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ACT 1 )

On the other side for Aiba’s friends, they’re now heading to the fortune tell who tell Aiba about his ‘pickpocket fate’ not so long time ago. Ohno and Nino are busily observing the side walk that they’re passing by with Jun drives the way (he prefer to drive by himself than having a driver). Sho meanwhile is speaking in French with his business’s partner on the phone.


Immediately, Jun stomps on the brake pedal. The car stops and all of them slam open the door quickly. As soon as the three guys turn to the empty alley where Nino is looking at, they found a lady in a black hoodie, sitting behind a table with a crystal ball on it.

“Oi! Old woman!”

The old fortune teller immediately looks at them. If they just act careless even one second her very sudden, strong and full speed crystal ball throw would be hitting them already. Sho and Jun’s eyes widely stop at the already broken crystal behind them while Ohno and Nino approach her hurriedly.

“How could you advised Masaki to be a pickpocket?!!!”

Nino hit the fortune teller’s table in front him as soon as he stand face to face with the other one. Ohno, Sho and Jun meanwhile frown by the sight of old, trembling and wrinkle woman in front them. Is this the person who just throws 5 kilograms crystal ball with 90 kilometres per hour speed to them while ago?

“I just give her my advice. It’s up to her if she wants to follow it or not.”

“Um...ma’am? It’s him, not her.”

“You’re still the one who told him to!!! I told you he’s a naive friend of mine!!! Because of you he’s now in a deep problem with Dragon mafia!!!”

“It has nothing to do with me. She’s the one who choose to follow my divination. I got my pay and I just tell her the truth. That’s all.”

“Ma’am, it’s he not she.”

“I don’t care!!! I want you to tell us where we can look for him or I’ll spread rumour that you’re a liar!!!”

The fortune teller seems surprise to hear that as her eyes suddenly snap open. Jun meanwhile turns to Nino, frowning.

“There’s no need to shout like that Nino. She’s elder. It’s rude you know.”

Sho on the other hand approach her with begging eyes.

“Did you see our friend around here before? We need to find him before anything terrible happen.”

However, the old lady just returns his look without say anything. Nino at the same time looks at the older guy with a sigh.

“She can’t hear what you said, you know. Sound trouble.”

Ohno chuckle while Jun face’s palming himself.

“Well, she’s old already after all.”

“It’s rude to call someone who’s older than you old! What a rude guy you are!”

Swiftly, the CEO turns to Nino.

“You said she have sound trouble.”

“She is, but she’s sensitive with oldness.”

Sho sighs again before look at the elder again.

“Anyway, have you seen Masaki?!”

“No. But I know where she went.”

“It’s he-well, never mind.”

“Where did he go?!”

“Somewhere...over the rainbow.”

She suddenly point at the sky, making the four guys turn to the same direction by reflex. The four of them just staring there until sounds of chirping birds startle them. Immediately, they look at the old lady again.

“Just kidding. I don’t know.”

If there’s cliff in front them, Jun swear he’s going to throw her from there, old woman or not.

Yet, Nino is much faster by stomp one foot on her table and beams her with his death glare.

“You better don’t mess with us!!!”

“Calm down, Nino. How about I give you free divination as apologize?”


“Oi, oi.”

“Kidding. Look, we have no time for this!!! Can’t you give any information about him or Dragon to us?!!”

The old fortune teller silently thinks for a while. She then dig into her hoodie’s pocket before shove out her Samsung Galaxy Tab. Tremblingly, she type for certain number. Ohno, Sho and Jun just watch her frowningly, still surprise to find out how modern the old lady is until Ohno feel his phone is vibrating inside his trouser. After gives his briefcase to Jun (he forget to leave it inside the car before), he clumsily pick up the call.


“Masaki! We’re so worried about you!”

-“SHHH! I don’t want Sho-chan, Nino-chan or Matsujun know I called. They’re going to scold me.”

However Ohno already put his phone in loudspeaker mode.

“Aibaka! I’m going to kill you when I found you later!”-“Did you know you just create a huge trouble this time?! Are you really want to die that fast?!”-“That’s why I told you DON’T be a pickpocket anymore!”

The three guys flood their friend with scold and nag without stopping. Soon, they hear Aiba’s sigh from other line.

-“Great. ‘Thanks’ Oh-chan.”

“Um? You’re welcome.”

