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Title: Project Eternity
Pairing: OT5
Genre: AU, Action, Drama, Friendship
Rating: R (For this chapter)
Disclaimer: I own the plot only~ Not Arashi~
Summary: Despite of government 'Project Eternity' declaration, 5 genius boys were saved after their parents managed to hide their real intelligence. 10 years later, they witness their parents get caught in misunderstand and aim to save them.
Yet, they never thought it will drag to something serious.
A/N: I'm sorry for every error, mistakes and delay. There's surprise in this very last chapter!

Last Chapter

                 Everything seems turn out worse in Japan for 3 days later. Despite of government’s sudden decision to stop from arresting any unfortunate people who are suspicious in their eyes, demonstrators and protestors are not showing any sign to retreat at all. On the contrary their number keep on increasing. There are people who still continue with their daily routine, but not without know about the ‘cold war’ since whenever and wherever they go they will definitely see number of people who are holding banner or wearing headband on roadside or public area to fight for fair justice. This time however government takes no act toward those people. Military as well already receive order to leave them alone and just watch their movement to avoid any unwanted incidents from happen.

Currently on the other part of Tokyo, all ministers include the deputy prime minister are having their meeting in ministry building. Stress and disappointment clearly show on each of them due of the pressure and overstress as the society already lose their trust on them and hundreds of demonstrators who are gathering outside are not helping the situation at all. Everyone in the meeting room now just sit without saying anything; out of words and idea to even open their mouth. The room completely in silent and only brighten by large screen which is connecting with a live video from a middle age man who wires attach to his arm, body and nose as he weakly lean back on his electric wheelchair.

Later, one of them breaks the silence.

“Sir, can’t we just follow their request?”

All people there immediately turn to him, obviously surprise. His words of course make the deputy prime minister who is sitting at the most front to snap out.

“Don’t make such a ridiculous joke! You want us to back off after what we’d through?!”

“But our researches can continue the project right? It’s just 95% from complete.”

After remain silent from the minute the meeting begin, the weak man on screen finally speak.

“We don’t own their trust anymore. They want us to both return their family and step down from our position.”

“Then let’s do that.”

The youngest among them suddenly speak. All attention now goes to him.

“We’re the one who suppose to serve the society, not otherwise. There’s no reason for us to make them to suffer more.”

“You have no idea how long it take to finally bring the project to this level! Don’t just simply say that!”

“Then finally it’s about us and not for this country. I don’t have any idea what the project is about but I’ve enough of this. I quit.”

Drastically, the meeting room falls into shock state. Yet the brave young minister just gets up, taking all his stuff with him before leave the place.

For a moment no one say anything. Everyone either look so shock or dive into their thought till another minister there all of sudden stand up.

“I quit. Thank you for your advices and kindness till now gentlemen.”

With that, the man bows down. As soon as he disappears from there, one by one people leave their spot. Both prime minister and his most right man speechless when watch faces that one time ago supposes to be their strong supporters now turn their back without any glimpse of regret. At last, only 5 men including the deputy prime minister still stay. Furious, the man on screen move immediately his automatic wheelchair to somewhere else.

“They’re betrayers. Cowards.”

The live video has been disconnected in a blink of eyes. His long time right man meanwhile explode with anger as he bawl before push everything on table in front him away, sending the place with sound of mugs broken and things touch hardly the floor. His temper eventually surpass its peak when he walks to the nearest window and see the crowd outside still eagerly shouting their wish without care about the rain that start to wet themselves. The other ministers with him meanwhile just shut their mouth, only can watch and wait for the deputy prime minister’s next action.

“I can’t stand with those rats anymore!”

“But sir-”

However without letting his loyal follower to finish his sentence, the angry man just stamps out from the meeting room. His discontentedness aura scare anyone who walk in the same corridor till they immediately move aside while bowing lower, afraid that any movement might trigger the powerful man’s anger.

Outside of the building, a guy in hoodie is watching the man stamp through a transparent corridor from entrance gate. As he sees the minister stop by General Officer who treat his friends badly back then, he tighten his fist before start to approach the crowd of demonstrators in front him. Rain as if on the teenager’s side when it suddenly falls heavier for every step he takes.

