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Title : (One-Shot) A Better Tomorrow
Character : Aiba-centric
Words : 3862
Genre : AU, slight angst, drama
Rating : G
Summary : Based on real story from STORIES FROM P4WS . Aiba Masaki is an animal lover who never missed to do his daily jog at a certain same place. One day he witnesses a man tying his dog at a jungle that he used to visit which at the same time, makes him realize about an important harsh reality.
DISCLAIMER : I wrote this based on Max's story. Credit goes to fundraise4paws and [livejournal.com profile] no3lr3i :) I'm just the writer, neither own Aiba-shi!

A/N : This story is written to advertise fundraiser for We're still open for fund and still accept anyone who want to offer their 'work' to raise the fund :)
I'm going to come up with 5 different one-shots which will have one Arashi member as the main character. All of it are inspired on real abandon dogs's stories from P4WS.

(First Story: Max)

                The sound of rustling leaves fills a quiet jungle near Botanical Garden as a man walks deeper into it. Having no idea what is waiting ahead, his pet a small, white pedigree dog just follows the owner from behind. His tail wriggles excitedly every time sees the owner looking back at him, assuming that the man is taking him out to play together.

Soon enough the pet owner suddenly stops. His expression changes to hesitant when sees his pet is looking at him with obvious excitement. The pet on the other hand just returns his owner’s gaze anxiously. His eyes like sparkling as he obediently waits for a toy to be thrown to him like what his owner’s children always do...without knowing that a horrible thing will happen to him soon.

Finish tying his shoelace, Aiba Masaki immediately gets up from the doorstep where he is sitting on. Hearing the front door is being open by him a golden retriever dog as usual immediately comes out from the living room to send the owner off which makes Aiba to giggle happily. The cheerful guy then does some simple stretching for a while before turn to his pet again.

“I’m leaving now!”

The golden retriever barks approvingly. Grinning widely, Aiba finally begins his daily jog.

Several years ago Aiba got pneumothorax attack which causes one of his lungs to collapse. Learning his lesson about how important it is to take care of his health better and to improve his lifestyle, he slowly grows a routine to at least have 10 minutes jog every day in himself. During the other day Aiba usually will jog on evening due to his job, but today he decides to do it on morning since he just gets his rare days off. Around 20 minutes later he finally finish to jog around nearby neighbourhoods that close to his house area, something that he wouldn't able to achieve except during weekends as that’s the only time he will come out on morning for a jog.

Yet he doesn’t go back home immediately. Instead he jogs toward a jungle that he loves to pay a visit every time before he go home, his soft humming greets the jungle as he walks through some tall trees and step on green grass. The sound of birds chirping on the tree branches above make him couldn’t help but to smile brightly. However that smile doesn’t stay long once he catches someone is whispering from nearby.

“Please forgive me.”

His track instantly died on the spot. Another whisper follows not long after which he concludes come from the same person, but this time sounds more desperate.

‘This is bad. Maybe I shouldn’t stay here any longer.’

Hoping to leave the jungle as fast as he can, Aiba quickly turns around. Yet before he manages to make his first step away he stops by dog’s whining sound. His fear changes to surprise when the whine turns to bark which makes him to quickly spin to where the sound comes from, changing his mind from leaving the place in a blink of eyes. The sound just now totally makes him worry with the dog’s condition. Being an animal lover himself he could feel that there must be something happen to the dog till it makes such a noise. Is it hurt? Is it fine? Or did the man that he hears whispering before did something bad to it?

Before he could get the answers for the raising questions in his mind, his steps stop when found a scene of a man is tying his pet to a tall, big tree in front of him. Frowning, Aiba takes a step closer to the man.

“Excuse me, sir…”

He notices how the man’s back suddenly tense, probably surprise by his uninvited appearance.

“What are you doing? Why you tied your dog to that tree?”