He smiles. Though, Aiba actually doesn’t mean in the way he understand.

“Anyway, why you call Satoshi’s phone?”

-“Cause Oh-chan is the only one who’s not going to scold me. Seems you guys already know what I just did right?”

“I think the WHOLE Tokyo already know about it.”


“We tried to reach your phone before. Did you turn it off?”

-“No. It’s running out of battery. So I use payphone.”

Sho, Nino and Jun sigh. How much trouble Aiba is going to create after this?

“See? I told you to stop from stealing people stuff. It’s not a good thing. Even children know it’s wrong.”

-“But I still didn’t manage to steal anything until now...”

“But you aim to. You’re lucky cause all your victims are criminals as well. What if they just a normal citizen and even a poor one? Don’t you ever think about it?”

Aiba remains silent.

“You should stop being selfish. Even you will become rich by doing that one day, you will be haunted by the guiltiness. Or else, it will give you big problem like now.”

“You will never feel satisfy when you finally manage to steal something. Stick on your mind that it’s somebody else hard work and you have no right on takes it. Try to consider about others, Masaki.

-“Then, have you guys considered about me?”

The four guys frown.

-“I’m not capable in anything like Oh-chan. I’m not clever like Sho-chan. I don’t have any amazing talent like Nino-chan. I even don’t have a family like Matsujun. Mom and dad left me with pile of debts while I couldn’t settle it because I’m not fit with any jobs I do.”

They feel their mouth suddenly dry.

-“The only thing that I can rely on is what the fortune teller told me. And even if I manage to steal money later, I want to spend it on my parent’s debt and not for my own benefit. I don’t have choice, guys. Have you thought about it before?”


Mountain of guilt builds up inside them when they hear their friend now sobbing from the other line. Aiba is right. They never consider about his feeling first. Somehow now they feel like they’re the worst friends ever in this world.

Until they hear Aiba mutters ‘thank you’.

“Masaki, what are you thanking for?”

-“There’s a good guy suddenly lend me his handkerchief.”

“It’s so kind of him.”

Ohno smiles. Jun however frowns, knowing there’s something wrong about it. As he turns to his other two friends to ask for their opinion, he surprise to see a pale Sho who already chanting ‘I’m a bad friend, I’m a bad friend’ while Nino folds his arms in front his chest while nodding, feel grateful with the ‘good guy’ kindness.

Immediately, Jun turns to Ohno’s phone again.

“Masaki, do you know who he is?”

-“Um? No. Why?”

“You’re the Dragon’s gang target so I thought maybe that guy is his people. Well, that’s impossib-”

Jun couldn’t finish his sentence when they hear Aiba suddenly scream.


“No way! I was right?!”

-“You’ll dead!”


Their face changes to white pale when the line suddenly has been disconnected.


Dark. Cold. Dusty. That’s the best word can describe how Aiba feels with his surroundings. However despite of the terrifying feel, Aiba couldn’t do anything but bite his slightly trembling lip. He still remember how the gentleman that offer him his handkerchief before suddenly smirk and back out to let his two friends drag him out from the payphone box and put a paper bag on his head. After that he only can depend on his hearing sense until now.

“Here they come.”

Aiba’s body become tense. Two pair of footsteps entering the close space follows afterwards. Since the three men who kidnap him don’t pay attention with their boss’s briefcase before, the boss has no choice but send his most trust men to go back to the payphone and take his stuff back.

“Boss, we have bad news.”

Aiba doesn’t need to listen what the next thing the two men want to say when the place echo with chair being kick by someone. He flinches every time the boss bawls and kicks something. Just if he can see his surroundings and his hand are not seal with thick layers of cello tape on his front, he would be flee already.


Rushing stamp immediately come to his place. Extremely afraid, Aiba try to make his body smaller. It is very soon till the paper bag on his head disappear and pair of strong hands grab his shirt to force him get up.


Stinky air lingers for every word that comes out from the heavy-smoker boss’s mouth. His men nearby frown uncomfortably by it while trying to hold their breath.

Aiba however only can bite his lip.


Then, he apologetically bows at the mafia boss. All eyes there include the head of the gang frown by his action.

This time, Aiba couldn’t hold back his depression anymore. He chock with sobs without lifting his head.

“I can’t carry any debt burden anymore. My parents left too much till the point I couldn’t settle it anymore. Punch me, kick me, stab me or kill me of you want but no more...debt. Please...”

