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PE Last Chapter Part 1 )

“I want you to take this first.”

Nino and the other three guys looked at pill that Jun left on the hacker’s palm questioningly.

“This is the drug that I create to make lose their memory years ago but with several doses. Nino, I want you to swallow it now.”

“What? But what for?”

“We all aware you will be beaten to death by them to force you open your mouth later. But if you take this you will lose your consciousness and memory. Within that time they can’t do anything to you because it’s useless to force someone who through amnesia to reveal anything.”

“But if I drink this now I will lose my memory too soon right? Perhaps next morning I already gain my memory back. I’m sure they will examine my condition constantly to make sure if I already fine or not. I can’t pretend I don’t remember anything though.”

“I used capsule which has thicker layer than a pharmacist usually gives. It will take more time to digest in your stomach.”

“Didn’t you say before the effect is different to everyone? What if it takes too much time to lose it effectiveness in Nino’s body?”

“One more thing. Isn’t Nino will be locked in basement lock-up like Sho before? Either way he lost his memory or not, how he is supposed to leave the basement since it use ID lock?”

That made Sho to hit his forehead with palm. What Ohno said really make sense. He didn’t remember to think about it before.

“That’s another reason why I bring this pill with me. When Nino lost his memory later it will be troublesome for the soldier to keep on checking him isn’t it? So they must be needed to put him inside surveillance room. The secret headquarter suppose to be running out of worker since more people resign to work under government so it’s not difficult to leave the surveillance room as much as lock-up. Satoshi, you have taught him something related to unlock before right?”

Ohno nodded. Sho meanwhile sighed in relief. Fortunately his friends are always being thoughtful every time he doesn’t notice something important. Realizing it, Ohno and Aiba immediately patted his back while Nino and Jun chuckled amusedly.

“Don’t carry the burden by yourself. We are team right?”

Sho just smiled.

“But about the effectiveness I can’t guarantee anything. It depends on how strong Nino’s will to recover.”

Ohno, Sho and Aiba nodded understandingly. Their hacker friend was ready to take the drug when Jun told another important thing.

“Water will help this to dissolve faster. But only drink it when you think it’s really necessary.”

Another gazillion of bullets hit the metal door behind make Nino to wake up from the sudden recall. Thankfully due of Jun’s medicine government soldier really done nothing on him till he completely recover 3 hours before their plan this morning. Even so, he actually couldn’t find the way to unlock the door of the surveillance room that he has been locking inside. He almost lost his hope before an unexpected man suddenly open the door from outside for him and offer to be his bodyguard and guider until they’re trap between numbers of drugged soldiers behind the metal door on their back and too slow functioning elevator in front like now.

“How long this door can hold them?”

He turns to the soldier with scar on forehead beside him, only startle a second later when another loud clank sound produces from the other side of door behind them.

“It depends. Even though we manage to prevent them behind, there’s ladder for them to go upstairs or call more help to come down here. If some of them know how to unlock this door from monitor room on fourth floor, it will be the end for both us.”

“So it’s just the matter of time isn’t it?”

Finally in the middle of the shoots, they see the elevator’s screen floor show it is going down. However it will take some time for the elevator to reach the fifth floor of basement which places grow up special kids who has been send there to complete the final stage of Project that they’re working for almost their entire life. Just while all of them have been free by Nino with the soldier’s help.

“Who are you actually? Which side you on?”

Couldn’t hold back his curiosity any longer, Nino finally asks the question that bothers him most.

“Isn’t it obvious? I wouldn’t help you and your friend if I’m not on you guys side.”

Nino frowns.

“My friend?”

“I saved your friend previous days. Judging by the way he talked I believe you and your other friends must be planning on something again. And seems I was right when I saw you tried to escape inside the surveillance room before.”

“But why? I thought the drug given to every soldier is strong enough to control your mind? And you’re even wearing gasmask like the rest outside.”

The soldier stuns. As he let his machine gun hang on his shoulder, he takes off his gasmask with a sigh.

