally couldn’t bear with the soreness he feels on his back and slowly gets up from floor before doing some stretching.

“I think my back is going to break.”

“Go have some rest then. Aiba-chan and I will finish after check these files.”

Though Nino give him a reassuring smile, the chemist couldn’t help but feel bother to just leave his two friends continue on searching. However, he really needs to leave to check for the dog’s current state as well.

“I’ll go and check dude under there now. Just call me if you guys need anything.”


After throwing his last glance to Aiba and Nino inside there, Jun then takes his leave to downstairs. The moment he finally finish climb down the steps, he greet by the sight Ohno and Sho are leaning on the living room’s couch, already sleeping with their face and shirt cover with dust and sweat. Those two were checking the storeroom when he, Aiba and Nino decided to continue their seeking on upstairs.

‘I guess we’re really at our limit now…’

The chemist stressfully massages his temple. With the endless depression things keep happening around them one follow by another and their tiredness after last night incident, he doesn’t know how long it will be before they finally break down. As he let a small sigh escape between his lips, he startle by Ohno’s worry voice.

“Are you okay Jun?”

Jun lifts his face instantly.

“I thought you’re sleeping.”

Ohno just shakes his head with a smile.

“Just a short nap. We haven’t finished the storeroom yet.”

Jun nods understandingly. When his gaze stop at Sho, his heart feels like crumbling by his friend’s tired face. Ohno who notice it follow his eyes before let out a small sigh as well.

“It must be hard for Sho. Every part of this house must be full with his memories with his parents and now he still need to wonder inside here. Even I still can’t fully overcome with the fact we’re losing our parents.”

“He is a tough guy after all. At least, let him rest for now.”

 The living room falls into silent for a while. Finally remember that he is actually want to go to the basement and check for the dog they leave there, Jun quietly makes his way from the space. A step before he disappears into the corridor which leads to the underground library, he stops Ohno’s sudden apologize.

“I’m sorry.”

The chemist looks at his friend immediately.

“If I didn’t trust that bastard and insist to do the plan last night, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“What are you talking about? It wasn’t only you who were fooled by him. Sho, Masaki, Nino and I fell into his trap as well. And if we didn’t do the plan earlier, I believe we wouldn’t be so lucky to escape like we did last night isn’t it?”

He found the other one blink upon it, speechless.

“I must say I hate to remember how much I trust that bastard before. But it can’t be helped. We are still too young. We thought what we did was right but I guess we’re still too naïve to say we’re experienced about everything. Being genius and being experienced are two different things after all. ”

Both guys just exchange their stare with each other. Only after a while Ohno finally fully receives his words and smile as well.

“I guess we learn something.”

In mean time, Nino already gives up from flipping hundreds of pages and reading every report Sho’s father saved in the main bedroom. Sighing, he then lay on empty space behind him with a wide yawn.

“I think it is not here. If Sho’s dad kept it in this room the government will found it already.”

Aiba unexpectedly so absorbs with his searching and just ignore it. Soon, the cheerful guy finally finish with his nth files and ready to reach for the new one inside the cupboard in front them. Couldn’t let his friend to act like that any longer, Nino quickly reaches for his wrist to stop the latter’s movement. Aiba who surprise by it immediately turns to him with confuse stare.

“That’s enough okay? Let’s clean these up and go down now.”

“But who knows we will found something here? I’m afraid we miss look it.”

“We should think rationally. I know you also realize how small the possibilities Sho’s dad will hide it here right? It is better if we start to look somewhere else now.”

Aiba chews his lip. Soon, he feels Nino’s pat on his back before the latter starts to arrange files and paperwork which they purposely leave on floor and put it back into its previous place. He only wakes up from his thought when Nino finishes putting back all stuff into the cupboard.

“Alright. Let’s get going.”

With his hands on his knees, the hacker pushes himself to get up from his sitting spot. After offer his hand to his cheerful friend and help the other one to get back on his feet, he calmly leads their way back to the stairs.

“How you can be so calm after what happened before?”

Nino look at him while hum questioningly.

“I mean, I still feel disappoint for trusted ‘him’ and even convinced you guys to trust him as well. But you look fine. Well, it’s not like I forgot you’re the one who opposed the idea we should trust him though…”

Aiba’s barely audible voice on the last sentence makes the other guy chuckle. They are climbing down to the lower floor when Nino crossing his arms with his thoughtful looks.

“I didn’t feel disappoint with myself for trusting him. But I feel really disappoint for not trusting you.”


“I guess you still not aware about it.”

The hacker then seriously returns his friend’s questioning gaze.

“Aiba-chan, you have a really good instinct. The reason why I didn’t trust that folk till the night he fooled us was because I believe on your instinct so much. That’s why I asked you so many times if you felt anything wrong when you met him a week ago.”

“But I didn’t felt anything...”

“Nope. You actually were.”

Aiba frowns.

“Remember when you wanted to give your earpiece to that old folk inside the tunnel but you stopped halfway? I knew it from there.”

His explanation makes Aiba gape disbelievingly. The fact how something that happens in really short time and looks so unimportant in others’ eyes will be so bothering in Nino’s point of view makes him seriously wordless.