The moment the deputy prime minister finally comes out from ministry building, there’s no even single demonstrator who are still gathering around there are dry. He almost causes uproar when those people try to move closer if the line of soldiers which is surrounding the building doesn’t warn them to not step forward. They just manage to be stop when the powerful man climbs up one of military trucks nearby and given a microphone a minute later.

“Please calm down everyone.”

Instead of letting out his fume, the man uses his reassuring tone. After all it will be so unprofessional of him if he doesn’t handle his mood well.

“How are we suppose to calm down?! You took our family away and rule this country as you wish!”

“We want you to retire right now and RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!”

The high spirit shout come from a lady among there. Her voice approve by a lot of people around. Yet the minister just calmly ignores it.

“We just want you to be patience for a bit more. Project Eternity is almost done and after that we will return your family into your arms.”

“Just cut off with whatever project you always talking about! If it’s really for us why we can’t stay in touch with our kid?! We can’t make even a single phone call!”

“None of us want to stay under your governance anymore! Just retire now!”

Losing his patience, the minister finally raises his voice a little.

“Do you have any idea what you just say? Why it’s that easy for you to tell us to quit after the improvements we bring to you and the hard work we did to make sure our beloved country become a better place to live? Don’t you have at least a little gratefulness to us at all?”

His speech however interrupts by someone who suddenly comes ahead from the crowd. He surprise when realize that person is the young minister who dare to against his words in meeting room back then.

“It’s a long time ago. But now you’re totally not settling your job for the same purpose sir. Besides it’s our responsibility to bring improvements to others so I don’t think what you’re saying about gratefulness has any right to be mention here.”

The demonstrators behind him give out a loud cheer and shout to show their feelings. It of course only make the deputy prime minister turn out madder, but instead of explode with his anger he takes a deep breath and speak again.

“I know and I realize about it. However there’re some of you who already wait for their child, brother or sister to return since 8, 10 and even 15 years ago. If we stop the project now their patience to wait for their family member to come back home one day is just a waste since it result nothing at all. At least, please consider about them.”

Before the crowd has chance to against it, the man continues.

“Besides, the project is actually special kids’ hard work. By stopping the progress when it almost complete, do you know how their feelings will be? Have you ever thought about it before?”

Although the demonstrators want to say something to against it they realize the rightness of the deputy prime minister’s words. Meanwhile at the most back line of the crowd, the guy with hoodie before just chuckle cynically. Even though his body already damp by the heavy rain above and his vision slightly becomes blur because of it, it doesn’t bother him at all as the downpour actually will make what he and his friends already plan since days ago to run smoother. Then he turns to his surrounding, wait and watch till the right timing to do his job.

A second later, the sign that he is waiting for finally come.

“I understand how much you miss to see-”

All of sudden the microphone in the deputy prime minister’s hand give out a loud poof sound, startling people who are standing in front him. Press and cameramen on the other hand dumbstruck when their still on rolling cameras as well suddenly stop working though all of it is either waterproof or they already cover it from rain. Whisper and questioning gazes come from every part of the area while the guy in hoodie take few steps back before turn around to the gate behind him. Right when rain start to fall heavily, he finally hear an audible ringtone of messages enter cell phone’s inbox come from the crowd. At first it get no attention from people around the receiver at all, but when one by one people there notice that their phone’s inbox as well spam by numerous of video message like virus, they start to take out their phone and see what it actually is. Frown show on their face when realize that the person next to them also get the same things before decide to play the video.

Now the deputy prime minister doesn’t bother to cover his head anymore. His curiosity already win against the chill rain above when almost everyone in front him look at their cell phone. Though he immediately look at reporter and men near the truck for explanation, those people just ignore him since they also busy to watch something on their wet phone’s screen with serious and disbelief expression.

“Sir! Sir!”

The minister frantically spin around and watch his secretary anxiously approaching the truck he is on. As the other one try to give him his phone, the minister frown questioningly but still reach for the device without ask anything. When he press a certain button to play the video that he receive too, he never imagine it will lead to something horrible to his career and government that he devote his life for.