The gang look at each other with their very wide eyes, completely surprise.

The boss meanwhile turns to speechless. He can see few water droplets wet the floor under him by the poor guy’s tears. When he notice Aiba’s body start to trembling due of crying, his eyes start to get teary as well. He bite his lip and ready to shove out his handkerchief, but manage to cover it when realize his people are now looking at him. Pretend to snort, he quickly turns around.

“Where are your pride as a man?! Don’t cry that easily in front of other people!”

Those words kick away the cheerful guy’s hope. He tries to stop his sob by bite his lip. As the mafia boss start to walk away from him, Aiba slowly lift his head without bring his gaze up.

“Now you better spill out the TRUTH. Did you see what’s inside it?”

Aiba blink his eyes, doesn’t get that the man is talking about his briefcase at first.


All men there widen their eyes. Even for the mafia boss who try his best from feel sympathy with Aiba’s teary eyes before turn around by it.

“H-How did you know the briefcase’s password?”

Wasn’t it because he was idiot to put such a lame password for a very important stuff?

“L-Lucky guess.”

Clumsily, the boss run toward Aiba and grab his shirt by collar again.

“And? What did you found?”

Some of the guys there take out their knife immediately. The other half at the same time fills their gun with bullets for preparation to ‘shut’ Aiba’s mouth. The only way to ensure their secret remain safe now is to kill the poor guy.

At this point no one will dare to speak anymore. Aiba already dig his own grave by revealing he does open the briefcase so it will be a better option if he doesn’t say anything anymore.

“List of dealer and buyer. At the bottom of the envelope written...Dragon’s Ecstasy stock or something like that...if I’m not mistaken. You’re dealing drugs right?”

Oh, Aiba.

The boss gasps. He immediately turns around and walks to his men while fanning his totally shock self. Few of his people come to calm down their boss while majority of them move to surround Aiba who start to back off until his back touch the cold wall behind him. Sound of guns being unlock fill the close underground space while the others who are holding knife spin and play with their weapon.

For the poor innocent guy meanwhile he only can look at merciless people around him, totally lost with why they suddenly turn out that mad. What he only does is spilling out the truth like he has been told after all, isn’t it?


It almost give Aiba a terrible heart attack when watching all the mafia gang whether run to him with their sharp weapon or aim their gun on his body.

Panic, he falls on floor. The moment he close his eyes and ready to accept any pain from those fierce guys, a sudden shout from their boss stop them.


The attacking men freeze. They immediately turn around to their boss who already on phone.

“I’ve got a call. Quiet.”

All the loyal guys put down their weapon. Hearing the mafia leader is greeting someone on his phone, Aiba slowly open his eyes.

“I can’t believe THE Sakurai Sho want to call me. I’ve seen you in business magazine before.”

Aiba’s eyes snap open.


“WHAT?! But-But how?!”

The boss shouts while looks at Aiba with wide and disbelieve eyes. As he walks closer to a nearby wall, he hit it angrily.

“So that’s why the briefcase is not there anymore...”

The boss says it in a small voice while gritting his teeth. On the other hand, Aiba somehow can catch what the man is talking about. Nino must be already found the location of payphone he use before and rush to there with the rest. In other words...the Dragon leader’s briefcase is now with them. No wonder it already disappear when the second time the mafia boss send his people there.

“What deal?”

Aiba’s breathe hitch when the mafia boss suddenly looks at him. Then, he sees the man suddenly laugh.

“You think I’m that idiot? Let me tell you something then. Your friend here already knew what business I’m doing. So even if you want me to trade him with my briefcase, it’s still not a fair barter. I will never do something that will put me in a risky situation like that.”

A wide smug grins show on his face.

However it’s not long till the smile dead. Though still in not comfortable position, Aiba frown when realize the mafia leader’s face change to horror one.

“NO! F-Fine! Deal!”

Everyone especially his men surprise to see their boss sudden change of attitude. Glaring at his ‘robber’ with very angry eyes, the man then harshly snorts.

“Don’t you dare to tell anyone about it, Sakurai. Or I’ll kill your friend here!”

And he cut the line immediately.

Aiba really want to die at this moment. The boss’s face is just too scary and when he throws him his dagger glare, Aiba immediately avert the pair of red eyes and feel his hands behind trembling due of terrify.