“Seriously, just how much you and your friends know about us and government?”

Nino who watching him doesn’t say anything and just wait till the man start talking again after throw the gasmask to the floor.

“I’ve my own way to let the gas drug they gave me running out before I wear it. That’s why it doesn’t work to me even if they give me more than any soldier supposes to receive.”

His explanation clicks something in Nino’s memory.

“So inside the tunnel before you wanted to take off your gasmask because…you want to help us?”

“Yeah, but that Hatsuyuki seemed distrust me and watched my movement. I should know about it better since most upper men and even my teammates paid their attention on me most of the time. Maybe we can avoid something horrible like this from happen if I was being careful from the first place.”

The elevator is now on second floor. Yet, it doesn’t have Nino’s attention as much as the curiosity about the man beside him now.

“Are you the man they called ‘Killer’?”

Despite of the goggle the other one wear, the hacker could sense a glint of surprise from his expression.

“How do you know what the upper men usually call me?”

Nino’s breathe hitch. He never expects his assumption will hit the jackpot.

“So you’re Hollow’s owner?!”

Seeing the confuse reaction the man give, the teenager stutters in excitement for a while before finally able to find words.

“On the same night we enter the military’s base a huge white Alaskan came out from manhole and saved my friends. One of them found dog calling-device in government’s ruin headquarter and took it with him while the other one used the device by accident and it summoned your dog.”

“That dude with you guys?! I thought he was caught and had been taken away!”

They interrupt by sound of elevator’s door open. Immediately, Nino run into it and presses the button to the ground floor. When he realizes the soldier doesn’t follow him inside, he immediately looks outside and tells the other one to hurry up. The soldier makes his way to him, but stops just a step before he enters the elevator.

“What’s wrong?”

He frantically reaches for the soldier’s arm to pull the latter inside. However the man just grabs his palm and takes out something from his chest pocket. Nino frowningly looks at his palm when the soldier leaves something cold on his hand.

“I can’t wear this necklace when I’m on duty. But it’s like a treasure for me and I want you take this to my best friend.”

The young hacker looks at the steel necklace which is now in his hand with disbelieve eyes. As he looks up at the man again, he receive a smile before see the latter press the close door button on the elevator’s button panel and step out again.

“Make sure to stop this elevator before you leave. Don’t let it come down again.”


“Good luck.”

Nino couldn’t say anything when the metal door closes between them. Shock, the hacker couldn’t function his brain properly by what just happen.

 When the elevator starts moving a second later, all what he can do is grit hardly his teeth. After numbers of bitter experience happen to him and his friends he knows sometimes there’s something need to be sacrifice for a better result and change. So eventually, he grips the necklace in his palm tight. It’s not a long journey till the elevator finally stop and an empty hallway appear in front of him.

‘After this, everything will finally over.’

Determinedly, he speeds up from the small space but not forgetting to press the STOP button on the elevator’s button beforehand. It takes only few turn to reach for the exit, but a sudden gunshot to air from behind send him shock.

“Stay there. Don’t move.”

Slowly, the genius lifts his hands. Since the fuss that happen in ministry building’s area make everyone in the facility to flee whether to save themselves or avoid from anyone discover their identity, he never think there’s anyone still have a gut to stay there. Soon he hears sound of something slide on floor is approaching him behind.

“How dare you to destroy my project.”

‘An old folk’s voice?’

 There’s no doubt the voice belong to Project Eternity’s creator. Although know that he might lose his life if he do something reckless, the hacker just slowly turn around with his hands still up in the air to see the approaching elder’s face.

“Now you better listen to my order.”

The man load his gun when Nino fully facing him.

However for Nino, what he is seeing surprise him. Everyone know that Japan prime minister now suppose to be the secretary of defense of Japan, but the man in front him is so much different than what he ever seen in newspaper and television before. No strong and built body. Just a weak and thin old man on wheelchair with wires and tubes attach with his body. The sight makes Nino completely unable to say anything till another shoot leave the man’s gun and reach the wall behind him.

