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Title: Project Eternity
Pairing: OT5
Genre: AU, Action, Drama, Friendship
Rating: R (For this chapter)
Disclaimer: I own the plot only~ Not Arashi~
Summary: Despite of government 'Project Eternity' declaration, 5 genius boys were saved after their parents managed to hide their real intelligence. 10 years later, they witness their parents get caught in misunderstand and aim to save them.
Yet, they never thought it will drag to something serious.
A/N: I'm sorry for every error and mistakes.

Chapter 14

“Wrong again…”

Sighing, Aiba stops his motorcycle on roadside.

After rides it off and takes off his black helmet, he spreads a map on his motorcycle’s seat, biting the cap of his pen and starts marking the road and place that he just go. Even though he already wandering around Tokyo from dawn till the sun rises highly above his head now, he still can’t find which way the military use to bring them into government hidden headquarters after caught them in Sho’s house weeks ago.

 Stress is now after the cheerful guy. Not only he is going to replace Nino’s hacking role, but also carry on the responsibility to look for government’s hidden ‘nest’ as soon as he can. The only thing that makes him relief is he found the solution for transportation. Just last night he finally have a time to borrow a motorcycle which use for delivery from his family’s restaurant after his entire 2 previous days are full with learning stuff and steps to hack government’s system from Nino. At first he also decides to close the restaurant in case something bad will happen to him, but changes his mind when realizes that way is safer for the employees. After all if he suddenly closes it when Nino just under arrest, government will definitely suspect the employees have connection with him and his friends.

‘Remember to not let anyone to see your face. For now it is fine but this is just for precautions since we don’t know when government will start to look for us.’

Sho’s advice enters his memory when notice two police officers are coming to his way. Quickly, Aiba decides for his next destination and pretends to calmly wears back his helmet. To his luck, even till the moment he rides away from there, both men on duty seem don’t care about his presence.

I hope it will be raining soon like Sho-chan predicts.’

Worriedly, he stares at the sky above. Few minutes later he stops at city’s junction right when the red traffic light glows, letting pedestrians to cross the road. While waiting for the traffic light to change, Aiba uses the chance to look at his surroundings. Soon, his eyes stop at the big screen not far from there as it starts to broadcast some news.

-[“Last night on 10.30 sharp, a 17 years old teenager was caught after an attempt to freeze government’s security system. Dozens of laptops and computers were found inside his room with applications that most of it created or modified by the teenager himself.”]

When the news starts to show a screenshot of last night arrestment along with a small photo of Nino on the bottom, it gains attention from almost all people around. Aiba on the other only grip tightly the gears in his hand to hold back his feelings or he might burst with various emotions right there and on that moment.

However, the real problem that he needs to deal with just starting from there.

-[“The government believe he is not working alone and has companions outside after involved in a case with military together with his friends just few weeks ago.”]

Shock, Aiba feels his mouth suddenly dry. The moment a photo of the person he familiar with appears, his heart feel like suddenly stop.

-[“Among them are Ohno Satoshi, 17 years old.”]

‘N-No way.’

-[“Aiba Masaki, 17 years old.”]

Aiba immediately looks at his front, praying for the red light to change any moment soon.

-[“And Matsumoto Jun, also 17 years old. Their parents were dead in headquarters’ explosion almost two weeks ago after arrested for participating in illegal demonstration to against Kota Shouji’s case.”]

“No, they’re not.”

Hardly, he grits his teeth. The moment the traffic light changes color, Aiba doesn’t waste any time to immediately set his motorcycle gear on full speed before leave the area as fast as he can.

What the news just report is totally absurd. And he is lying if he says he doesn’t feel angry or disappoint at all. However, for now he needs to put those feelings aside. The more important is to continue search for the way which will lead them to government hidden headquarters and then tell his friends that now not only military and government are looking for them, but the whole nation. Maybe Sho is still safe for now but once they’re caught, the government will find out that the latter is actually still alive and the first person who will be target and receives a heavy punishment is definitely him.

‘I need to quick.’

Yet, he frowns when there’s a terrible traffic jam several meters ahead. Slower down his pace, Aiba then tries to look for the reason from flood of cars on every direction of his surroundings. He only stops on roadside when found there’s also a motorcyclist like him is watching the situation around them there.

“Excuse me. What is actually going on here?”

The man turns to him before continue to look forward.

“I heard a demonstration about special kids’ case is hold not far from here. It holds in empty area, but the government doesn’t want their number to increase so they hold road block in front there to inspect everyone vehicles and identity.”

Aiba nods while looking at where the man is pointing at.