“You really piss me off you know!”

The poor guy flinches when a cell phone being throws strongly onto wall next to him. The mafia boss then takes out his cigarette and lit it up. As he gestures something to his people, two men then move toward Aiba with fierce expression.

And the next thing the cheerful guy knows is two pairs of hands pull him from floor...


Time to settle the exchange finally comes. It take place in one of famous dessert cafe in Ginza since the place always full with people which can avoid the mafia from do something harmful that can attract attention especially police.

For the four guys, they are now all ready at their position. Ohno and Nino will sit on a same table near with the cafe only door. Jun meanwhile will take a seat behind Sho who will conduct the trade by himself since the mafia boss demands him to come alone before. All of them pretend to either having their tea in peace or just visiting after working hour.

Soon, Nino finally speaks from his earpiece.

“There they are. Customers who are entering next.”

Sho looks up while Jun behind him pretends to glance while sipping his tea. Ohno and Nino meanwhile keep on talking until the cafe door open.

Three men enter the place not long after. Two of them in their casual shirts and jacket while the other guy between them wearing a cap and sunglasses. The new ‘customers’ look around for some time before notice Sho’s presence there and walk toward him. Right at that moment, Ohno catch a glimpse of something with those people.

“The guy at the most back has gun and aim it on Masaki’s back all the time. I think the sunglasses is to cover that they’re blindfolding him”

“No wonder Masaki not fight back or give any reaction when see us.”

A second later, three guys stop at Sho’s table. The most front guy calmly reach out his hand for a handshake which the CEO take it calmly before invite them to have a seat. He can see how Aiba wriggles weirdly as he can’t see anything till one of the men beside pull him harshly to sit down. It triggers his and his other friends’ temper, but they continue to act just like nothing serious happen.

“So, where’s the briefcase?”

“Right next to my chair.”

One of the men quickly looks under the table. He sighs in relief and almost reaches for it, but frown when Sho suddenly snatches it away before he could touch it.

“The one who should come here to take this is your boss. Not any of you guys.”

“He’s the one who give us order to come.”

“Then it means this thing is not so important for him right? I thought he is afraid to lose a lot of profit.”

Losing his patience, the other man looks at Sho’s face closer and warningly.

“Just give it to us and we will return your friend here. We have no time for this nonsense chitchatting with you.”

Seeing the man ready to take out his weapon, Sho beams him with reassuring smile and lift his hands to calm down the other one.

Jun at the same time uses that chance to purposely knock off his tea. Brown warm water immediately spill on the Dragon leader’s briefcase which send both men in front Sho into shock state. Seeing it, almost the entire customers in the same cafe as well suddenly get up and look at their direction.

“Ups. My fault. Sorry.”

He apologetically looks at them before take his napkin from table. Just when he almost wipe the tea stain from the briefcase surface, he and his other three friends surprise to see all people who get up before lift their gun at him. Both Sho and Jun freeze by the sight.

“...Seems this cafe actually occupy with the mafia gang since earlier.”


“Take off your hand from my stuff.”

The owner of the voice then comes forward. Knowing who exactly the man is, Sho and Jun immediately get on their feet.

“I thought you’re too scared to show yourself.”

“If it’s for my precious treasure I will never feel secure until I have it in my arms.”

Two mafias who are handling Aiba now lift their gun to both Sho and Jun. Having no choice, both of them only can back off when the mafia leader take his briefcase before put it on nearest table. After ensure all documents are there, the mafia leader snatch napkin in Jun’s grip with a smirk before start to dry his briefcase lovingly. It makes Ohno and Nino to get up from their seat immediately.

“Now you get what you want, let our friend go.”

The mafia boss chuckles.

“Sakurai-san wasn’t following my wish to not let anyone know about this ‘trade’. So, why should I?”

“You take your people to trap us here as well. That means you already plan something on us from earlier right?”

He smugly smiles. It pisses off Nino so much and immediately turns to Jun. However the latter just shake his head.

“And I know police are surrounding this cafe outside now. They’re just waiting for us to come out, isn’t it?”


The mafia boss however not interested to wait for any response. Finish cleaning up his briefcase, he then make his way toward Aiba. Both his men who are standing near the blindfolded guy meanwhile move aside to give their boss way.


All mafia members there turn to him.

