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*peeking from behind the door*

Hi there! It'd been a long time!
But well actually not that long ne? Anyway how are you now? I hope you're having a great day. And even not, I hope your day will be brighter soon :) When I looked back on my previous entries I noticed that I haven't post anything that related with Arashi aside of my fics. For those who already noticed this must be thinking how weird I am(But I'm a weirdo in reality too, so don't mind it (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ ).

For those who're concerned about my health, thank you :) I feel so grateful.Thankfully my scan's result showed nothing bad. My sickness is getting better but in a really, really slow progress cause the doctor said the joint part that I feel pain is normally have low blood pressure which makes the recovery will take till several months.

Though, the reason why I post this is not because of that only. One more reason is cause I just get my laptop back after almost 3 weeks living without it! O(≧∇≦)O-yatta! Finally I can watch Arashi, do my assignments and write fics again(Yeah, I finally overcome my writer-blocked).
But the bad news-I think I won't post any new stories until near year end. Well...once you suddenly stop doing something that you constantly do for a long time, somehow your body tend to forget how to do it again right? That's what I through now. I need time to find my 'rhythm' back. For those who still waiting for my new fics(if there's any), I really appreciate it *hug* Thank You SO much!

Today I decide to post something Arashi-ish(since I haven't post one yet) ;) And since I've watch quite a lot of Arashi members' drama up until now, I decide to share with you about their future role that I wish to see one day :D
Roles that I want to see Arashi members get one day

Firstly, let me start with Riida.


A Loving father

If you realize it, only Riida hasn't get father role yet (Sho-chan in Pikanchi Double, Aiba-shii in My Girl, Nino in Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara, J in Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru). So, I want Riida to complete it. Plus, I think he can pull a gentle-loving-nice nature father role perfectly just from his expression. But even though the drama will be a family&heart-warming one, I hope the plot will be slightly angst and has ups and downs. It will be a bonus if the drama also contains good messages like 24hour tv special drama.

For example, Ohno did something horrible in the past and finally able to unite with his family again. For the sake of his children and beloved wife who always support and never give up on him during his absence, he do his best to restart his life and bring happiness to his family while providing them with a better life. Yet it's not as easy as they ever thought when the family receive a lot of obstacles from the community around them due to his previous sin...or something like that.

Maybe some pictures and description will give us a better imagination ne? ^^

(Smiling when watching his kid/s behind is/are doing something amusing)

(Looking up at the veranda where his children and wife are waving him from before going to work)

(Quietly watching his family chasing each other from far while doing his hobby during weekend XD)

We all know how amazing his acting skill is as a two-faces lawyer in Maou, a passionate man in Uta no Oniisan, a childish monster in Kaibutsu-kun and a lock-Otaku in KagiHeya. He maybe not fit romance story line, but a heartwarming and family genre? I want to see it some day (aside from this coming 24hr tv ^^).

Next? MJ ;)


A Lead role in suspense thriller/horror movie

I mentioned it as 'movie' up there cause I've never seen any good thriller/horror drama before(but feel free to recommend me one if you know any ;) ). And I didn't mention what kind of character I wish he will get cause I can't come up with one. A guy with tragic past or a curious history journalist is kind of 'nope' for me though. I think it's too ordinary. But if the 'tragic past' has twisted or dark extraordinary plot, I think it would be interesting.

Why I want J to have this role and not other members? Cause I love his expression when he is frowning or when he feels pressure. For me it looks really realistic. But I don't say other members' expression are not! It's just I like his expression the most among Arashi. Maybe because his face is quite stoic or much manlier(and not that I think the others are not! It's just his face is 'the most one' for me), during panic scene his expression will show 'wanting to survive' feelings as well instead of just a scared one which for me as a horror movie/game fan, gives a fresh vibe. Even his thoughtful and 'suspecting something is wrong' expression amazed me.

I have no plot in my mind since what I just hope is to see him acting in this kind of genre.

(I hope J will wear glasses for his role in this type of movie. For me it's already give a different feeling when the lead actor is a megane-kun)

rsz_1tumblr_m6k4i6asyx1qgqekmo1_500 m8
(The different between his calm and thoughtful stare. Those eyebrows really gave him a distinct feature that other actors doesn't have.)

Almost forgot. Another reason why I want J to have this kind of role is because I believe other members are going to refuse it XD Oh-chan maybe not scared with horror stuff, but I don't think he has interest with this genre either. J maybe will refuse at first to but if someone challenges him to take this role, I think he is going to accept it~

Now let's go to Aiba-shi!

A heartless psychotic murderer

Woaah, Maybe some of you will think 'SERIOUSLY?!!' especially for those who already aware that Aiba-shi is my Ichiban. But yeah seriously, I wish to see him to get this role one day :) I know there's a lot of people out there will think he's too cute(of course he is), too innocent or his acting skill not reach that level yet, but hey! I don't think it's a matter as long as he receives a lot of opportunities to improve. Plus, compare to other members he is just starting to shine. And those who think he really can't act maybe really should try to watch his stage play. It's amazing. That's why I don't think it will be impossible for him to carry this type of role one day.