“Go back inside the elevator. I want you to access into laboratory 17.”

“What if we don’t want to?”

The man looks around from his shoulder. Nino at the same time looks up and surprises to see his friend is coming out from right corridor behind the prime minister.


“You better put your gun down from my friend.”

Sho proves his seriousness by aim his gun accurately the old man’s head while stepping closer. The other one however just chuckle by it.

“Did you realize I’m faster than you? Stay at wherever you are or I’m going to shoot you-”

Both Nino and the prime minister startle when Sho sends a bullet to the electric wheelchair’s bottom. Sound and sight of small electric sparkling follow really soon before the wheelchair completely break down. No matter how the elder try to move the handle after that, nothing happen. He almost aim his gun back to Nino in front him but Sho quickly gives his second bullet, this time to the ceiling just right above the man.


Nino who watches the scene loses for words. Indeed he is still surprise with the fact that Japan’s prime minister has change that much, but for now he is more worry with Sho’s state. His friend is now facing with the murderer and destroyer of his only family and looking by Sho’s full of hatred eyes, he know what is playing inside the other one’s mind. He even can hear how Sho tightening his hold around his late father’s silver gun for every step toward the weak prime minister. The moment he see Sho stop with gun aim the old man’s head, Nino immediately put down his hands.

“You want to kill me for your parents’ sake? Don’t you afraid to carry the burden and guilt for the rest of your life?”

It is obviously a challenge. Sho however just calmly return the man’s stare.

“I’ve people that I want to protect so I’ll never have any regret with my action.”

This time, Sho finally fully understands the meaning behind his father’s words. But he never imagine he will repeat what his father tell him when the other one already gone. As he grits his teeth hardly, Nino immediately run toward the old man and snatch the gun in the other one’s hold. After take out its clip, he throws both of it far from each other so the wheelchair man couldn’t reach for it.

“Too many people suffer because of your act. Just to make the cure for your incurable disease and live eternity, you drag innocent people along with your misery. You think it’s a right thing to do?”

“I bring a lot of improvement to this country. No one can rule Japan as good as me. I do this for both mine and country’s sake.”

“Are you idiot or what?! How forcing parents to be separate from their kids to work for your disease can be stated as improvement?! You even easily punish and kill anyone like life is nothing for you! No one ever ruled this country as bad as you actually!”

The weak man does nothing but chuckle. When his arrogant eyes meet Sho’s, he seems ready to accept whatever Sho want to do to him.

“Enough is enough.”

Unexpectedly, Sho just lower his gun and put back to its place inside his back pocket. The man’s eyes wide open and his mouth slight fall due of disbelieve.

“If I kill you I only can revenge for my parents while it will be unfair for those who their family died because you. Besides after you die everything will be over. You would never know how it feels to live after lose someone important for you.”

Giving the man his last cold stare, Sho then gestures Nino to leave the building now. On their middle of way to the exit however they hear the prime minister suddenly laugh.

“I’m not interested with human relationship anymore. It just either give you benefit or otherwise.”

Nino abruptly stops. Calmly, he turns his face to the elder behind.

“Then let me tell you something. Killer and I already destroy everything that related to your almost complete Project Eternity research and creation in laboratory 17 on fifth floor of basement.”

For the first time after their meeting, Nino finally see the man’s expression aside of arrogance and cynic. Sho who hear it stop and look at Nino in disbelieve as well.

“Both of us know that even if the Project doesn’t fall to your hands, someone is going to hide it or use it for wrong purpose. If you go to the laboratory now, everything already destroys and burnt. Nothing left. Now live with that fact for the rest of your life.”

The prime minister’s lips trembling. Leaving the now speechless man behind, Nino and Sho then just head out from the building. They immediately greet by the same heavy rain as soon as they’re outside but this time with Ohno, Aiba and Jun waiting for them in front of the entrance gate. As soon as they approach the other three, the five of them altogether make their way to the tunnel.

Yet, none of them speak.