“My son!”

A woman let out a gasp when recognize the face that she miss to see this entire time in one of the played video. She almost fall to her knees when watch her beloved 16 years old son receive few hits on head by two guards wearing gasmask. Some people there act exactly like her when find their kids or siblings’ presence among it, but their number is nothing to compare with the numbers of demonstrators who finally explode with anger.


The situation now beyond military’s controls. Together with the downpour, the angry crowd suddenly becomes aggressive despite of warnings from on-duty gasmask soldiers that protecting the deputy prime minister to safely climb down truck that he is standing on and leave there as soon as possible. Voices of anger and tons of questions from press almost defeat the falling rain the moment the minister enter a nearest car and meet the General Officer who already waiting inside. Right after he close the door and lock it, the General immediately look at his private driver from rear mirror.


Nodding, the driver does as he has been told. Soon enough when they almost reach for the main gate, the driver surprise when a figure suddenly appear exactly just right few meters ahead. Due of reflex, he panicky step on brake pedal which causing two VIP behind to almost knock their face on front seat.


“I’m sorry sir!”

Clumsily then he honk the hoodie guy who stay still on ground. Seeing the guy still doesn’t budge from his spot, the General lose his cool and immediately get out from the backseat before close the car door with a loud bang.

At the same time, the hoodie teenager doesn’t show any fear but stick on same position. His entire body drenches but somehow he doesn’t feel cold at all. All what he do just shove his hands into his pocket and determinedly stand firm on his position even till he see the General Officer stop in front his almost blur vision due of the strong rain.


If it’s someone else who is in the teenager’s situation now, that person will definitely stutter by the scary shout. Yet for the young chemist, he just calmly returns the older one glare.

“You think you can just run away after the misery you gave to us? I still hold grudge after what you’ve done to my friends.”

The General Officer frowns. The voice somehow he ever heard before.

“Never think I will let you slip that easy.”

In one swift movement, Jun takes off his hoodie which is covering upper part of his face before. Due of rain and his messy brain, the older man at first couldn’t recognize him but the moment both memory in ruin government building and Mr. Hatsuyuki’s house flooding into him mind, his eyes change to disbelief one. No words can describe how surprise he is now.

“I know I shouldn’t let you guys free easily back then.”

“Too late then.”

The chemist smirks. Angry, the older man immediately look around them to call for soldiers to come and arrest him. It however results nothing as the men who suppose to guard the entrance gate before already leave their position to control mad demonstrators.

“You’re lucky brat. If not because this rain is too loud and can cover my voice I already call for my people to drag you into jail.”

“You think the reason why we choose to reveal everything on this the rainy day is only because of that? Look around you more carefully.”

“Just cut with your arrogance. I’m going to-”

“If it’s raining, your people can’t use tear gas to force this crowd disperse. More armies are needed here to control them which mean the guard in other place especially around the real government building will decrease.”

Jun’s words surprise the man. He quickly look around and exactly like what the chemist say, his people don’t have any choice but use any handicap that they carry with them to stop the demonstrators from go too far. But his greatest fear is not that. When he realize one by one his men start to take off their protection goggle and mask, he couldn’t hold back his ego anymore and shout till the top of his lungs.


Unfortunately for him, no one hear it except for Jun who is still standing in front him.

“This is exactly our plan. The goggle and gasmask that every soldiers use indeed help them to increase their sense with their surrounding but if it’s raining, those things will make them difficult to move and look around them. They then have no choice but to take those things off if they want to do their job better.”

The man turns to him in disbelief. Both of them drench by the heavy rain above as Jun shoot his serious stare to the older one.

“One of a treatment that a drug user needs to through to overcome their addiction is taking a cold shower. I believe the drug you gave them is not in high amount so it wouldn’t take so much time till the drug finally lost its effectiveness. No wonder you’re so afraid about it.”

“What the-how you…?”

The General now totally worry. He quickly takes out his phone and tries to dial for certain number.

“It’s useless. This area connection is not working.”

Exactly like the chemist say, what he only can hear is beeping sound from the other line. Lowering his phone, he looks at the guy in front him with disbelieve eyes.