Suddenly they hear crack sound coming from above them. They immediately look up, surprise when the ceiling suddenly broken and numbers of men and few ladies jump down from above. Due of shock all the mafia members freeze on ground. It’s already too much late for them to take any action when they’re surrounded by Jun’s people who are two times more compare to their number. Shining and sharp weapon now just few inches from their body.

“We’re equal now. Actually I bring my people to come here as well.”

Jun walks forward while some of his people at the same time move to cover Ohno, Sho and Nino with their own body. Realizing what the Yakuza leader intention is, the mafia boss quickly reach for Aiba’s wrist. As soon as he manages to force the cheerful guy to get up, he quickly take his gun out.


Before they could do anything, the boss already aim his gun on Aiba’s head. His hand which is holding his briefcase meanwhile wrap firmly around Aiba’s torso to keep the latter remains unmoved.

“One move and his head will have hole.”

Jun freezes. The other three guys and his people meanwhile only can stare the mafia leader hatefully.

“You have no way to escape anymore. Better give up now. Don’t add more sin.”

“Like hell I’m going to do that. If you want me to return this guy alive, let my men go now.”

Every mafia members who are trap by Jun’s men now smirk devilishly.

Of course all people there aware that to do what the man say is not a good choice. The situation will reverse and in the worse situation, all of them will be hostages so police outside will let the mafia to flee. The four guys now look at each other, trying to find for a better solution.

“I give you 10 seconds! Ten!”

“He’s insane.”

Nino stressfully grits his teeth.


The count now keeps on going. Both Ohno and Sho try their best to negotiate with either other business profit or law protection options, but the mafia boss refuses to listen to it. The cafe becomes louder every second when the mafia members start to count along.




Panic, Jun almost gives order to his people to follow the mafia boss’s wish.

Yet, an unexpected thing happens.


The owner of hands who are holding him stops counting. Immediately, he turns to his hostage who is now frowning uncomfortably.

“Your mouth is stinky.”

His 4 friends jaw hanging. Does this guy know what situation he in now?


Aiba frowns growing obvious when the man now lock him from wriggling by wrapping his arm around his neck.

“You make me want to puke. It must be because you’re smoking before.”


“Don’t say anything anymore. It’s stinky!”

Now everyone include the mafia members speechless. For the boss, Aiba’s complain make him frown. Couldn’t believe it, he immediately pulls away his hand from holding Aiba to confirm it. That chance taken by Sho to frantically pull the blindfolded cheerful guy from the mafia boss reaches. Before the boss or his nearby people can do anything, Jun swiftly run toward him, turning around and give a strong spinning kick right on head.


Ohno and Nino cheer from their place as soon as their enemy’s face touch floor.

In no time the situation back to under their control. The mafia members then one by one being drag outside by Jun’s men and given to police to handle the rest. Ohno and Nino meanwhile quickly run toward their friends when Sho and Jun start to get rid of the tape and cloth that limiting Aiba’s movement. Soon, Aiba open his eyes and blink few times when light stab harshly his sight. Yet, a wide grin spread on his face as soon as he found 4 worry faces are staring him.

“Guys! Tha-!”

A strong slap from Nino touches his cheek. Shock, Aiba turn to the hacker immediately but this time receives a slap from Sho on his other cheek. No space for him to say anything when Jun’s hard punch reaches his face follow by a smack on head by Ohno. The four attacks from all direction make him to rub his head with teary eyes.


“We thought we’re going to lose you!”

“Do you know how worried we were?!”

“What we’re supposed to do if he really wanted to shoot you before?!”

Aiba feels like he’s getting smaller by their angry stare. Apologetically, he bows his head lower.


Seeing their friends in such state makes the other four stun. It’s not long before they pull their friend into a tight hug.

“I wouldn’t able to forgive myself if something happen to you.”

Couldn’t say anything, Aiba just nod.

“Next time if you have problem, come and talk to us.”

He let go their hug without saying anything. Properly returning their questioning gaze, Aiba then curves with his 1000 watt grin and nod.

“Thank you for saving me. I’m so lucky to have you guys as my friends!”

For the second time, the four guys stun. However the cheerful guy doesn’t notice that his friends touch by those words and just bow down to Jun’s men who are still doing their job to drag out the mafia members.

“Thank you guys! I appreciate your help!”