Everyone so immerse with their own thought and memory of what already happening for the more than entire 2 weeks till now. The second they finally reach the tunnel’s another end, they greet by the sight of parents, grandparents or siblings are hugging their missing family member without care about the rain wetting them from above. Everyone look so happy and grateful since their finally years of suffering over. The happiness sight clutch painfully a small part of the five teenagers’ heart but wide smile still radiate on their faces.

“At least this finally over right?”


Ohno beside him beams with a huge grin as well.

“I’m hungry.”

His friends laugh when the latter start to massage his tummy.

“What’s up with your timing?”

“Well, that’s really like him.”

“Should we find place for eat now? It’s nearly lunch.”

The others cheer as approve. They almost leave the area before hear familiar voice calling for them behind. Immediately, the five friends turn to their back.

A second later, their eyes wide open.


Tokyo, autumn 2014

2 years elapse after the last prime minister and his governance turn to be another part of important history for Japan. For the first year after it there are a lot of problems Japan needs to through like imbalance or slow economy grow due of sudden change of prime minister and removal in laws. Some past government aggressive followers as well keep on creating troubles and fuss to show their dissatisfy with the new government but it doesn’t stay long as most people don’t care about it and even critic the level of humanity of those people.

Ministers or upper men of former government on the other hand couldn’t escape from their sin. Each of them receives several punishments and will live in jail maybe for almost of their entire life. Only those who have guts to reveal what previous governance’s secret was will receive less punishment though they can’t join any political activities anymore. For the past prime minister meanwhile it has been reported that he just passed away because of his sickness. There are also spreading rumors that saying the sick man look soulless and lost hope till the last moment of his life as he doesn’t want speak to anyone at all and refuse to come out from his jail.

On the other side for special kids, there are some of them who send by their parents to enter normal school although new government already provide a temporary school for the geniuses before they really prepare to involve with society. Since they never being exposed with outside world especially for those who already becoming adults at the facility, they need time to get use with their new surroundings and to be well accept by society since people know that they’re not ‘just someone with normal brain’. Fortunately this phase doesn’t take so much time. Bit by bit the geniuses can adapt with their new world and even find a job to start their life again. Yet, no one knows what Project Eternity is actually about except for certain people. Even the special kids have totally no idea about it as they had been warned to never question what they’re working for. Everything that relate to the project also remain unknown since there’s no even a single trace of it left and can be found anywhere.

“I’m leaving!”

Jun shouts while wearing his shoes on doorstep. Soon enough before he walk out from his house, he hear rushing footstep from kitchen suddenly approach him from behind. Immediately, he turns around and watches his mother is walking toward him.

“Send my greetings to Sho-kun. You’re not going home tonight right?”

“Yeah. We already planned to stay over at Sho’s house. I’m going now.”

His mother nods.

“Be careful.”

Jun nods. Once he is outside, he closes the door behind him and start to make his way to Ohno’s house.

2 years ago neither he nor his friends ever think they will still alive after a lot of attempt to save themselves. Everything that they have through up till now is just so unbelievable. Furthermore, it is like a miracle to find out that their parents actually still alive as Sho’s parents have been quickly transfers to other site after Nino hijack the destroyed headquarters’ security system since they are government’s important suspects. For other couples and his parents meanwhile, they are actually not inside the building from earlier. It is just Mr. Hatsuyuki’s plan to make Ohno and him confuse.

Now, Jun almost reach his second year in university with chemical engineering major. He still continue with his life normally since the secret that he and his friends are also geniuses still secure from anyone acknowledgement aside of their family. However as both he and his friends start to get busy with their life, they now rarely see each other. They only manage to arrange their schedule after around half year haven’t gathering like today after Mrs. Sakurai tell them that Sho will return home today. No word can describe how happy the four of them since they have been waiting for this moment. It will be incomplete without him after all.

After several minutes walking, he finally arrives at Ohno’s house. Jun almost reach for doorbell when he hear bark sound come from Ohno’s yard. A wide smile appears on his face as soon as he realizes what it actually is.

“You look fit as fiddle Hollow. We haven’t seen each other for quite long right?”