When both of them finally enter the living room’s space, Jun also come into there with their new furry friend following closely behind. Seeing Sho still sleep peacefully on couch, Ohno, Aiba and Nino quietly tiptoes toward the dog with relief smile. While the three of them stroke its thick fur, Jun take that chance to examine its wound for the twice time. It is then when something pop into Aiba’s mind.

“I’ll name him Hollow-kun.”

The rest immediately turn to him with surprise expression.

“At least you should ask our opinion first.”

He snorts when the cheerful guy just ignores him while grinning happily.

“But why Hollow? It sounds so sad and…English?”

“Cause that’s the first thing came into my mind before. So from now on, you’re Hollow.”

Like approving the new name, the dog answers it with bark. Hearing the positive response, Nino and Jun only can sigh while Ohno giggles beside them.

“He seems fine.”

That voice makes the four guys turn around immediately. Their expression change to a worry one when Sho lets out a sigh with his hand moves to his forehead and massage it. His movement gains attention from Hollow as the dog suddenly makes it way toward him. Sho on the other hand frown by the act though he just quietly watch Hollow approaching him until it stop and place its front paw on his lap.

A moment pass in silence as Sho just let Hollow to sniff his body and face.

“W-What is it?”

He mumbles awkwardly when the dog just looks at him with its tongue sticking out.

“Is he trying to say something?”

“But what is it?”

They frown when it all of sudden drops its feet back to floor. Sho almost reach out his hand to pat the latter’s head when the dog suddenly sniff the cushion Sho is sitting on. The situation of course makes the five guys to feel more confuse especially when Hollow suddenly nudge its nose continuously like trying to push away the square seat from its place. Realizing it, Sho immediately get up.

“I’ll take him away.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Maybe he is bothered by something.”

The rest turn to Aiba.

Quickly then, Sho lifts the cushion and drop it onto the floor below. They however turn out to be more lose when found nothing special under it. Only when Hollow starts to sniff on the couch’s bottom, Jun finally recalls something and immediately moves to kneel down next to Sho who is still standing behind the white dog. And like understanding Jun’s mind, Hollow moves away from the couch as soon as Jun’s pat touches his head.

“I remember I feel something hard when I touched this before.”

Hollow replies him with a bark.

Full of concentration, Jun then moves his palm to the couch’s bottom. When the familiar hard feelings reach his skin, the chemist immediately give it a push before knocks for few times and gain soft metal’s banging sound from under the couch’s cover.

“We need to open this cover.”

“I’ll go get knife.”

Ohno disappears into the kitchen immediately. Aiba and Nino at the same time run closer when Sho move to kneel down beside Jun. After Ohno comes with knife a second later, Jun immediately takes it from the latter’s offering hand and readily to cut the cover.

“Don’t make the hole too big. If it is true there’s anything there, we can’t let the government found it too.”

A nod.

The house fill with ripping sound when Jun starts to cut some part of the canvas soft weave cover before tear it away and show a rectangular palm-size metal lid under it. After receive approve nod from his friends behind, Jun then carefully open the lid and open it. The thing they found inside it however isn’t something they expect it would be.


“Maybe it will lead to somewhere? Try to pull it.”

Taking a deep breath, Jun reaches for it and tries to move it down. Seeing his friend having difficulty to pull the lever, Sho places his hand on the chemist’s immediately and with all their might, pull it down bit by bit together. The other three guys just about to lend their help as well, but surprise by sound like something are sliding on floor from somewhere nearby.

“Go check what it is.”

Ohno, Aiba and Nino immediately disappear inside corridor which leads to storeroom when Sho and Jun already halfway from completely pulling the lever down. When the lever couldn’t move down any longer a moment later, they stop and slowly get up, tiredly catching their breath till Aiba call them to come and see what they found.


The latter point the space under the stairs when Sho and Jun finally there. Both guys surprise when see the supposed to be normal floor which they stepping on timelessly before now have a secret dark passage to the other basement’s part.

“Now when I remember back, mom and dad had once taken me out to live temporarily in other place when I was four. Maybe the reason was to build this space. ”

 Sho still couldn’t hide his disbelieve expression as he bring his feet closer with the stairs in front them. Yet, he stops when hear Hollow’s soft footstep approaching him and his friends there. Gratefully, the five guys run toward the dog and give it numerous pats and praises. The dog’s eye’ shining as it feels their hands gently all over its body.

“We’re going inside there for a while. Please take care of Sho’s house for us, okay?”

The dog immediately sits down while swaying its tile. Wide grin shows on the five best friends face when they thanking Hollow before finally get inside the secret passage, one by one. Their steps turn to cautions as the pitch darkness in there blinding their sight from seeing whatever ahead. Fortunately Aiba notices two flashlights are hanging on the left wall and take it before pass to Ohno and Sho who then lead the way.

Everything is silent inside the dark passage for a while. Sound of their footsteps and breath echo as they walk deeper, making them to feel more and more anxious with what they are going to found later. 30 seconds later, their way block by a huge, thick metal door. A steel door vault attach on its right but no matter how their try to spin it, it doesn’t budge at all.