‘A demonstration…’

His eyes suddenly snap open when a realization hits his mind. Instantly, he looks at the other man again.

“How big it is?”

“Seem bigger than before. Well, you know how many people they capture after the full authority declaration. Government and military’s power become unbalance so no wonder if a lot of people start to feel dissatisfy with their rule.”

Aiba gives another silent nod. Deep inside, he couldn’t help but feel happy at the same time since finally more people pay attention about that serious matter though still not the entire society. Plus, the number of those people will affect the successfulness of their plan later too. He only wakes up from his thought when a soldier who is by coincidence guarding around there comes to approach both him and the rider next to him.

“This will be a long waiting.”

Aiba’s body tense immediately. The other rider meanwhile just casually replies the soldier before starts to hold a conversation with each other. Regardless what they’re saying after that the teenager just shut his mouth, afraid he will make the gasmask soldier feel suspicious if he suddenly leaves. Fortunately it doesn’t take so much time before he sees the soldier finally makes his way from there. Just when he almost takes a relief breath, he sees the same man suddenly stop before unexpectedly turns around to them again.

“They will take some time in front there. How about I check both of you now so you don’t need to wait here?”

The cheerful guy’s breathe hitch. Right before he could decline it, the other motorcyclist beside him is much faster.


Aiba’s heart thumps worriedly when the man immediately shoves out his wallet. Now he has no way to run anymore.

‘What should I do?’

Cold sweat already wetting his face when he watches the man gives his identity card to the soldier. Then, the gasmask man turns to him.

“May I see yours, si-”

A sudden chaos from somewhere around the inspecting area ahead gain most of awaiting people there attention includes the soldier. Taking that as his opportunity, Aiba flees as fast as he can from there. On the other hand, despite of drug that government gives to him, it unfortunately not enough to slow down the soldier’s rationality. Instead, he quickly reaches for his wireless walkie-talkie to warn his comrades.

“Stop any motorcyclist wearing black helmet! He’s heading west!”

In mean while, due of numbers of cars and people within that area, Aiba couldn’t increase his speed anymore. Yet he doesn’t know how, but somehow he still manages to evade anyone or things that block his way till finally, he sees an empty alley ahead. Everything luckily goes smooth like he wants as he manages to enter there before hears few shouts from behind. Curious, Aiba shortly peeks from his shoulder.


Spots of red liquid cover a little part of his left view immediately follows by a sudden extremely painful feeling on his left shoulder. He is really close to lose control with his full speed motorcycle if he doesn’t force himself to stay calm.

‘They seriously have no second thought to kill anyone.’

Sweats flow down to his face as he tries his best to bear with his injured shoulder a bit more.

Later, he finally sees a one way road several meters on his right for him to escape. Right before he manages to speed up again however another shoot from soldiers behind hit certain part of the motorcycle engine, making him to lose control before fall with the motorcycle on road a second later.


‘So cold…’

While rubbing both his hands, Nino leans on wall behind him. Unknown amount of hours gone from the moment the soldiers catch him last night. The fact however doesn’t make him to feel sleepy at all but still quietly wandering inside the same cell with where Sho has been lock back then, sometimes sits down at the corner when he starts to feel tired. Sometimes his eyes stop at tray of meal that prepare for him which still leave untouched.

‘Only drink it when you think it’s really necessary.’

The hacker chews his lip when remembering Jun’s advice again. What if there’s something has been added to the water prepare for him? If that so, he knows he is putting his life into risk due of chemical reaction though he is more than sure the ‘additional stuff’ is not any sort of poison.

Later, he hears footsteps are coming from the other side of the basement jail’s door to there. The moment he realizes there’s more than one person is approaching, his fear getting bigger as he knows what he is going to face next. Immediately then, he reach for the glass of water next to his meal and drinks it till the glass completely empty. Right when he places the glass back to his meal tray, the only door which leads to the outside area of the cells finally being open from outside.

“Our leader wants to see you.”

Three gasmask soldiers complete with weapons then enter the place while Nino wipes some water droplets on his mouth.

“Took him so long, huh? Was he afraid of me?”

His question left ignore. Soon, Nino watches his cell being unlocks follow by metal sliding sound when the soldiers open it and tell him to come out. The hacker however just stays still. Even when they blindfold him with piece of black cloth and handcuff his wrist behind, he doesn’t show any protest and just let them to lead him to wherever they want. He doesn’t know how many minutes forgo till the second he finally feels both men besides him stop and free his arms from their hold. Only a second later the cloth which is covering his sight finally disappears, forcing his eyes to become smaller due of the sudden brightness that stabbing his eyes.

“So, Ninomiya Kazunari.”