Hollow let out another bark as an answer. Jun meanwhile happily approach the huge dog. He then crouch down in front it and playfully ruffle its fur before someone open the sliding door which separate the house and yard.

“Hollow, time to-”

The sentence stops midway.

Realizing who the guy in front him, Ohno’s eyes bulge open. Jun who turns to him as well freezes for a while. Only after Hollow move from Jun’s side to approach Ohno who is holding its food, both guys finally startle from their thought. Immediately, Ohno leaves Hollow’s favorite meal on grassy ground of his house yard before excitedly walks to his long time friend. The two of them give friendly hug to each other before Ohno finally able to find his word.

“When did you come here?”

“Just while ago. Is everyone already here?”

“Not yet. You’re the first one.”

The two best friends then have their seat in front the already open yard sliding door, deciding to wait for Aiba and Nino while sharing their latest story.

Ohno is the one who come up with idea that the four of them should go and fetch Sho together since it will be a rare opportunity for all of them to have free time like now. After graduate from high school last year, he already made up his mind to lend his help at his father’s workshop. However since his family think it will be a waste for his talent, they decide to send him into private college which is specializing in technology.  The son almost opposes it but after his family agree to let Hollow to live with them after Aiba tell him that it is difficult for him to handle two dogs in similar huge size, he doesn’t complain anymore. At least he has a friend to company him.

In the middle of their conversation Ohno and Jun startle when notices Hollow suddenly look up from its food. Seeing it start to wriggle its tail, Ohno just chuckle in amuse.

“Aiba-chan is coming.”

Jun blinks confusedly upon it. Yet exactly like what his friend tell him, they see Aiba appear from one of road which lead to Ohno’s residence. The cheerful guy excitedly wave at them as soon as their eyes meet while taking his dog toward them. The moment he and his female Alaskan Malamute finally inside Ohno’s house area, he take off his pet’s collar immediately before let it run to greet Hollow which is already barking in excitement. The three guys only laugh hardly when watch their pets try to communicate with each other in their own way.

“Both of you! Way to go!”

Jun gives him a light kick on shin but still laughing along.

Among them it can be say that Aiba is the only one who doesn’t change so much. As he is aware that he is going to inherit his parents’ restaurant, he study hard to defeat his father’s cooking skill and. Although he never say it, he always miss the moment the five of them together. That is the reason why he decides to take a female dog from shelter; Hewie to accompany Hollow as well as play around with them whenever he has time.

The atmosphere at the yard changes to merrier. Each of them starts to talk about various stuffs with laugh and teases follow here and there. 15 minutes later the last person they are waiting for finally come.

“Nino finally here~ Is anyone miss me~?”

Ohno, Aiba and Jun turn to him at a same time. Instead of welcoming the hacker with their open arms, the three guys just steadily get up, ignoring Nino’s wide smile and waiting face for their warming greetings.

“Alright. Since everyone already here let’s go.”

“Yeah. Let’s go let’s go.”

Seeing Aiba just cheer happily without arguing about the cold treatment, Nino’s eyes change to disbelieve one.

“OI!!! Don’t ignore me!!!”

Now Ohno’s yard change to noisy by the four guys childish teasing and mocking voice. Some neighbors as well peek out from window upon it but fortunately not bother by their loudness at all. The four best friends only stop when Ohno’s sister come to outside to look what is happening and ask if they already forget the reason why they are gathering there.

“Okay guys, we better leave now. Sho should be waiting already.”

Completely agree with it, Ohno runs toward his father’s car clumsily. Yet when he tries to open the door he frowns when realize it is still lock.

“Oh. I forget the key.”

He receive playful nag from Aiba and Jun as he get inside the house again. Nino meanwhile just laughs by his friend’s clumsiness. There’s no doubt he really miss their moment together. Later, he finally notices Hollow and Hewie presence at the other part of the yard. With a smile on his face, he approaches the two dogs and crouch down next to it.

“It’d been a long time Hollow. Glad to see you again.”