The white pedigree dog whines upon his question. The pet’s owner however just continues with his job, ignoring Aiba’s question and his pet’s struggle. Only after he finish with the rope he finally turns to Aiba, observing the young man from toe to head without saying anything like he is thinking about something for a while.

Suddenly, he smiles.

“I was about to go for a jog but my dog just keep on dragging me to play. So I have no choice but tied him here.”

With that the man stumbles to leave the place. His pet tries to follow him but fail when the rope that tied around his neck prevents him from could move any further.

Hoping for his owner’s sympathy, the dog starts to bark endlessly. Yet instead of the owner Aiba becomes the one who come to his side with sympathetic eyes as the animal lover couldn’t stand to see the dog to be left like that. He immediately kneels next to the dog before his eyes go to the pet’s owner figure again and notices that despite the latter’s ‘going for a jog’ reason, the clothes that he wears is a formal one and unlike him.

‘Why doesn’t he just take this buddy home if he’s going to changes his shirt first anyway? There is no need to tie his dog here.’

“I promise I will be back soon. I won’t leave for long.”

Aiba blinks by the man sudden words. The man then turns to his pet for one last time before bow down at him and takes his leave from there. Still confused, Aiba just stare the other one’s disappearance while continuing to pat the dog beside him which is now barking panicky while trying with all his might to chase over his owner.

Later when the owner disappears before him, Aiba feel a sudden uneasy feeling build in him.

The clock shows near to 8 in the evening when Aiba comes out from taking his shower. While drying his hair using the towel that hanging around his neck he walks toward his veranda, sighing comfortably when the night breeze hits his face as he sits on the floor. When another soft breeze comes to his place that night he unconsciously closes his eyes to enjoy the moment.

The night is surely full of peace. Even today he is able to spend his full day freely after focusing too much on his job without even a minor problem.

Yet, he knows that deep in his heart the uneasiness that he feels since this morning somehow still hasn’t faded away. Immediately, his mind goes to the dog that he found this morning in the jungle.

Just then he feels something furry snuggles to his arm. Already know what it is without even need to look, Aiba wraps his arm immediately around his pet.

“Do you think his owner already took him home?”

The pet just returns his owner’s eyes questioningly with his tongue sticking out. Chuckling, Aiba immediately hugs the dog closer to him.

“I guess he was.”

Soft panting resounds in the now dark jungle as a small, white dog looking at his surroundings aimlessly. If there’s sunlight that enters the place at that moment anyone will definitely notice a visible black trail around the poor dog’s neck after numerous attempts to free himself from the tree that he is tied to. The dog even barks and howls for so many times already to show his owner that he is still waiting for him there. Unfortunately his effort just results a total failure and make more of his energy to drain.

A poor whine finally comes from the dog. Still, he doesn’t lose hope and slowly sits on the ground. Quietly the dog rests his head on the ground while his eyes keep on staring at his front, patiently waiting for the presence of his owner’s silhouette.


On the next day, everything returns to normal on Aiba’s side. Early in the morning as usual he will leave to his workplace after preparing enough food and water for his beloved pet and come back to his house with exhausted face 8 hours later. Luckily there is always his pet on his side to make sure that he spends enough time to do his daily exercise no matter how tired he is after work or else he already quit from doing it a very long time ago. And since the pet didn’t get his chance to have some walks outside yesterday, Aiba decides to take him along to jog together. It however end up with Aiba becomes the one who is following behind as the golden retriever already left the owner far behind.

“You’re actually just wanted me to take you out right? You wouldn’t leave me this far if you force me to go out just because of some jog!”

However the dog just ignores his shout and keep enthusiastically leads their way. Surprise to be neglected like that, Aiba starts to chase after his dog. Before he realizes it his daily jog already turns out to be a marathon competition between him and his pet as both sides happily trying to win each other on the not so big road. When Aiba finally reaches his limit and couldn’t accelerate his speed anymore the golden retriever takes that chance to lead the road again. Yet just after taking a few steps ahead, the dog hears a loud thud suddenly comes from behind.