“Guys, look.”

They turn to the wall where Ohno’s flashlight shining at. When see a mini computer screen with small keyboard on its right bottom, the four guys look at each other before move closer to it. Noticing a wire is hanging on top of it, Ohno immediately give his flashlight to Jun beside and connect the wire with the small plug next to the computer. A second later, 7 empty spaces appear on the screen.

“It needs password.”

“7 letters?”

“We should try the one with highest possibility then. Maybe something that has anything to do with Project Eternity.”


However, the letters disappear as soon as Ohno press the ENTER button.

Far from giving up, the five guys keep on trying any possible word that come across their head. One word follow by another appear on the screen as they continuously pressing the keyboard, but it still fail to unlock the metal door. However, they have no choice but keep on going since Ohno doesn’t want to take a risk to disclose the machine as he worry the computer maybe being set up with self-destroying system while Nino couldn’t hack it due of its old system he never seen before. They even try SAKURAI and birth date or anything related to Sho’s family but unfortunately, none of it worked.

“Just what is it?”

The dark passage falls into silent when all of them start to think for every possible word. Sho at the same time rubs his chin with his finger, trying to recall everything that his father maybe ever mentions it before. As he closes his eyes and tries to remember anything that related to his father’s job, a certain memory suddenly pops in his mind.

Immediately, his eyes wide open.

“New home.”

His friends immediately look at him.

“Your dad’s men mentioned it before right?”

Sho nods. As he tells Ohno to try it on, Ohno obediently press the letter one by one. This time instead of disappearing letters, the screen turn to pitch dark after he press the ENTER button.

Then, they hear click sound comes from the steel door vault which they fail to move while ago. Being the closer one, Nino immediately reaches for the vault and tries to turn it which to his surprise, the thing does not stuck anymore. It requires all his energy to turn the vault before Sho and Aiba come to help him. As soon as the three of them made it to completely turn the lock, they hear another click from the door as a signal that the metal door is now fully unlocked. This time with all might they have, the five teenagers work together to push open the heavy metal door till it fully opens. Now, before them is a dark room without any light source aside of the flashlights in Sho and Jun’s hold.

“Finally we did it. I’m sure we will found what we’re looking for this entire time inside here.”

The other guys nod, agree with the hacker’s words. Their inner side slightly shaking by the fact that they are now might unrevealed a truth of something that perhaps they should or shouldn’t know. Nevertheless, they also realize that is the only way to put an end to every misery that the government created and left for them and others.

“Let’s go.”


>Phew~ the more I tried to make the chapter shorter, the longer it turns out. But it's getting near with end so I think it's okay right? Yeay~~~ CHOUU looking forward for Matsujun's new movie and finally we're in Aiba-chan's months! XD I'll start with my study this Dec 10 but I'll try my best to finish this fic ASAP. Thank You VERY much for still patiently following m(_ _)m
+note>If you have time please visit [livejournal.com profile] shortysoul lj.She wrote interesting fics though she's still has not enough confident to post it on community.So I think maybe I should try tor promote her here :D (P.S, for shortysoul, please don't angry with me if you read this!)

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3/12/12 20:01 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] janinebr.livejournal.com
long chap again <3 love it :) they let the scientist go away just like this .. hope it will not end bad .. but now they are near their goal to find what they are looking for .. hope they can end this misery of the special childs and live happy afterwards

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5/12/12 03:14 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for still reading!(and commenting too, of course) :D
Yep. They're getting near with their goal :) But maybe it's not as easy as they want it. They can't do another mistake or everything will ruin.
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5/12/12 04:10 (UTC)
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Hahaha XD I hope you're not busted. Though they're deceived by the scientist, they have Hollow with them now. Thank You SO much for taking your time reading dropping comment! :D

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4/12/12 06:23 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] gambitsfox.livejournal.com
Yay! More answers and more questions still to answer. Can't wait for the next one! : )

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5/12/12 04:14 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
One by one will finally reveal soon! Thank You SO much for reading! X)))

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4/12/12 14:09 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] eveshine.livejournal.com
I didn't trust that man before..Glad they learnt the lesson..Proud of dog and sho-kun..Saved for time being..I think they are close to find it..That creep may ccme back again have to act fast..Another cliffhanger but not a scary one xD: You are leaving on 10th before christmas I'll miss you a lot *cries a bucket*

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5/12/12 04:23 (UTC)
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They're still young no matter how clever they are ne. So you're right about not trusting him! This story is getting near with the end so I guess they're close to find it XD At least it's still a cliffhnager~*giggle* Thank You SO much for still reading though your fav drama is over*pat your back* I'll miss you too for sure~

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Yup they are ne..As in my case i don't trust others easily that's why i thought of not trusting him from the begining xD: Oh really?..How many chap left?..I am back to normal self you thought i will be sad forever?..You know who i am *evil grin* Thanks for the pats *Hugs you a lot*

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Fast reading again hehehe.

Wow, another mystery is going to be revealed. Greedy man is greedy, I do wish Hollo-kun bite him :P

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Hehehe. Thank You SO much for reading X)

Yeah, he deserve a bite from Hollow-kun!


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