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Title: Project Eternity
Pairing: OT5
Genre: AU, Action, Drama, Friendship
Rating: G (For this chapter)
Disclaimer: I own the plot only~ Not Arashi~
Summary: Despite of government 'Project Eternity' declaration, 5 genius boys were saved after their parents managed to hide their real intelligence. 10 years later, they witness their parents get caught in misunderstand and aim to save them.
Yet, they never thought it will drag to something serious.
A/N: I'm sorry for every error and mistakes.

Chapter 13

                 Slow and careful, the five of them walk further into the dark place. Trying to look for the light switch, Sho and Jun start to move their flashlight to every inch of the place which later leads them to another unexpected discovery. Few steps ahead them is actually a wall full with various type of guns and weapons which definitely own by Sho’s father.

“Now when I think about it again, I never saw dad’s gun except for the silver one.”

As Sho moves closer with the weapon collection, the other four guys just watch their friend quietly behind. Only a moment later they finally approach him after the latter tells them to take a closer look on the collection since there’s one empty gun holder among it. Nino who grasps the possible reason quickly looks at Sho.

“That silver gun. Are you having it with you now?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Maybe we can try to put it there and see if anything will happen. It’s impossible your dad can work inside here without light right?”

Aiba’s face sparkles with hope upon it.

“That does make sense! Let’s give it a try!”

Seeing Ohno and Jun also nod with the idea, Sho obediently shoves out his father’s gun that he takes back from Mr. Hatsuyuki before, along with its clip which he purposely takes out from the weapon for safety reason. After puts the pick back to its place without unlocking the gun, he then carefully places the weapon on the empty space, causing the holder to slightly move down by the mass.

 Immediately then all the lights in the basement turn on. Though the sudden brightness a little bit blinding them, after a while they finally can see what is inside there clearly. The basement is actually not as big as they think. It only has numerous kinds of guns on one part of its wall and a computer which attach with wires to the ceiling. Stun, the five of them look at each other for a while before finally walk toward it except for Sho.

“Wait guys.”

The other four turn to him. Ohno who almost press switch on button at the same time stops midway.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“What do you mean?”

 They frown when see Sho’s expression change to a worry one.

“Well, you guys also know government could go as far as killing anyone just to look for this thing. Once we know what the secret they actually try to hide for this entire time, they will definitely forever look for us. You guys wouldn’t have way to turn back anymore.”

This time, it’s his turn to frown when Jun suddenly chuckle.

“Actually we already have no way to turn back from the moment we decided to save our mom and dad. And what do you mean by ‘you guys’? It supposes to be ‘we’ right?”

“Jun is right. We will face this together.”

Aiba says it determinedly; totally agree with what Jun just says. Sho however sighs.

“But what we’re going to discover will endanger your life.”

“What about you Sho? What do you think? Don’t you afraid you will put your life in danger as well once you know what Project Eternity is all about?”

“I’m prepared for any consequences, but I don’t want anything bad happen to you guys. I can’t see something like we through in the military base happen again.”

“Neither us. All of us are worry about each other like you’re worry about us. But that’s normal. We’re facing live and death situation. That’s why we need to trust each other, isn’t it? After all we need to put over to all of this.”

Sho chews his lip. Nino then tells Ohno to switch the computer on while he sits on the working chair in front it.

“Now, no more way to turn back. The end will be either we live or die, but the matter now is to stop the government.”

Nervous obviously show on their face as the computer’s screen keeps on changing. As soon as the desktop finally appear on the screen, Nino moves the mouse in his hand to click the only program on it which has been specially set up for the computer. It takes few seconds for the system to loading and all of them just wait patiently in silent till it finally open. Yet the moment they read the first journal on the most upper side of it, their eyes immediately go wide.

“What the…?”

“Open the next one Nino.”

The hacker does as he has been told. However the more documents, journals and reports they read, the more shocking facts they find out which is hard for them to believe, yet because those are write by people who work under the government or scientist from the research center, they realize what they’re reading are far from fake. As Nino keep on scrolling down the document and finally leave the folder to look for another file to read, he found a link which he doesn’t realize its presence before since it almost completely unseen on the top and of the desktop. It requires a password to access it but with Nino’s ability, it takes less than 30 seconds to unlock it. The moment it connects with network, hundreds of live videos show up on the screen. Nino who at first thinks they’re attack by virus attempt to close the program back but stop by Ohno when the latter recognizes that one of the faces in there is special kid. Immediately, all of them move closer with the screen which later shows them to something they never expect behind Project Eternity’s name just like what they read on those documents back then. It is not long till Jun finally couldn’t tolerant with his temper anymore.