They just return his smile while continuing with their job. Aiba keeps repeating ‘thank you for your good job’ to every of them until he realize some of the men and women either smirking or laughing hardly. He immediately turn around when realize it’s directed to his friends behind.


The four guys just look at other direction except him. All try to hide their already crying face especially Jun. Unlike the mafia members, his people just laugh out harder when see their leader is trying his best to hold back his tears.

...Well, well, well. At least everything is fine now.

“Shut up!”


Weeks later...


Aiba stumble hardly onto ground under him, face first.

He whines painfully while the victim of his pickpocket ‘crime’ struggles to take his wallet back from Aiba’s hand. Still in pain, Aiba doesn’t aware that the man on his back is taking out a knife. The ‘victim’ almost stabs the guy under him, but startle when the knife slips from his grip by a sudden gunshot nearby.


The ‘victim’ looks away from Aiba immediately. To his surprise numbers of police officers are surrounding him with their guns all prepare on him.

“What? But how?”

“My nose...”

The ‘victim’ looks down by the small whine. Taking that chance, police officers around there immediately catch his hand and cuff it. He tries his best to free himself especially when seeing two pretty officers are helping the pickpocket to get up.

“Why are you only taking me?! He just stole my wallet!”

“Unfortunately he’s working with us. We just use him to bait you here. You maybe can escape from our eyes after 3 street robberies, but not from him.”

“What?! So he’s targeting me since earlier?!”

Angry, he struggle to free himself. Soon a guy who just watching from side since while ago suddenly comes forward.

“Actually not. He just randomly took someone wallet. And you’re one lucky guy who became his crime’s victim.”

The robber frowns. As soon as the criminal being taken away, the hacker looks at Ogura-san beside him. He heard the police chief comes to there today to see how good Aiba doing his job like his subordinates keep telling him before. And as a temporary ‘caretaker’, Nino also shows up to see the police chief’s reaction.

“Aiba-san did it well.”

“Told you.”

The police chief chuckle. Actually just judging by the older man’s expression, Nino already knows he satisfy with the way Aiba work. The minute the older one walk away from him, somebody suddenly come to his side.

“How’s it?”

Nino turns to Jun beside him with wide grin.


 Jun sighs in relief. After all today will decide whether police department want Aiba to officially work with them or not. Thanks to Aiba’s ‘crime’ weeks ago police found a lot of helpful proofs and information to arrest mafia and individual who has anything to do with drug business in Japan. To show their appreciation, the police department agree to settle Aiba parents’ entire debt. And just few days ago they offer the cheerful guy to work with them which lead to another splendid case solving like today.

Soon, Ohno and Sho arrive at the site. Both of them chuckle when Aiba excitedly wave at them before whine painfully when Ogura-san’s assistant plaster an aid band on his red nose.

“So now he’s still staying in your house Nino?”

“Yep, for mean time. It’s nice to have partner to play game after all.”

“That’s unusual. I thought you will be so picky when it comes to money.”

“Well that’s my fault too that he’s in the situation now.”

The other three guys just curve with smile. Jun is giving a pat to the hacker’s shoulder when the other three notice the shirt that the fashion maniac is wearing and surprise by it. Their eyes open wide immediately which make Jun to frown confusedly.


They look at the youngest before move their hand to touch the red stain on his shirt. Relief sigh escape their mouth when realize it just the shirt design.

“So it’s just design...I thought you’re stabbed on stomach.”

Jun looks down before look at his friends again.

“This is new style for 2013. Cool isn’t it?”

“More like creepy...”

At the same time, Aiba finally finish receiving treatment for his injure and run toward his friends, smiling widely. The moment he stands in front them, he freezes to see Jun’s shirt.

“What do you think about the design Masaki? Cool isn’t it?”

A bitter grin.

“A-Anyway, why are you guys coming here too?”

“To see you of course. How’s your job now?”

“Great! I’ll give my best to catch more criminals!”

He smiles widely. His friends meanwhile sigh in relief or just return his smile to hear it. Somehow they feel a clump of guilt disappear from their heart. After all back then not only they never pay attention with Aiba’s situation, but they also never think to help him to look for a god job. Now, what they only can do is support him and help whatever they can.

Soon, they found their cheerful friend thoughtfully think of something.

“But...wasn’t this meant the fortune-teller was right that being a pickpocket will bring a lot of fortunate to me?”

Aiba looks at them questioningly. Yet the four guys just ignore it, pretend to not hear what he just said.