He chuckle when see how Hollow totally absorb with its view of Hewie is now eating its food.

After graduate together with his friends, few officers from his father’s company suddenly come to see him personally and ask if he interested to work under them as a security system designer. He accepts the offer though the truth it is not as simple as he ever imagine. It takes a lot of effort till his senior finally approves his skill. He also spends a lot of time in learning since he is the youngest in the section which is the main reason why he is late today.

Nino then starts to ruffle Hollow’s thick fur from head to neck. Soon when his eyes catch a shining steel plate on the buddy’s collar, his hands stop.

“I remember there’s one time Oh-chan complained to me that you don’t want him to take off this collar whenever he tried to wash your body. You really like it, don’t you?”

Hollow return his gaze without giving any verbal response. Understand it, Nino continue to ruffle his body. For the purpose to grant Hollow’s previous owner last wish Ohno create that collar for their furry friend from Killer’s necklace. So it is understandable for them if the buddy really like it.

“Alright. We’re ready now.”

Ohno finally comes out with car key. Then, he throws it to Aiba who immediately catch it before the four of them tell Ohno’s sister their leaving.

Their entire journey to Narita airport flows in silent. Everyone look immerse in their own world while watching the scenery outside the window. Unlike 2 years ago when armies can be seen everywhere, today people can walk in peace and normally either they are ‘special’ or not. Yet it doesn’t mean what the past government has done has been left forgotten. Every year a special occasion to remember and pray for a lot of innocent lives who die during the past 15 years will be hold. They also never miss to attend it except for Sho due of tight schedule.

After several minutes driving, they finally enter Narita’s airport area. The four guys smile widely and cheer in excitement as soon as they greet by the sight of their childhood friend is standing at waiting place with luggage and bags on his side.

“There he is!”

“Speed up!”

On the other hand, Sho keeps on looking at his watch. He looks obviously worry since his parents still not come to fetch him as he has no idea about his friends’ surprise at all. As he look up to his front again, he frown when see a car is coming to his direction in full speed till people around him almost squeak when a creepy and long car break sound produce as it suddenly stop right in front him. Even Sho closes to jump from his standing spot due of fear.

“What the…?”

Four people that he miss deadly to see storm out from the car a second later. No word comes out from his mouth as he receive group hug from the other four all of sudden. After sure enough that he is not dreaming, Sho finally return the embrace with wide grin on his face. It doesn’t disappear even until they let go of each other a minute later.

“We are complete now!”

“Yep. After a year and half.”

“Why are you guys here? Why no one said anything to me?”

“That’s what we call surprise if you still not get it. Anyway, what did you eat? Your air muscles seem reliable now!”

Sho just yelp painfully when the hacker give a strong slap on his arm.

“Well, what you expected from that training. Of course I’ll buff myself a bit.”

“How long you’ll be around here?”

“3 months. I still have 2 years to go before I can start working in Japan.”

“But 3 months too short.”

For Ohno however what makes him to feel unhappy is because of other matter.

“Wait. Why are you fairer than me? How come I still look tan than you?”

“I’m not entering military okay? It’s not like I need to march under sun or what. Plus when was the last time you went fishing?”

Seeing Ohno starts counting using his fingers, Nino immediately tell him to not mind about it anymore. The rest just laugh before carry Sho’s stuff one by one into the car. After make sure they not forget anything else, they finally leave the airport and get on move to Sakurai’s residence.  Along the way there’s not even a single time the five of them stop talking. The entire road fills with laugh, story and joke. It is not like they haven’t contact each other at all during the 6 months and 1 and half year for Sho, but talking in phone is completely different with talking face to face like now.

Since there are signs that by previous government’s radical supporters might do any attempt to bring down the current government, the new prime minister decide to create a team specializing in investigating and fighting in that group. Some police officers have been choose to join the training and gain experience that provide in other country with few of them are special kids including Sho after his application get approve year ago. It is unexpected choice make by him but his parents approve it as they say he is old enough to decide his own life.