The dog quickly spins around. Seeing the beloved owner now is pushing himself from lying down on the road, the dog immediately runs to the guy’s side as fast he can. Aiba was already sitting on the road when his pet comes to sniff his face and injured palm.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

The animal lover beams with reassuring smile when the dog worriedly spins a few times around him. After his lung surgery he notices that his dog somehow grow up to be a pet that really concern with his owner’s health. Even a slight cold could make the latter persistently bite his hem of shirt to drag him to the nearest clinic and stay awake at night to watch his condition until he fully recover. That of course makes him surprise and touch at the same time as he never expect that the buddy will takes a really good care of his health till that extent, as well as keeping the promise with his mother to look after him properly.

‘Dog is a loyal pet. They love and trust their owner with their own life. Unfortunately it is human who always breaks that trust.’

His mother’s words suddenly ring in his mind. Smiling brightly, Aiba immediately looks up and ready to return to his home. However before he could make his first step away, he freezes when finally realize that they’re now standing in front of the same jungle that he just enters yesterday morning. The incident that happened in there before immediately replays in his mind.

‘And human still always think they’re superior than animal.’

Something wet on his palm makes him look down immediately. There, next to his leg, he watches his dog just keeps on licking his wound before looking up at him. They just keep gazing each other until Aiba chuckles amusedly and begin to walk home, his pet stay by his side all the time.

At the same time in the same jungle the white pedigree dog is still sitting on the jungle floor just like yesterday. The poor animal already feel dry due to thirst while his small body tremble lightly since he still hasn’t eaten anything yet for more than a day. His eyes at the same time still move to every inch of his surroundings, hoping to see his owner’s face pop from anywhere.

The dog couldn’t wait any longer to feel his owner’s pat on his head, to hear his favourite ‘Good boy’ praise and most after all, to feel the warmth from his owner and his children again. That’s why he keeps on waiting and waiting, sometimes let out a weak bark and whimper to call out for his owner.

He keeps waiting until the sun ready to set.

He keeps waiting until the darkness engulfs him again.

He even still waiting until the quiet jungle becomes lively by the sound that coming from the owls above him.

As time goes by the poor dog’s legs couldn’t stand anymore. Tired, the dog tremblingly makes himself to sit on all four. A poor howl leaves his mouth as his last attempt to call for his owner which replies by nothing but silence. Seeing there is still no trace that his owner will come any soon, he slowly rests his head on his front paws while staring at the dark view ahead him.

Why his owner leaves him alone here?

Why his owner still hasn’t come yet?

Did something happen to his owner that make he couldn’t come and take him home?

His weak whimper breaks the quiet nature. Trying to get up once more, the abandon dog forces his legs to carry his weight but fail miserably when he immediately fall to the side, weak and dehydrate. His pant getting heavier as his last energy completely drifts out from his body.
Soon he let out a long, last whine.

Master, what have I done wrong?

A ray of warm and bright morning light touches Aiba’s face through the bedroom’s slightly open curtain. Sighing contently, the sleeping guy lazily rolls to the other side of his bed, pulling closer his pillow to his chest. Soon he feels something landed on the bed side behind him.

“5 more minutes. It’s weekend anyway.”

He giggles when he feels his pet starts to lick his cheek. Already getting used to such a trick, Aiba however just continue to dive into his slumber. Yet when the golden retriever suddenly lets out a poor whining sound and greets him with a puppy’s eyes despite his unmatched size, Aiba sits up in defeat immediately.

“Got it.”

His dog barks approvingly when see the owner walk sleepily to the bathroom. Once his owner opens the sink tap, the dog immediately runs toward the wardrobe.