“So ridiculous!”

“How could they create that project for their own purpose?! That’s nothing ‘for the sake of future’ like they’re keep on boasting about!”

“Seems the current prime minister think he is the only capable person who can constantly brings improvement to this country. That’s why he’s so desperate to make Cools work on that project for him. No wonder why this entire time only the deputy prime minister makes his appearance to public.”

“But…there must be a lot of talented and experienced scientists are working under government too. Why Cool?

“Maybe because they’re also disapproved the project. I heard there’s few protest held inside government during its declaration several years ago, but government realize they’re still useful so they decide to keep them for something else aside of Project Eternity.”

“In other words government is not doing everything for nation’s purpose anymore but so they can keep that sick man at same position longer. Totally far from what they always boasting about.”

“That’s so unbelievable.”

“Seem that’s what ‘Eternity’ standing for. That man is so pathetic.”

Couldn’t watch the video for any longer, Nino decide to move on to other. Yet, they startle by Hollow’s warning howl from upstairs.

“Hollow must be noticed something.”

“Let’s hurry and leave this place now.”

Quickly, the hacker closes all still open files before prepare to switch off the computer. Jun at the same time calls for Ohno and Aiba to come with him and get ready to close back the metal door. Right after Nino shouts that he already finish with the computer, Sho runs back to where he puts his father’s gun and takes it away, this time causing the place to immediately black out as soon as the gun holder back to its real position. When Hollow howls for the second time, Sho immediately dashes out from the room before Ohno, Aiba and Jun push the metal door close again. After hear ‘click’ sound from the door vault and Ohno unplugs the wire from attaches with mini screen under it, the five best friends quickly run through the dark passage behind them. The moment they come out from the basement, Hollow runs to them immediately.

“What’s wrong?”

While kneeling down Aiba concernedly pats its head, gaining a bark from the furry one. Its eyes now are staring the living room which later makes Jun to run to there with Ohno follow him behind. At first they found nothing but soon, they finally hear vehicle’s sound is coming. Both guys run toward the closest window in full speed and to their surprise, they see security forces car is entering the entrance gate.  Panic, the two of them go to couch where hides the way to the secret basement before Jun scream for his friends’ attention.

“Government’s men are coming! Go hide now!”

Sho, Aiba and Nino who are still in corridor then see the secret passage on the floor slowly close. Speedily, the three guys storm into storeroom which is the nearest place to hide, not forget to take Hollow with them.

 At the same time, Ohno and Jun still struggle to move the basement’s lever. Everything that happen outside gradually getting on their nerves due of clear sounds from closing car door, footsteps and now two men voices are approaching the front door. They can feel their hands turn to cold and slippery for every counted second. To their luck, the lever finally fully immobilize when the two comers outside only few steps from doorstep. Both guys then clumsily reach and put the couch’s cushion and take anything that may look suspicious in the intruders’ eyes with them before hurriedly disappear to storeroom’s corridor. Right when click sound comes from the front door’s knob, they finally reach storeroom and quickly being drag by their friends inside from behind the door.


Man’s voice echoes few times all over the house. Meanwhile for the five best friends who are peeking from behind the slightly open door, they see two shadows are overlapping, showing that there are only two persons in the living room.

“I’ve told you, he’s leaving already. We all know he love to visit here. Plus, the distance between here and our office is no joke.”

“It’s not like I don’t know about that, okay? But if we don’t come here that fat-bossy supervisor will scold us again. Seriously, why bother to connect the electricity reader with our office like he doesn’t own a brain to think about the distance.”

The five teenagers turn to each other. They never expect government will go as far as setting up electricity flow reader there.

“But I guess they have no reason to worry about this house anymore right?”

“Really? What do you mean?”

The other man chuckles by his partner’s confuse tone.

“Didn’t you hear about it? Project Eternity already 95% completed.”


Aiba quickly brings his palm to cover his mouth for the never meant word’s escape. Due of shock, his friends beside as well doesn’t bother to hush him like they normally do. Every of them change to white pale and totally speechless by it.

“They took 15 years to finally reach this point. I wonder what the project is about.”

“Whatever it for let’s just leave now. I couldn’t eat my lunch just because of this rubbish matter.”