The sudden voice from his front makes the hacker to turns to the direction. At first he couldn’t clearly see who the person is. But the moment his eyes finally getting use with the light inside there, he eventually gives out a mocking chuckle.

“So it just the corrupt deputy prime minister.”

His brave comment gains a strong hit on his stomach from the soldier on his left. The hacker immediately bends his body forward, trying to lessen the pain he feels on his stomach.

“Pay attention with your words, kid. Do you have any idea who are you talking with now?”

Few coughs leave Nino’s mouth. He however just angrily glares the knocker beside him without saying anything.

“Where are your other 3 friends?”

Nino immediately looks at the middle age man in front him again. Realizing that the teen is now frowning, the deputy prime minister at the same time slowly moves closer to the younger one.

“We know there’s no way you have guts to do everything by your own. What their names again? Satoshi, Masaki and Jun right?”

The moment the older one mentions his friends’ name, Nino feels his breath and heart like suddenly stop. His worry grow rapidly just to think how terrible the situation the other three need to deal with now since Sho as well can’t walking outside recklessly or both military and government will know he is still alive.

“You’re not planning to stay quiet forever like that right?”

The hacker startles from his thought immediately. If earlier his chest hurt just to think what kind of treatment he is going to through by these people around him, now it changes to his fear with his friends’ current condition.

“I don’t know where they are.”

A hard hit touch his back upon it, causing him to kneel down immediately. Yet instead of yelping, he just hissing painfully, trying to not show how hurt his back now. At the same time, the deputy prime minster crouches down in front him with expressionless face.

“Where are THEY?”

“Even if I tell you the location, they wouldn’t be there anymore. You should know about it too.”

With that, he sees the older man in front him turns to one of the soldiers who are standing near the white walls behind. At that moment as well Nino’s face instantly change when realize that the room actually already occupy with men in their black uniforms while goggle and gasmask decorating their face. He turns out paler when he recognizes one of the men there has a long scar on forehead just like the one who catches him red-handed when trying to hijacking government’s security system before.

“Then what is their plan after this?”

“Of course to bring you guys down. Like what I just trying to do last night.”

The older one’s expression changes to a horror one.

“So all of you are hackers?! Who taught you guys?! Don’t tell me the last time hijacking to the destroyed headquarters was also-”

“Yep. It was done by our hands. But the mistake was made by your people. It exploded and killed our parents because of YOUR men recklessness.”

Angry by it, another soldier there stamp angrily toward Nino and a moment later, give a really hard blow on the hacker’s head with his weapon. A loud thud echo all over the white room as Nino falls forward with his head knock on the floor under due of the impact.

“You guys are so selfish! Just for the sake of yourself you want to sacrifice Japan’s future by destroying government?!”

No one stops the mad man when he starts to kick and stamp on Nino’s curling body. The teenager as well couldn’t produce any word to defend themselves aside of yelps and coughs when he receives blows again and again by the same person. Even the moment the torment finally stops, he is already in too much pain and only has leftover energy to use for regulating his heavy breath back.

“Answer me if you still love your life. Who taught you hacking?”

Only sound of huffing comes from the only teenager inside there. As the teenager brings his chin up to see the deputy prime minister from behind his now messy bang, he tries to catch his breath again.

“No one.”

“Ninomiya-kun, I don’t want to force you. So you better spill out the truth now.”

Piss off by it, the younger one uses his knees to push himself to kneel face to face with the older man.

“You heard me. I said NO ONE.”

“Don’t make me lose my temper, kid.”

Unexpectedly, the hacker just chuckles. The deputy prime minister on the other hand frowns confusedly by his action.

“You and your men seem desperate. Afraid we might reveal your secret to the world eyes?”

Nino’s unwavering braveness finally triggers the older one’s anger. He knows the guy is just trying to waste his time, so he immediately gets up before gestures something to soldiers nearby there.

Meanwhile for Nino who barely knows what is happening around him a bit startle when feels a sudden strong grip on his hair is forcing him to head up. Still trying to bear with the pain all over his body, he hisses once again before feels a punch touch his face, follow by one and another. He can feel mix of sweat and blood flow on his face. Yet the torture still shows no sign to stop till finally he feels something hard is hammering his chest follow by a last punch on his face.

Weakly, the almost unconscious teenager then falls on floor with a thud.

‘It hurts...!’

He grits his teeth when his heart feels like being squeeze hardly again.

‘It’ll be really soon…’

He pants heavily. Soon, he found pair of foot stops few centimeters in front his face.

“Now you better tell us who taught you how to access into our system. I know he must be the one who behind you and your friends’ plan.”