Well, who knows what will happen to Aiba Masaki after this if they give a wrong response.

-That’s all yo!-

>Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't skip first! If you don't mind I hope you can stop by on this post--> Request for Reader-san~ |・ω・`) ). I need your opinion about my writing especially for those who already read a lot of my works (_ _)
>Actually I never thought it will turn out friendship-ish and action-ish at the end. I wrote this before I started Project Eternity but just continue it again when I almost finish that series. So...maybe the action-genre 'virus' still 'influencing' me and the story line turn out a bit angsty at the end XD
>I'm sorry cause it's too long. But still, Thank You SO much for spending your time to read it. This will be my last fanfic. I'll be on hiatus again after this and that's why I hope you can stop by on the post I mention above. I'll be back again one day, maybe within this year after I think I'm prepare enough ^__^ Thanks a LOT for your support till now! You're the best!

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Posted by [identity profile] j-sei.livejournal.com
XDD So, who is the real fashion leader? The people Aiba met might tell about it to others and then the T-shirt become a trend XDD
Aiba is so brave. In his condition, no one can utter a word moreover he just told the mafia boss that he is stink XD
And, of course someone need to scold Nino XD He is the one behind this case, although he is just told Aiba about the fortune tell.

Btw, you can write all kind of genre are you? This one makes me laughing XDD

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Aiba should get acknowledgement since he's the one who 'create' the design. Maybe Jun would be shocked XD
Part of me don't want to blame Nino, but the other part YES. He already learned from his mistake anyway ^_^V

I love to do experiment to a lot of genres. It help me to think a lot :D Glad it makes you laugh! Thank You SO much for reading!! See you again later!

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13/2/13 05:15 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] aoisoranohikari.livejournal.com
OMG!! Aibachan is TRULLY MIRACLE!! XDD I kinda hoping I can see this story in movie!! XDD I can imagining those scenes so perfectly.. XDD Tense and humor at the same point.. XDD Nice story.. I love it.. XDD

(no subject)

13/2/13 07:04 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Yeay~ I'm glad you love it XD 'Miracle Boy' title really fit him. So many unexpected things happen to him! If this turn out to be a movie, I think the story line will be more crazy XDD
Anyway, Thank You SO much for reading!!

(no subject)

13/2/13 11:03 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] yukiko-makoto.livejournal.com
As expected from our Miracle boy huh..
Its the coolest fanfic ever..

Sho as the CEO..
Matsujun as the Yakuza leader..
Nino as a Hacker
Ohchan as the lawyer..

Its really a powerful combine..
Really like this part..

“A devil lawyer…”
“With an angelic Yakuza leader…”
“Why I feel like they should exchange their job with each other?”

Its funny...*lol*

Aww..I'm really going to miss you and your fic..
Do your best with your study..and take care of your health..
Keep it up my dear..
All of us here will always here beside you..

(no subject)

13/2/13 16:58 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Hahaha. Thank You SO much for reading!
Iya, iya, iya it's not that cool. I still need to do a lot of improvement (>w<)>

Nino still as a hacker here. Well, actually it's more like I took his image from here to PE. That's why in both stories he's a hacker.

Hehehe XD Glad you like that part! It's incredible that those two can become best friends though they have different character and background. But it won't be interesting anymore if they really change their job with each other ne~

Hope to see you again later ^_^ Thank You VERY much for the support and advice. I'll do my best. Thanks for still reading my work till this moment too...

(no subject)

16/2/13 02:03 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] emi84.livejournal.com
you going to hiatus. aweee i'm going to miss you and ur fic. i really love ur writing since it's. has it all that i want. friendship, action, humour, angst, bla bla bla... so please do continue writing.

thank you for all the sharing...

(no subject)

16/2/13 15:10 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Am glad you enjoy it. It's big honor for me. Thanks for following my work until now too (_ _) Your comment really make me happy.

Hope to see you around later! :D

(no subject)

5/3/13 05:01 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
Well I give him a slap for so scare me,too!!Aiba-shi You’re unique!!!jajaja… thank you for sharing!! please come back soon!!!XD

(no subject)

5/3/13 11:44 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Nooo!! Don't slap him though he deserve it!!! XDDD Hahaha. Well, he's miracle boy after all~
Thank you SO much for reading too! I'll be back, one day! ;)


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