Disappearing footsteps sound from living room enters their ears a second later. Almost inaudible engine car follow not long after, but none of them bother to move till Hollow step toward door and try to open it with its nose. Startle, Sho reaches for the doorknob and immediately opens it for the white dog. However even till it suddenly stop and confusedly turn to them for remain still on their same spot, they still couldn’t bring themselves to move. If what they just heard from the security men is true, a big disaster might happen to the future. And they’re running out of time to stop it.


When night almost makes its way outside, the teenagers gather inside Sakurai family’s shelter again. Hot coffee that Jun has prepare for his friends on dining table back then now barely warm and half empty while Sho’s mug on the bed side still doesn’t budge as the guy still lose in his thought and staring outside the window from the bed he is sitting on. Seeing Hollow still hungrily eat food that Aiba and Jun make for him on floor, Ohno then quietly gets up from his seat to approach it, patting its head a second later.

“Seem that old folk still not reveal anything about us.”

“He couldn’t. If he want government to search for us he need a strong reason and it is the truth that we’re the one who create trouble in military’s base before. But that also mean he need to explain how he know about that.”

“Well, I believe he have no guts since he want to participate Project Eternity. Revealing about us will harm his position and trust that government has on him.”

They back into quiet state again. Sighing, Aiba leans back on his chair and rest his head on it; eyes looking at the ceiling above them.

“Thankfully this shelter use solar power. Somehow I got trauma after this afternoon incident.”

Something suddenly clicks Sho’s mind upon it. Immediately, he moves closer to window he just staring outside since while ago before looks at the sky. His friends who see the sudden change frown. Yet, they choose to just watch their friend who his face now changes to thoughtful one without saying anything. Soon, Sho suddenly turns to them.

“That’s it. Sun.”

“Huh? What’s up with…sun?”

“It’s so hot since more that week ago so I believe some day in this week it’ll be finally raining. We can use that day as our chance. We’re going to attack the government for the final and last time.”

His friends freeze, totally shock by the sudden announcement. If they’re holding mugs now it definitely will slip from their hold.

“You’ve got a plan?”

Sho nods.

“But there’s no way we can guess when exactly it will raining.”

“And by attack them, what you actually meant? Prove to the society about what Project Eternity is actually about?”

“Exactly. Society will think the reports, journals and documents that we read before as fake if we show it to them as proof so we need something obvious like live videos and use it to spread to others.”

“But their headquarters just ruin. How are we supposed to attack them? We just went to military place before but there’s nothing related to Project Eternity that we can use as proof. They hide that project carefully from anyone eyes even their own people.”

“Guys, can I say something?”

All eyes stop on him immediately.

“Did you still remember that the government blindfolded us when took us to their headquarters before? I believe they do that so we won’t know where they took us to.”

“Wait Aiba-chan. I think everyone knows where the headquarters is or they won’t able to gather and do demonstration in front there back then. Though when I think about it again, it’s indeed weird for them to blindfold us since anyone know where their headquarters is. Unless…”

“They have another building. The one which they don’t revealed the location to anyone.”

Everything suddenly turns to silent. Confused, surprise and loss obviously show on their face for second.

“Yeah, that’s what I exactly thought.”

“That means after negotiate and sent us out, the government moved Sho to different building?”

“That’s sound impossible cause mom and dad already inside the basement’s cell even before they moved me.  Except if when they moved me they moved my parents as well, I wouldn’t see my parents again when I woke up after pass out.”

“Why bother to do so much work? They can just throw you into the public headquarters than moved you again later isn’t it?”

“Perhaps they afraid the drug they gave us not strong enough to make us totally loss memories. If we tell anyone about how they treated us and what we witnessed, it’ll bring a huge problem to them. At least by sent us to the private headquarters and moved to the public one later, it doesn’t matter even if anyone hold demonstration or do attack to there because the real and private one will stay safe and unknown. No wonder the government doesn’t look so bother by the fact they just lost their main branch office.”

“Uncle and aunty didn’t tell you anything about the moved Sho-chan?”

Sho just shakes his head.

“So I guess the reason why they build two same buildings and want to avoid from anyone to find out the private headquarters location is because…”

All of them exchange stare.

“They hide Cool there.”

A sudden burden somehow feel like being lift from their chest, probably due of the finally ray of solution get into them. Even Hollow which just keep on eating since while ago already looking up and staring them while wriggling its tail. However, that’s the start of their real problem.