“My friend did something to the connection. It’s impossible for you to contact anyone till 500 meters outside this area range.”

“But how? What have you guys done?! Who are you guys actually?!”

Jun doesn’t bother to answer it. On the other hand for the General Officer, he’s totally lost. How come a group of naïve teenagers can create such a scary and detail plan like that? Realizing the terrible consequences that awaiting him if he still freeze on the same place, the General try to run toward the gate so he can call someone to help, but block by Jun immediately.

“I told you I still hold grudge against you for hurting my friends.”

The older man frowns. The chemist on the other hand just takes off his jacket and throws it aside. Seeing Jun make his fist and ready to drag him into fight, the General chuckle.

“If you are man, let’s fight like a man.”

“You must be kidding me. You have no chance against me you know?”

The chemist just stare him seriously.

“I won’t let you or any of your people to take even one step outside this area. I swear.”


In residence area not far from there, Mr. Hatsuyuki is running through the heavy rain as fast as he can. He starts to pant after a long running but doesn’t dare to take a quick break. Back then he can’t believe the news he heard from his fellow friends about their lost contact with main office of ministry of science department which locate in ministry building as it’s impossible to even have electricity problem there. But when he check it by himself, he surprise. Not only what his friends say are true, but the fact that almost all of complex codes that block their connection with the ministry building are actually the one he creates is already too unbelievable for him to digest. And before he realizes it, he already lead his feet back to his abandon old house where he leaves his satellite creation.

‘I’m more than sure I already switch it off before. Then how…? It’s impossible those brats. Computer should be informing me already if someone trying to break inside the basement.’

Soon, he turns to the corner which leads to his old house. The moment he finally can see his house, he abruptly stop.

At a same time, a guy is standing in front Mr. Hatsuyuki’s house with his hand are holding a certain device and an umbrella hang on his shoulder to cover him from rain. He looks so immerse with what he is doing till he doesn’t realize the existence of an old scientist just few meters from him.


Ohno startles when feels someone harshly pull him to turn to his right. A second later a strong punch hit his face and causes him to fall on rain puddle under him. He can taste mix of metallic liquid and rain in his mouth, but to his fortunate the switch in his grip is still safe. A small sigh leave his mouth as tries to bear with the pain and get back on his feet without bother to cover himself anymore.


The old scientist breathes heavily due of anger. Before the teenager could do anything, the older man almost reach out another punch toward him.


Sudden barks and splash sounds come from the man’s yard. Surprise, Mr. Hatsuyuki frantically turn around but surprise when for the second time a huge white dog he hurt before suddenly land on him, causing him to fall on his back with the dog growl near his face. He tries to push the furry creature away but due of rain that pours heavily to his face and his slippery hands, all what he can do is wriggling helplessly.

“GET OFF!!!”

Hollow just barks straight to his face. Sound of water splash then come from his left when Ohno comes to approach him.

“I set up a detector inside the control panel so I can control it functions from long distance. I didn’t change the application or system at all.”

“What?! When did you enter my house?!“

“I didn’t get inside. I already set it up before my friends and I went to military base.”

Abruptly, the old man stops moving. His hands freeze as his eyes look at Ohno in disbelief.

“Just for precaution Sho told me to do so. After our friend in government hidden headquarters sent strong evidences that we need to provoke the society, I activated your satellite so connection inside ministry building area break down and allow only one-way connection from Sakurai’s residence.”

“Impossible! I thought the coordination inside the satellite was meant to military basement!”

“I changed it when we returned to your house on the same night. We know you won’t return to here to avoid from seeing us. I also enter Sakurai’s residence coordination into the system so only computer from there can reach the ministry building’s area connection.”

The old scientist stuns, totally speechless.

“You underestimated us but we should be thankful for that.”

Realizing the rain is now strong enough to make their vision blur, Ohno pat Hollow’s head, signaling it that they should get on move now. At first the dog doesn’t want to let its prey under him free easily but after Ohno pat its back and gesture to let go of the old man, Hollow finally move away, not without growl on the latter’s face for the last time. Both Ohno and Hollow then spin around to leave the road. They are ready to run from there when Mr. Hatsuyuki suddenly shouts to stop them.