The hacker hisses when his heart thump painfully again.

“You don’t want to die like this, don’t you?”

A sigh suddenly leaves the younger’s mouth. After hardly gasping for air, he finally returns the older one stare while smirking.

“You’re not wrong. We’re behind these.”

“Stubborn brat! You-”

Nino cuts him with another chuckle.

“I never thought you and your people are so dense. Don’t you still get it what I’m just saying?”

Seeing the other one now frowning, the hacker continues.

“I’m a special kid. My friends as well.”

A heavy silent fills the room all of sudden. Obviously those people above can’t believe him but the fact doesn’t bother Nino at all.

“Just kill me if you want. Even I’m gone, my friends are still outside there to continue with our plan to bring government down. And even if you found them later, there will definitely people outside who will replace us till this country get what it should have.”

The middle age man with his handful soldiers startle. Perhaps the teenager under them is in weak state with bruises, wounds and blood everywhere on his face and body but his determine stare somehow make them terrify. Yet, the deputy prime minister keeps his steady face and pretending to clear his throat.

“Then we just need to be more cautious. Your friends are nothing but kiddos who just see what real world actually is.”

As the man spin around to leave the room, Nino drops his body back to the floor while panting. All parts of his body are aching after the long torment. However, it’s nothing to compare with the pain that keep hurting his chest until he can feels something is going to flow out from his throat soon. It is really unbearable for him. Unfortunately, there’s no space for him to even calm it down when pair of hands from behind suddenly pull him up to get back on his feet. When they start to blindfold him again, his body slightly shakes when another pain hit his already hurting chest. At that moment he knows he already at his most limit.


He feels man who are gripping his arms push him to walk. Breathless, Nino forces his mouth to move.

“W-Why? That’s all?”

“We will let you rest for now. But after that just prepare yourself. You better open your mouth later or you will know what HELL actually is.”

Three soldiers now ready to take Nino back to the basement. They however stop when the teenager suddenly freezes and refuse to move. At first they want to force him to walk, but frown when severe coughs suddenly leave his mouth before he suddenly chocks and spills out amount of water that he just drink in his cell before. Still surprise, those soldiers only can watch when Nino suddenly heads up while gasping for air. Before they could think what they should do next, the poor guy that they just torture back then all of sudden throw up again and very, very soon, lose his conscious and falls to the floor.

Sound of broken mug startles everyone in Sakurai’s shelter. Even Hollow which is resting quietly on floor immediately look up by it. Seeing Ohno starts to pick up the fragments on floor, Sho quickly makes his way to his friend’s side.

“Sorry, sorry. It slips from my hand.”

“Be more careful. We don’t want more people to get injure.”

While Sho help to clean up the mess, Jun get up and go to the store room to look for broom or maybe wet kitchen towel to clean up small fragments that they can’t pick with bare hands. The three of them just do their job in silent till Ohno stops and worriedly looks at the sleeping figure on bed.

“Will Aiba-chan be okay?”

Both Sho and Jun stop. They quietly follow Ohno’s eyes before Jun walk away to put the stuff in his hand back to its place.

“He will. But seriously, I don’t know how he can escape from roadblock, well hiding himself and bring a motorcycle with him from Tokyo till here by walking with that wound.”

 As the chemist disappear into store room again, Sho throw the fragments they pick up into rubbish bin. He then rest his back on kitchen counter behind, sighing and bring his stare to the motorcycle outside which Aiba brings it with him when he reach the shelter this evening. None of them forget how pale the cheerful guy’s face when they welcome him outside.

“Can you fix it Satoshi?”

Ohno looks at Sho while still washing his hands.

“It’s not that bad so I think can. I will start working after this.”

At the same time, Jun finally comes out. As quiet as he can then, he takes his place on the chair next to the bed Aiba is sleeping on and observe the guy’s bandaged shoulder.

Sho meanwhile approaches the huge window nearby before his expression changes immediately when see the dark sky outside.


>Sorry (again) if you found error anywhere/everywhere...and for my late reply to the commenter. Though I already write till this far, this is my first time I can't decide in what chapter this story will over. 15? Or 16? (Maybe because of too much idea?) I'm recovering from my fever now, thankfully. But if you still remember that I'd mention about my jaw problem before, the problem still not disappear till now. Just went to hospital last Monday but the doctor reffered me to other hospital cause they can't check what the problem is. Somehow I think it's TMJD because I've almost all the symptom. But who knows ne~~~~~ Anyway, Thank You for your support till this chapter! I feel so touch and happy *give each of you a hug in bear costume*. I'll do my best for the next one!!
>Lastly, please prepare your heart for the next chapter...

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