Soon, they finally reach the memorial for those who passed away during the past government’s governance. Sho who notice it immediately look outside the window.

“Masaki, please stop here for a while.”

“Hmm? Oh, okay.”

He drives closer with the memorial area before park their car in empty parking lot nearby. Since it is weekday almost no one can be seen anywhere except for them and really few numbers of car. All of them then altogether come out before walk toward a memorial garden at the centre of the park. As soon as they stop in front it, they clasp their hands and start praying for every single flower there which also counts as the number of people who lose their life during Project Eternity progress. It is sad that for only to find a treatment to cure the previous prime minister mystery disease, numbers of special kids dead after have been expose with too much radiation, a lot of parents have to face capital punishment for hiding their child and hundreds of soldiers lose their life in duty.

After finish chant his pray, Sho read names that written on crematorium in front him in silent. A minute later he frown when find something unbelievable on there.

“There’s Hatsuyuki here. Is that mean that old man really have a Cool as child?”

The other four immediately move closer to him. Aiba and Nino widen their eyes in disbelieve at a same time when Jun fold his arms thoughtfully. Ohno meanwhile just read the Mr. Hatsuyuki’s late daughter name without saying anything.

“He still not gets caught until now. He must be run away to somewhere far already.”

“Surprisingly, he doesn’t reveal our identity as Cool and the truth that we sneaked into government’s building and military’s base till now. I wonder why he didn’t just do that to put us in trouble after we destroyed his plan.”

A moment passes in silence. None of the four notices that Ohno already curves with small smile beside them.

“Guys, I’m carving for auntie’s cook already.”

“Me too. Should we leave to Sho-chan’s house now?”

“My house? But why? Aren’t your house is restaurant if you want to eat something?”

“Stop concerning about unnecessary stuff already. Everyone is hungry.”

Although Sho flood them with tons of questions the other four just ignore it and walk back to their car. They are ready to get inside when Jun all of sudden stop after open the car door. His eyes look like sparkling with something as he looks at his friends.


“Your forget something?”

Jun doesn’t reply it immediately. Instead, he smiles before lift his gaze to Sho behind him.

“I wonder why we never ask this to your mom and dad. I think now I understand why they use ‘new home’ as password to unlock the basement.”

Sho blinks. Even Ohno, Aiba and Nino do the same action like him as well. Yet when they eventually get what is the hidden meaning behind the password, they follow the chemist to smile along before look at the memorial for the last time before they leave to Sakurai’s residence.

The password plays a huge role indeed. Now the place they’re living in is not full of fear, hatred and pain anymore. It is full with happiness and peace like what Sho’s parents and they wish to live in.

It is now a new home for them and others.


>Please forgive me for my very late update. I need to remember back what plot I've wrote before and arrange it again. If I do update in usual length I should be able to post new chapter earlier, but I think it won't be angsty anymore cause I need to divide it into two part. So I decide to just complete it...though I never imagine it will end up this long. It must be troublesome to read the entire chapter ne?
>It should have a lot of mistakes everywhere. I'm really sorry about it ^^" I don't want to give excuse but I can't focus writing at this time or rechecking it because my permenant tooth had been remove last Thursday and it just start stop bleeding now. The pain...is beyond 'Ouch' level, but thankfully I'm good in enduring pain(which is actually not a good thing to do!). I don't mind to explain about the removal but it will make this post become longer so I cut off my part =w=
>Feel free to question anything if you confuse or not understand anything okay? Last but not least, Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for waiting and reading! You guys are the best! d(>w<)b

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Yup it will be nice..Isn't the last part is like epliogue?..I thought you are meanie and will kill atleast one..Oi you are teasing me?.*angry now* You're welcome I am stalker afterall HAHAHA..