“Wait! You’re going to leave me just like that?! Don’t you afraid I’ll reveal what you guys have done and what you just said to me?!”

Ohno stops his track immediately. As he turns around to look at the old man, Hollow stops and wait for him.

“My friends told me to make you at least lost conscious too, but I don’t think if I should do it. What you told us about your wife and daughter was true right?”

Mr. Hatsuyuki frowns.


“This is just my guess. I think the reason you want to join Project Eternity till the level you used us was not because you want to devotee yourself with your work. All you want is actually to find out how you daughter dead during the project.”

Under the rain, the teenager can see how the old man’s face changes to more confuse. He sighs before Hollow’s padding footsteps come to his side. Seeing the dog like try to tell them that they should continue to move now, the guy just pats its head and look at the scientist who is now sitting on ground.

“There is no one dare to do till that far unless he’s doing it for someone important for him. Just like us.”

Leaving the speechless man behind, Ohno and Hollow then finally disappear under the downpour.


In mean time, Aiba still busy working on something on Sho’s father computer to settle what Nino tell him before. Sho next to him meanwhile just watch in silent, letting his cheerful friend to focus on his job. Although Nino send them evidences that the latter found in government secret’s headquarter earlier than they expect, everything luckily run smoothly like they plan. Now what he and Aiba need to do are sending videos that they receive to every cell phone’s line in ministry building area before head to government hidden headquarter.


He looks at Sho immediately which make Sho to run to his father’s silver gun and take it from its place. As soon as all light in the basement turn off the two of them leave the place in hurry, not forget to safely lock the place before run to the motorcycle at the front yard. None of them care about rain that fall heavily above them and just get on the seat. After make sure Sho properly wear his helmet behind, Aiba finally start the engine.


The other one nods. Just in few seconds both guys already leave Sakurai’s residence and head to main road in full speed. Everything seems alright until Sho remembers the conversation he and Aiba have when they’re going to his house hidden basement this morning.

“Actually I don’t know the path to headquarters in detail.”

Aiba’s sudden blurt made Sho stop from reached for the flashlight which hang on wall next to him.

“What do you mean?”

“I got shoot when I was in middle way of looking for it.”

For a while Sho didn’t know what to say. If what Aiba told him was true, to continue with their plan will be a very bad idea.

“Why don’t you tell us earlier? We can’t-”

“Listen to me first Sho. I know I suppose to tell you guys earlier, but I want you to trust me. I know your plan can run without problem so that’s why I didn’t say anything until now.”

“But we need to reach the building as fast as we can Masaki! It will take so much time if you just want to look for it after we done here!”

“I can do it. That’s why I said I want you to trust me.”

Sho frowned by Aiba’s determination.

“You mean you have a plan?”

“I think I know the rough location of the building. And since Nino told me before that I have a good instinct, I decide to try on it. So please trust me like Nino does.”

He startles from the memory when Aiba all of sudden make a sharp turn to right. Water splash to their body as Aiba rides into puddle on roadside. Yet his friend doesn’t even bother to slow down their pace despite of unclear vision and slippery road. Feel worry with the daring act, Sho tightens his grip on Aiba’s jacket and slightly pull it to get the other one’s attention. Only then he finally hears siren and understand the reason behind Aiba’s dangerous act.

“Hold me tight!”

Sho immediately does as he was told. He almost closes his eyes when his friend enters any empty space between cars with another sharp turning in full speed. He can feels how his fear grow bigger each second inside him by their prepare-to-die movement, but when he slightly glance from his shoulder, it seems doesn’t give any effect to three policemen in motorcycle behind them.

“Don’t tell me they were drugged as well…”

It is then when he realizes Aiba suddenly slow down the pace. With a frown he turns to his friend in front. He at first don’t have any idea why Aiba keep staring on the opposite way road on their left till the cheerful guy suddenly turn their track toward the road divider.

“Masaki, are you…”

“Here we go.”

Sho’s eyes snap open.