“But how we can search for the building? And I honestly don’t see how rain and find proof to show to society has anything to do with sneak inside the government’s building. Plus what if that old mad scientist can predict our next movement?”

“About the rain I will explain it along with my plan. It is true that old man is clever but not till the point he will expect us to do something that will bring harm to ourselves again. Plus, he knows all of us ability except for Masaki. That’s really fortunate.”

The rest frown when Sho suddenly curves with grateful smile.

“How it’s fortunate?”

 “You memorize how the road ‘feels’ like, don’t you?”

Aiba blinks confusedly when Sho then looks at him. Soon enough he finally gets what the latter means.

“I see. That old man didn’t know about Masaki’s ability so he will never think we could find way to the other headquarters.”

“Wait guys. I-I can try but it’ll take time. You know how big Tokyo is…”

“’I don’t meant to force you but we need to find it ASAP, within this week. Rain plays a huge role with this plan’s success.”

Although he understands how important the matter Sho just says, the cheerful guys couldn’t help but chew his lower lip, full with hesitant and unsure. Only when he feel a gentle pat touch his back, he finally look up.

“You need to learn to be confident with yourself. Trust yourself as much as we trust you, got it?”

Aiba returns the hacker’s reassuring stare. As he turns to the other three guys he receives their honest smile and nod. After all what happen to them he always thinks he couldn’t help so much since his ability is not as great as his friends’. Besides, the only thing he bring is trouble like convinced his friends to trust the liar scientist and almost endanger their identity when he negligently drop dog’s calling device on truck’s floor when their in disguise as soldiers two nights ago. Soon, he feels Jun’s pat on his head as the chemist chuckle when seeing his expression.

“Don’t cry dude.”

“Am not!”

“Alright kids. Cut it out.”

Aiba snorts while pulling Jun’s now ruffling hand away from his hair. Chuckling, Ohno and Nino turn to Sho again.

“So, what’s your plan?”

That moment the other four teens notice how Sho’s face changes to bitter one. He looks obviously unsure; totally different from what he usually shows his friends whenever he explains them about his piece of thought. Twice time he tries to say something but nothing comes out from his mouth. Finally, Sho sighs.

“You can reject this crazy idea if you want. I only have this one idea to be honest but the risk…”

“Just say it. We can add our idea as well if the plan lack of anything.”

The chemist says while folding his arms.

Yet, Sho still don’t say anything. The latter close his eyes before chew his lip and look at his friends in front him again.

“This might be our very last chance.”

Sho’s unusual serious tone makes the other four starts to feel nervous and worry. Although they realize that every time they work on with their insane plan it might turn out to their last chance, this way round they know Sho really, really meant it.

“Have you guys heard military swarming?”

He found his friends’ forehead wrinkle confusedly upon it.

“I think I’d hear it somewhere before. If I’m not mistaken it is attack that conduct from several different directions and then regroup right?”

“That’s right. My plan is we’re going to use that strategy. But, there’s one problem.”

“What is it?”

Sho sighs.

“No matter how genius I am, I couldn’t dig the government’s information unless I enter their place. Among us only Nino who can access their system from far without leaving any traces. Plus since he managed to hijack government’s system back then, he will be a dangerous rival in government’s eyes.”

“What do you mean?”

Clamping his lips into a thin line, Sho turns to the hacker.

 He knows the idea he is going to say is insane enough.


Two days gone after Sho reveals his final plan to his best friends and now they’re gathering in Nino’s house with the hacker’s laptops and computers almost all turn on and showing long and endless codes to access into government security system like what Sho tells him before. The moment Sho finish to explain about his plan, it of course surprises his friends especially Nino as they never expect Sho will come up with something like that. Yet, none of them against it. Even Nino agrees and promises them that he will do as much as he can later when he finally ‘there’. Experience teach them to open their mind and understand that everything have it price or something to sacrifice.

“Are you sure Nino? You still have time to change your mind now.”

“I’ll be fine guys. I’m also Cool so they won’t harm me.”

He sees Sho guiltily nods in front. After give pats to ensure that he will be just fine, the hacker looks at his other friends who also show the same dark expression.

“Remember. Even if anything happen to me what is more important is to stop this project. Let’s don’t let our emotion to control our decision after this.”

Couldn’t say anything anymore, Ohno just nod. When the hacker looks at Aiba, the cheerful guy just stares him back calmly like he already prepare for this moment. For the entire two days ago Nino teach him a lot of stuffs that he need to know about hacking and should do using the computer in Sakurai’s residence basement since that will be their main weapon later.