Meanwhile at the bathroom, Aiba sighs heavily with his eyelids half closed. He shivers a little the moment his hand makes contact with the running cold water, carefully tear away the band aid that plastering on his palms first before collecting the water with both his palms. He takes his time to refresh himself for a while and finally comes out, only to explode with laugh when find his dog’s endless fail attempt to open his wardrobe so the latter can take out the Tracksuit for him.
Less than 10 minutes later Aiba already standing in front of his house while doing his usual warming up. After making sure he doesn’t forget anything anymore, he properly locks the door, not forgetting to remind his pet to take a good care of their house first. A wide smile shows on his face as soon as he starts with his daily routine. Almost along the way he was greeted by his neighbours who are watering their plant or just simply taking a morning walk, another reason why he loves morning jog more than an evening one considering how rare for him to see them like this during weekdays.

A few minutes after he finishes jog around his neighbourhood Aiba finally starts to increase his pace. Sweat trickling down to his neck as he keeps looking at his watch while setting out his record, determined to create a new record today. Later when he brings his eyes up to his front again, he finally realizes that he is currently running close to the Botanical Garden.

Right on the spot, he stops.

‘…I wonder how‘s the tied dog doing now.’

In the back of his head though, he knows how impossible it is for the dog to still be in there.

‘But well, it is not hurting to just have some walk there too right?’

With that thought he starts to make his way toward the jungle just behind the garden. It takes him not long until his foot touches the jungle floor.

However this time he could feel something bad is waiting ahead. Of course he tries to shake away the bad feelings by trying to think positive while keeps on going, but the worry only grows bigger with every step he takes. Even his breathe somehow grows quicker and his heart somehow all of a sudden thump insecurely in his chest. To his great relief when he finally spot the tree where the dog has been left tied, he doesn’t see any rope attach around the tree anymore. Yet just after he takes 5 steps further inside there, his legs freeze by the unexpected scene he found.

Some inches lower than previously, the same rope is actually still tied around the tree. And as he hastily approaches it, he shock to find the pedigree dog is lying on the ground, motionless. There is no voice comes out. He even couldn’t see a slight movement from the dog.

‘Oh, no. This is not going to happen.’
Aiba hurriedly rush to the dog’s side. He immediately kneels next to the animal before tremblingly touches the wonderful thing’s body, his heart beating unbelievable fast due to fear. Two seconds elapse with panic before he notices a soft puff under him.

‘He’s breathing. He’s still alive!’

Nothing can describe how grateful he is to feel the dog’s weak breathing against his palm. Without wasting any second, Aiba quickly reach for the rope which is now hanging a little bit loose around the tree, perhaps due to the dog’s struggles for the few past days.

“Hold on, buddy.”

No sound comes from the dog. Worried, Aiba doesn’t even feel the pain that the rough rope leaves on his injured palms anymore. As soon as he finally manages to untie it he immediately hugs the abandon pet close to his chest before rushing out of the jungle with all his might.
For five days in a row Aiba makes sure to properly pay his visit to the shelter where he brings the abandon pet he saved to. For the five days in a row as well the animal lover watches the dog’s recovery progress, from how he is still too weak to even eat by himself until he finally can walk around his cage without any minor problem.
Still, it doesn’t mean the previous abandonment that the poor dog through doesn’t leave any effect. During his visit he witnessed with his own eyes how all the volunteers in there having their difficult time to even approach the dog, doesn’t matter what way they use since the dog will still growl at them, a sign of feeling insecure. He himself even almost attacked by the poor animal after once tried to touch him. That’s the reason why for all the time what he could do just come and watch the dog from outside, greeting and talking with the latter despite the growl and sometimes angry bark that he received.
Today is no different as well. Just this time he has his pet waiting outside since he just finished taking him out for a walk. And instead of blabbering about anything that come across his head like usual, this time Aiba just thoughtfully watching the abandon dog for some minutes.
Soon, his eyes become glassy with a clear sadness. He swallows hardly his feelings before softly whispering to the growling stray dog.