(no subject)

2/2/13 17:39 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] janinebr.livejournal.com
I loved this FF and I loved the Ending so much :) all is OK now .. and this damn Prime Minister is down .. such an asshole .. all for his own benefit .. it wasn´t for Japan or for an important reason .. he did all this bad stuff only for himself .. such a selfish man .. glad these 5 were able to stop all it with the little help of the insiders^^ thx for writing

(no subject)

8/2/13 09:42 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Very sorry for my late reply m(_ _)m But anyway,Thank You SO much for reading!!! You drop your comments every time and it's really give me a lot of inspiration :) I'm CHOU glad you love this.
Yep. The 5 of them through a lot and finally got paid off. I think I've been writing too much action so maybe I should 'reduce' it if I start to write another story later~
Thanks again! *hug*

(no subject)

2/2/13 18:05 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] j-sei.livejournal.com
Yay, lucky me XD
So surprised when I see your update. Think that maybe you will take longer to update XD

to the stories..
So glad that their parents actually save and alive. Japan can have a 'new home', the boys can get their life again. Too bad that Hollow can't met his owner again but I know that Killer must be happy because he knew everything will be alright.

Well, I hope you get better soon. Hope the doctor will know what's the problem with your jaw. Hmm, I know how hurt it is when you have your tooth, moreover your permanent tooth, removed. I have done it before and it keep bleeding for 2 or 3 days. I keep going to the toilet to spit the blood *actually, I can just swallow it but I don't like the taste*

In the end, otsukare~ Good job for finishing the stories ^^
Btw, I added your LJ XD

(no subject)

8/2/13 10:04 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Sorry for my very late reply m(_ _)m Glad you don't need to wait for so long ^^

I took more time to finish this chapter so I was a bit worried with the outcome. But finally their hard work paid off and everything turn out better ne :)

Uwaa~ Somehow I feel touch to know there's someone out there who understand my situation ,><. It can make a person going crazy for few days earlier(in my situation because I keep thinking I'm going to die cause running out of blood XD). But thankfully, I'm fine now! Thanks for the wish ^-^

Otsukare for reading till the end too. It require times to finish reading all chapters ne~
I add you back! Thanks for adding me! :D

(no subject)

3/2/13 15:52 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] gambitsfox.livejournal.com
Excellent! Loved it! Thanks for finishing the story.....you answered it all. : )

(no subject)

8/2/13 10:06 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Sorry for my late reply ^^" (I'm apologizing again...)
I'm really glad you love it. I took some time to finish this so I feel a bit worry with the outcome. Thank You SO much for reading and dropping your comment too! :)

(no subject)

4/2/13 17:18 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] ui-2024.livejournal.com
Yay~ thank you..
I thought it will remain uncompleted..
and I love the ending.. ^o^

(no subject)

8/2/13 10:09 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
I'm sorry for my late reply m(_ _)m
Thank You SO much for reading till the end! Sorry for taking more time to finish this ^^" But I'm glad you love it X)

(no subject)

8/2/13 03:11 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
Ohno and Sho are so cool!! …After all Mr. Hatsuki said the truth, Ohno could see behind Mr Hatsuki’s mask but what happened with Killer? He’s dead, isn’t? :(

But I'm so happy their parents are ok! And their bond of friendship doesn’t lose with the time… It was feel sad, long time ago I don’t see my friend, now We do different things Maybe It’s time I’ll go his house and I'll say "hey why did not call me, bad friend?and Sure he’ll say but You didn’t call me, too! And After We’re laugh….
*O* I hope You’re ok now, Yuki-chan :) you must have suffered a lot!, I remember When I had a toothache I couldn't sleep all night, It much better If I don't remember It was really painful... sorry for comment late ^^
please take care and don’t miss!!!Bye Yuki-chan!!!XD

(no subject)

9/2/13 03:35 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Ohno and Sho are always cool(XD)! About Killer, yeah. He's gone (_ _)

You should try to contact your friend then! He must be surprise but that's what make it's more interesting. I'm looking forward to hear your further plan about it XD
Thank you for the wish ^-^ Toothache really disturb whatever things you do especially during sleep ne. I understand your feelings *pat your shoulder*

Iya, iya, iya. Thank You SO much for taking your time reading.I appreciate it ^-^ Take care of yourself dear~


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