“Don’t forget to send it Nino. It’s the proof.”

“I’ll try but I can’t promise. You also know the reason why right?”

He is lying if he says he’s not afraid. However Nino already determine with his decision to ‘sacrifice’ himself if it means he can attract the government’s so the rest of the plan will be smoothly settle by his friends. As much as his friends trust him, he wants to believe the same thing as well.

“Ah. By the way Nino.”

Nino frowns when Jun suddenly shoves his hand into his jeans pocket. Soon, the chemist takes out a small case and pick the only contain inside it, giving it to the frowning hacker a second later.

At the same time in backyard of abandon house near with Ninomiya’s residence, Hollow smells some familiar scent and loudly bark to attract the guys attention like he has been told to do. It however gain attentions from nearby neighbors who then open their windows and some almost get out to go check the empty house Hollow is in. Fortunately, four different scents later come to approach the place which makes the dog immediately silence itself. Footsteps of the almost coming neighbors as well stop and disappear after Sho convince him that the sound is coming from their lost dog while the other three run to get inside the empty house which they leave Hollow to stay there before.

“Thanks Hollow.”

Ohno pats the pet’s head as soon as he enters the place with Aiba and Jun behind. Right when Sho finally enter the house as well, they immediately close the windows and not long then they hear sound of heavy vehicles is coming to that area. Sound of doors and windows being open follow a moment later as everyone curious with why military trucks are coming there. It is then when they finally hear shout, soldiers boots hitting the ground and soon, loud breaking sound when the front door of Nino’s house being destroy by black uniform armies. They also could hear sound of whispering and murmuring when the neighbors around there slowly gather around their hacker friend’s house to watch closely what is happening.

However on the four guys’ side, they’re too sad to even see outside. None of them could bring themselves to see Nino forcefully drag by the soldiers. Aiba already close tightly his eyes and ears with his palms as tears stream down to his face. Ohno doesn’t do better as well. The latter already crouch down on floor, full of depress the moment they hear another shout throws by the armies toward their friend again. Sho and Jun meanwhile stay still on where they are standing at; only could force themselves to stay motionless since they still have some awareness of why they are doing that or else, they already storm out and save their friend.

Even it is for the sake of future, they themselves still couldn’t believe they just sacrifice their friend and the risk of losing him. And now they have no other way aside of hoping their plan will be successful.


>I'm SO SO SO sorry for my very late update. I almost make it to post this chapter a week ago but...well, let's just say I couldn't make it(too long too explain). I'm sorry for those who PM me and still haven't receive my reply yet. I'll try to reply it asap m(_ _)m
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>I walked under rain yesterday and this morning woke up with throat ache and now almost having flu~ My new college is in a middle of industrial area so the circumstance can make anyone fall sick so easily(or it just me? O.O) Due of my condition, I deeply apologize if there's mistake here and there in this chapter~

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no worries for the long wait^^ it was worth it^^ :) I loved this Chap .. wonder about Sho´s plan and what it has to do with rain .. the "kinda" get Nino inside the building .. that´s clear .. hope nothing will happen to him and the plan work out .. and I sooo love the dog XDDD

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Sorry for my late reply >_<
Firstly, Thank You SO much for still keep on reading till this far. Am glad you love it. About Hollow, well, he's my fav character after Arashi actually XDDD
Thanks for waiting too! The new chapter just up ;)

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Uwaa~ Thank You SO much for reading and waiting ne. Sorry for my late reply (_ _)

The next chapter just up! Thanks for the advice! I will! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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Your story always full with trill, and it's full with emotion. Anger, sad, terrified, friendship.. Ohh really hope their plan will be successful, and can't wait to know what project eternity actually is...

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It's my pleasure to make readers to enjoy my story ^^ Thanks for your comment. It makes me happy. And thank You SO much for reading!
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Wow! So now Nino is caught. I wouldn't put it past the evil government that they might try to break him in order to find the others or information. Look what they did to Sho. Can't wait for the next chapter! You'd better take care of yourself.....and stop apologizing...you can't help being sick or busy with RL....it happens. : )

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Thanks for the support. It really makes me happy.I know you want me to stop apologize, but just for this time, sorry(again) for my late reply!
What you expect about Nino might be right and you can check it out now. I just update the new chapter :) Thank You SO much for still reading ^^


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