“It must be hard for you to be abandoned like that. Though what I can do is only imagining how your feeling is…that’s more than enough to hurt my chest. But most of all…I’m sorry.”
Aiba bites his trembling lip. He takes a one deep breath before a teardrop of his flow down to his face.

“I’m sorry for not checking you much sooner. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do anything for you.”

Slowly, he gets on his feet. While holding back his sniff and wiping his tears away, he makes his way toward the way out there. Right when he reaches the exit door however he turns around to see the poor dog again before stepping out from the animal shelter house, make sure to clean any crying traces on his face first.

‘Dog is a loyal pet. They love and trust their owner with their own life. Unfortunately it is human who always breaks that trust.’

His mother’s words replay in his memory. Taking a deep breathe Aiba then walks toward his dog outside. His grin immediately appears when see the pet immediately stand up together with the female volunteer who was playing with the furry buddy when he disappears inside the shelter before.

“Thank you.”
He thanked the volunteer who just shakes her head smilingly. As he starts to untie his pet from the nearby pole, he could not help but giggle when see the latter wriggles his tail excitedly. Yet when his eyes meet the buddy, Aiba’s mind goes to what his mother told him again.

‘And once the trust broken, can it be fixed again?’

He startles when something touches his legs. As he looks under him, he saw the golden retriever already standing on his two hind feet with the other two front paws rest on his legs. A worried looks clearly shows on the pet’s face which make Aiba to pat the latter’s head to reassure that he is fine.
“Saving one dog will not change the world, you know.”

The volunteer’s words make Aiba turns to look at her.

“But for that one dog, the world in their eyes will change forever. You just give them a chance for a better tomorrow, just like what you did to your pet and that dog.”

Then with a smile, she leaves the owner and his pet.

Aiba on the other hand loss of word. For a while he just watches the door where the lady disappears into.

Soon enough he looks at his pet again. Seeing the worried look still sticks on the dog’s face, Aiba’s face immediately changes to a gentle one as he strokes gently the fur behind his ears.

It is true he will never able to save all abandon dogs or cats in this world. It is true that has no power to stop people from throwing their pets away. But that is not an excuse. After all he is more than sure that there must be something that he still can do to prevent, help and do something for those poor, wonderful abandon animals. And as long as he lives, he will never let his beloved pet to through that same horrible experience, what more to abandon this best friend of his for more than three years.

“Let’s come and visit him again tomorrow should we?”

He smiles when get an approve bark.

Some minutes later the owner and the pet eventually walk together to return to their home, always stay side by side for every step they take.
>Thanks for reading! This story is written special for fundraise4paws. We're still looking for more fund for the shelter that the pedigree dog in this story(his name is Max btw), was currently staying. You can go check the community and read more stories about the abandon dogs stories which some of it I will come up with fic and each of that will has one Arashi member as the main character like this one. If you can't donate or offer something to raise the fund, by simply drop comment there to show you support will enlighten us enough too. You also can tell about this fund to your friends who maybe interested to join :D

>Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be on my hiatus mode now. I still am :P This is special service for fundraise4paws only.
 But who knows I'll change my mind after the 5th one-shot~ Back to this story, I honestly say writing this is hard. Maybe it's because I haven't write for some quite time already and one more thing, I'm bad in writing story that already had points that need to be included in. no3lr3i never mention about including something related to Max(plus, I'm the one who offer myself to write the stories), but since I'm a weird writer who love to set a limit to myself...I ended up stressing  myself XDDDD (it's almost like that every time I write something anyway. I wouldn't able to complete any fic if I don't set something that can give me  pressure).

>About Max, the poor dog that Aiba rescued in this story, Rei-chan told me that he was finally adopted :D Let's pray for the rest to have better tomorrow too.

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23/9/13 03:42 (UTC)
coolohoh: Biohazard (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] coolohoh
aw, a sweet story.