Not like MC Kamiyama or Yoshimoto Kouya from Sho's role, Aiba-shi's character is much darker and has a really dark past till the point audiences feel really afraid of him. In that plot he could be a cold-blood murderer who maybe kill someone just for fun or no reason at all, but in a really detail and trackless way. And every time his plan works, he will giggle with his hoarse voice while hugging his knees on a chair-happily watching his crime from afar. Insane isn't it? But sometimes I want to see he leaves his cute-nice-kind character for a while so anyone can get rid the feelings of currently watching 'Aiba Masaki', but a real creepy character.

(There's some scenes that we can see he just lying on floor while staring the ceiling without thinking about anything and humming some unknown song)

(At some point he maybe just doing nothing in a middle of nowhere like a lost child. This can leave an impression to the audiences that there must be some kind of past he had through that made him to become heartless like this.)

(Completely expressionless even after planning a ruthless crime.)

Let's move to Sho-chan!


A reliable special crime division captain

Smiley, playful, friendly, but at the same time reliable. Instead of some strict and 24 hour unsmiling captain, I want to see Sho-chan acts as an encouraging young boss who wants his people to not only know about 'working', but the importance of humanity as well. And since I'd mention 'special' above, I wish to see a lot of action scenes which include shootings, martial art skills and rescuing so at least we can see that his muscles are not for showing off only XD

Yep, I know that we have (almost) enough of investigating/detectives drama genre. That's what I feel too. So, in this drama the plot will focus more on how to rescue victims, fighting criminals or solving high-profile cases which not only provide the audiences with Sho-chan's and his people fighting skill ability but also the interaction between human. It will be better if the plot also contain some sensitive cases such as rape, kidnapping or human trafficking instead of only drugs. It's not like I don't think drugs dealing isn't bad, but those topics that I mentioned before was ignored by a lot of people in any country. At least if there's any Jdrama that dare to bring up something like that, there's some people will start to open their eyes and pay attention about this stuff. And since he's carrying both intelligent and perfect body titles, I think Sho-chan can represent a great mastermind and skillful leader ^^

Maybe something like this...

(For some cases, Sho-chan will wear a casual clothes to make him easy to take any proper action. I often imagine it something like this or bulletproof vest, black gloves and earpiece in his ear.)

(When facing a complicated case, he will just sit on the side and observe the situation calmly.)

(Somehow I imagine he will be landed elegantly like this after doing a jump or attack.)

You know, actually there's a one huge reason why I want him to get this role which is...I want him to do jumping from high place/from building to building stunt! Well, we know how phobia Sho-chan with high place, so it must be interesting to see how different he is in front of camera and how he complains about it to Arashi members after that XDD

Last but NEVER least, Nino!


A supportive friend of the lead actor

We all have watched Nino acted as a lead role splendidly this entire time. So next time I want him to receive a good friend role, but not as the leading actor but a supporting one. I think a lot of people missed it that being a supporting role is a difficult task to do as well. A supporting role will not appear as much as the leading one, so between the few scenes the actor has, the actor needs to express out all his emotion and expression while at the same time conveying the plot as well. Plus, if in Yamada Taro Monogatari he receives support from his best friend(Mimura, played by Sho), next time I want him to be the one who gives his best friend supports. Which means, he still has an important role for expanding and telling the story line as well.

For example, the main character in the story lost his life path/having a huge trouble and Nino is his best friend who always lend his ears or come out with advice, support and so on. And instead of a teasing and sharp-tongue guy, in that story he doesn't talk so much but often smile(an observant type of person). It would be nice if the plot is about a group of teenagers/youths who love music. I would love to see Nino uses his piano/drum/bass and especially guitar skill in drama(not just one short scene, but a lot of it). Such a waste if he doesn't have opportunity to show it off!

(Every time he is slightly smiling like this, it gives a feeling of 'Don't worry. Everything is going to be alright.')

(There's a time he will play guitar which related to the drama song theme.)

(A guy who always want the best for his best friend.)

He already played role as a good son in Freeter Ie o Kau, Yamada Taro Monogatari&Door to Door. So why not a good friend next time? ;)

Hehehe. That's all for this time post. What do you think about it? The plots are just my imagination so don't take it too seriously. Sharing this honestly makes me more feel terrify with my imagination. Sometimes I think my imagination just...too extreme.

Oh! In case I can't post anything I want to wish Happy 10 last days Ramadhan for my Muslim friends! (>w<)/
See you around again next time~~

P.S: It took a lot of times for me to look for these picture. I've been in fandom for 5 years and I never look for their pictures(maybe not never. I think around 3-4 times only.And it usually not takes so much time) The only time I really look for their picture was a year before I become their fan cause I want to know what groups are under JE. I can't see their pictures now though especially Aiba-shi(I seriously had a hard time when searching for his picture!). Other Arashi members pictures made suddenly feel too hot both inside and outside until I need a fan to chill me down TT^TT Even when I was looking for Aiba-shii's I need to turn away few times cause my heart can't take it =.="

All credits of the pictures go to the owner. Not me :)
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