A second later Aiba ride the vehicle till its maximum speed, causing Sho behind him almost throw aback due of inertia. Sho unconsciously hold his breath when the motorcycle they ride bumps to the divider side before lift and crossover it shortly. Right after the motorcycle’s tyre touch wet surface on the other road, both his and Aiba’s face change to pale instantly when witness numbers of cars are coming from their front.


“O-Of course! A-Anyway, get prepare!”

A loud vroom echoes under the raindrop sound. Soon, they speedily ride into numbers of cars which are coming from opposite way. Several honks come up every time Aiba avoids or take a sudden turn between narrow cars’ space. They still can hear audible siren and not understandable warn due of rain sound hitting their helmet from the policemen which now almost reach their speed on the other road. Few meters ahead after a lot of attempt of dodging and avoiding, Aiba finally speed up toward a business area road which he gets a shoot on his left arm. For their entire way after that Sho just look to his right and left to ensure they are completely safe and at the same time, stun by the unfamiliar place they’re at since he couldn’t even remember if he had been there before. The place incredibly desolates despite of its perfect location which is quite close with Tokyo.

“Found it!”

Wide smile plasters on the cheerful guy’s face when they finally greet by a sight of abandon workshop building among it. They almost couldn’t see anything around there since there’s no light source around and the heavy rain make it harder until Aiba decides to decrease their speed. As soon as they stop in front the workshop, Aiba immediately tells Sho to let go of him and hop off from the motorcycle. He approach piles of rubbish next to the workshop’s close door before his steps stop by the memory of incident that happen right there 3 days ago.

A loud crash happen the moment Aiba fell on road and slightly dragged by the motorcycle he rode. To his luck he bumped into piles of rubbish which had been stack in front of a building, reducing the impact that he supposed to get.


He pushed himself from the road. Small whines came out from his mouth as parts of his body especially his bloody left arm hurt him till his bone. His hand shivered painfully for every moment he made, but he ignored it and just forced himself to get up with his motorcycle. However before he had a chance to escape, the building’s door which supposed to be close suddenly moved up. A soldier suddenly appeared from there a second later.

Panic, Aiba couldn’t move even a finger. His heart throbbed hardly against his chest as the vehicle which was chasing after him was getting nearer behind and the soldier in front at a same time moved toward him.

The cheerful guy then fidgeted when the other one placed his hand over his grip on the motorcycle handle.

“We need to hurry.”

The next thing the teenager knew was the soldier ran back to the opened dark shop with his motorcycle. Aiba clumsily followed him behind as he afraid the man wanted to something with it. Soon when both of them were inside the building, the door suddenly moved down behind them. Aiba who didn’t have a single idea about what was happening panicky turned around and froze on his standing place when the area changed to completely pitch dark.

“I can’t turn on the lamp or we will be busted. 3 troupes will leave facility anytime soon.”

The echo of the soldier’s voice made Aiba a bit nervous. He tried to move his hands to feel his surrounding but flinched and hissed when an unbearable pain stung his arm. While pressed the bleeding wound with his right hand to avoid from more blood loss, Aiba slowly stepped further inside to find for the man.

“Why are you taking me here? Who are you? What do you want from me?”

“I’m on your side. I’m not your enemy though our first meeting was not so friendly.”

“First meeting? Have we seen each other before?”

“Inside the tunnel weeks ago.”

Aiba frowned. Only when he grasped what the man was talking about, his eyes finally opened wide.

“We have no time now. You need to leave this place after I’d make sure everything is safe outside.”

Right after the man finished his sentence, Aiba heard footsteps sound came to his direction. Yet, he couldn’t make any movement since it was too dark there. After all, the soldier wore a pair of special goggle which also meant he can see whatever he did even if he tried to run. The cheerful teenager swallowed hardly when felt the man stopped beside him. Sound of metal clanked with floor under them followed not long after as the man left his motorcycle next to him.

“You and your friends now are under wanted list. Never go outside for a while or you won’t be so lucky like today. About your friend, he is safe for now. It seems like he was given drug and under surveillance.”

He then sighed.