I've still yet to start on my story... i really should get started soon ><

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26/9/13 02:58 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading ^^

I wish you all the best then! :D

(no subject)

23/9/13 08:15 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] amnosno0fan.livejournal.com

T______T this is a sad story!
I want to become the dog's owner/friend!
Why people leave their dogs like that >______<

Goodjob, nee-chan.
I seriously cried while reading it =((

Waiting for the next fic =)

(no subject)

26/9/13 07:32 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading :)

The fact that this really happened makes it more hurting, isn't it (_ _) Thankfully Max found new house already.

Thanks, dear ^^
*pat your head*

I'll do my best!

(no subject)

23/9/13 13:15 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] j-sei.livejournal.com
T^T That's so sad.. I've saw the communities and almost all of them in a bad shape, but I'm glad Max finally adopted. Hope the other can get better soon.
Can't wait for the rest of the series ^^

(no subject)

26/9/13 07:34 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading :)

Yep. And to think that most of their condition turn out like that because of human really makes you rethink about humanity. Let's pray for the best for them!

I'll do my best! X)

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24/9/13 06:05 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] yukiko-makoto.livejournal.com
Such a heartwarming story..
And that is yuki style.. ^_^
It touch my heart..
How could the person leave his loyal buddy alone in such a dark place like that. Luckily there's a nice person who found him.
I'm also relieve to hear that Max got adopted. Hope that he can suit himself with a new environment ne.

I'll be waiting for your next 4 one-short story..

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26/9/13 07:37 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading :)

Hehehe. Thanks for liking my style >w<
Such think surely will leave bad memory to Max but let's pray his new family will replace it with a lot of happiness ^^

I'll do my best! ^-^V

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28/9/13 17:48 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] yukiko-makoto.livejournal.com
Ne..I also hope that new owner will take a good care of Max..
Really excited for your upcoming one-shot.. ^_^

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24/9/13 22:15 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] neko-kirin3104.livejournal.com
I am more of a cat person, but I grew up in a household that generally prefers dogs so they also do have a special place in my heart.

This is a very inspiring tale. Although it started out really sadly and heartbreakingly (I ached to hug Max althroughout the story), it ended on a rather enlightening note that does send an important message across--

“Saving one dog will not change the world, you know. But for that one dog, the world in their eyes will change forever." <-- seriously loving this line! I pick cats up from the street, so this is really comforting for me, too. It may not be much, ne, but it is enough for that one furry little guy (or girl) you have taken in to share your life, your home, and your everything with.

I am glad that Aiba went back into that woods and found Max. And I'm glad that the real Max has found his forever home, too.

Thank you very much for sharing this heartwarming treat! ~<3

ps: I love Aiba's pet dog, too.

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26/9/13 07:52 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading too~ <3

Me too. I never have a dog but most of my neighbors have them as pet :) I always believe a real animal lover will has a special soft spot for animal in their heart.

That line actually I found by chance ^^ I changed it a little bit so reader can grasp the message easier. I'm sure your cat feel happy to meet you. It's not easy for someone to take stray cat to their home so I really respect you for did that! >w<

Thankfully he did. We can't imagine what might happen to Max if he didn't...

ps: I love his pet too XD

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25/9/13 04:03 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
Hi Yuki-chan!!XD How're you?!

It's good that He was still alive! poor puppy!! well I have little dogs they're so cute and I love so much :) and about this topic I think You want a pet, You have to think first very hard because they always depend on you but If there a reason You can't have more I think You should try to find a new home for him where can care him...It's good that pedigree dog's ok and now He has a new family :)

thank you for sharing!!
Edited 25/9/13 04:04 (UTC)

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26/9/13 07:57 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading ^^

I'm fine, thanks ^^ I hope you're doing great too!

You're right. I can' understand why people tend to throw away their pets rather than ask anyone if they want to have that pet first. Or even they can't find anyone, they can send the pet to shelter instead of trying to kill it >_< Let's hope the other dogs will found new home too ^^


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