“If you’re thinking to save him, it’s impossible. If it fails again you will lose both him and yourself. It’s better this way.”

“We already lose important people for us! So no matter what we are going to fight for him although we know it will cost our life! You never experience how it feels to lose someone precious to you so don’t speak like you know everything! He’s our friend!”

“Just for your information, I know what it means with someone precious. Though he’s not a human.”

The other man trail off with his last sentence. Soon, Aiba heard vehicles’ noise came from outside. The cheerful guy immediately approached to where the source was and placed his ear to flat surface which he thought door.

Then, he closed his eyes, tried to focus on certain things.

The cheerful guy finally opens his eyes which he unconsciously closes. After taking a deep breath, he pushes down a lever next to the workshop’s door, making Sho who is watching him from behind frown. A second later both guys turn to the workshop door as it slowly moves up, revealing a long and large tunnel with numbers of light shine on wall through it. The unexpected sight make the two of them lost for words for a while due of surprise.


Completely astonish by it, Sho looks at his cheerful friend who is now ready to get on his seat again. The latter on the other hand just turn to him who is now standing still before gestures him to hurry up. Then in high speed, the two of them go through the secret tunnel.

Only exhaust sound fill the silent tunnel for a while with the floor wet by water that dripping from their drench body. A minute later Aiba feels a tap on his shoulder.

“Look. I think it’s a way out.”

Little by little a ray of light from the tunnel’s end getting bigger for every meter they’re approaching it. That moment they take to make a mental prepare. After all they have no idea with what they’re going to see when they come out from there and according Sho’s plan, whatever act they’re going to take after this is base on the situation.

“Here we go.”

Sound of falling rain greets their ears again hundred meters before they are finally out. Both guys tense, but determine to stick on their plan.

The moment they feel rain hit their body again time like abruptly stop. A second later, two flash of guard tower searchlight suddenly aim their right and left. Aiba however only stop right when they almost bump into high metal gate which block their way from going any further. His and Sho’s breath now almost stuck due of nervous and lost. With dead end in front and guard towers behind, they are totally in terrible situation.


Sho and Aiba immediately turn to each other. Both unsure if what they just heard are their imagination or otherwise.


Automatically the two best friends run closer to the metal gate. If they try to listen properly they also can hear a lot of small voices seeking for help follow behind.


Those shout from other side suddenly change to happier one when finally receive a response. While Aiba tries to catch what the other side try to tell them, Sho turn around to see their surroundings. He then look up at two guard towers on both sides of tunnel that they just through, finally able to get what is happening there when realize no one is guarding and the searchlights are functioning by itself whenever something pass it.

“Sho! Go to the other side!”

Sho instantly looks at his cheerful friend. He quickly run to the metal gate’s left circle handle after see Aiba stops and wait for him in front of the right one. Together, they then count till three before spin the handle to unlock the door till they feel it completely immobilize.


Hearing signal from Sho, Aiba strongly grip the gate handle before pull the heavy gates apart with all his might at a same time with the other one. The moment it opens wide enough, they surprise when find numbers of children and teenagers immediately storm out from there while crying or cheering widely.

The two of them turn to each other immediately with confuse expression. Soon however they startle when surround by kids and teenagers they just save.

“Thank you so much Ni-chan!”

Tons of gratitude given to them like rain above which at first make the two teenagers lose for words before click by a realization that who the children actually are. Immediately, Sho takes off his helmet and bends forward to one of boys there.

“What happened inside? Did government free all of you?”

“It seems so! All doors suddenly have been unlocked this morning and a guy told us to leave using the entrance as fast as we can!”

Sho frowns. Aiba who is approaching him and the boy also put down the helmet he wear and stand on same height with the little one.

“A guy? Did he see you face to face and say it?”

The boy shakes head.

 “He said it through speaker. Then the laboratories’ doors open, right?”

He looks at other kids beside him which make the rest nod immediately. Know who the boy is talking about, Sho and Aiba look at each other.

“That guy must be Nino.”

“I believe they’re talking about him too. We better separate now. You’ll lead these children to the exit and I’ll go inside and check him.”


PE Last Chapter Part 2 )


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