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Title: A Day in Our Life (Drabbles)
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy, AU and SO full of drama
Characters: OT5
Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine!
Summary: Consist of 5 drabbles which just like the title, something funny that probably happened somewhere in A Day in Our Life. Let's face it with much lighter heart.

1st drabble: The Messenger (Ninomiya Kazunari)

Some students from different courses were named by their lecturers to see the university counselor due to their bad performance in study. Have to attend the same counseling session, they then were told to sit in a circle. The counselor meanwhile comes to stand nearby before finally starting the session.

“Let’s begin from Ninomiya-kun, shall we? Ninomiya-kun, in my record your marks drop pretty drastic for these past months. Do you know the reason why?”

“Because I spent most of my time surfing internet, reading blog and manga, playing game, lazing on bed, spacing out, eat, and go sleep. I know it’s not good for my study, but I couldn’t stop. Even if I already determine to study for the entire day, I can’t. That’s how I live for these past years and I enjoy every second of it.”

The room falls into silence. For a moment, the counselor just stare Ninomiya in disbelief, completely speechless by the boldness. Soon, the counselor eyes grow wider when finding the other students unexpectedly clap their hands altogether with excited cheer and supportive voices accompanying behind. The encouraging responses make Ninomiya raise his hands up and look around with a smug expression.

“I know, I know. I just spoke for all of us, didn’t I? Nice to meet you too, my fellow soul brothers and sisters.”

2nd drabble: A forgotten thing (Sakurai Sho)

Panic starts to creep into Sakurai’s chest. This is really bad, he thought. He remembers he just placed his cellphone on his living room’s table and now it already disappeared. He has to leave for his class soon and yet only the cellphone he still couldn’t find anywhere.

“Where is it seriously?”

Scratching his head worriedly, Sakurai kneels on the floor to look under his sofa. Unfortunately, he found nothing there.

“Where did I put it?”

Frustrate, he get up to look at the other place. He searches for every inch of his house using his hand - from behind the television to the underside of cushion, from bedroom to kitchen, and even from his piling up dirty clothes to the wardrobe. Only when he still can’t find it anywhere, he decides to make a phone call using his home phone.

Yet, it takes only one ring before he startles by a familiar vibration and ringtone in his right hand.


3rd drabble: Oh, Happy Day~ (Aiba Masaki)

This is the day, Aiba thought. Looking at his alarm clock he immediately sits up on his bed. His eyes shine with determination as he climbs down his bed and begins to fix his pillows, sheet and blanket. Only when he feels really satisfied with the result, he finally approaches the kitchen while planning what he is going to do for this entire day of another summer holiday.

‘Firstly, I’ll clean up the living room. I’m going to throw away any unnecessary stuff and make sure to rearrange the furniture so it’ll make me feel better every time I come home! Yeah, I’m a genius!”

Aiba then reaches for a 3 in 1 coffee packet. As he put it on his kitchen table, he moves to fill his mug with hot water.

‘Next, I’m going to mop the whole house floor. I’ll do the laundry and while waiting for the machine to finish washing, I’ll fold all clothes in the wardrobe. This way I won’t waste time! Double genius of me!’

Grinning widely, Aiba is ready to tear the coffee packet.

‘Also, make sure to complete all unfinished report and homework by today! Then I’ll do groceries for the lunch and dinner! When return I’ll-

His trail of thought stops when rain all of a sudden falls heavily outside. Some raindrops even hit the window hard, forcing his focus to move away immediately from what he is currently doing.

Well, it has been quite hot these days. Just imagining how it feels to sleep in this cold weather with warm blanket covering his body, and his head resting on a fluffy, white pillow…

‘Well, screw it. I still can do the home cores later.’

And he walks back to his bedroom happily, could not wait to snuggle under his warm blanket again. His attempt to clean his house is completely thrown out of the window…for the third time in row.

4th drabble: Just my luck (Matsumoto Jun)

1.45 pm.

Sighing impatiently to himself, Matsumoto moves his gaze away from his wristwatch. This is already the nth time he looks at it in less than 5 minutes and yet the line in front still show no sign to get shorter anytime soon. Even though he doesn’t want to be late for his 2 o’clock class, it seems he couldn’t avoid it this time.

‘But wait. The next line moves faster.’

Once seeing another student pay for his food to the cashier and take away his meal, Matsumoto doesn’t waste his time to go line up on the next line. The number of people in the line indeed decreases faster than the previous one and he almost exhale his worried until there is 5
more people ahead him.

“I’m sorry, but it seems there’s a slight problem with our machine. Could you wait for a couple of minutes please?”

Upon it, Matsumoto quickly looks back at his wristwatch. 1.50 pm. He still has a little time to spend. Crossing his arms, he has no other choice but hope the waiting time will be lessen. Just then he turns to the previous line up beside him and surprise to see how faster it is shortening already. It even looks like each serving takes only 10 seconds to be completed in his eyes! By the time his line starts to move again, his wristwatch is pointing at 1.57 pm. Yet, right when it is finally his turn to make an order, the cashier suddenly bows down at him.

“Sorry sir, but it seems our machine is out of service now. Could you please go the next counter? Sorry for the inconvenience.”

This makes Matsumoto completely dumbfounded. As he turns to the next line, he becomes totally dumbstruck by the sudden increasing length of it.

He wishes he didn’t change his line before.

5th drabble: Depressing (Ohno Satoshi)

It finally comes, Ohno thought. No more point of return. This is the end for him. He have done all his best; struggling for these past week, fighting against his fear and do everything his can to improve himself.

But it seems now…everything is useless. Fruitless. Hopeless.

Now, he finally realizes why all this time at the back of his mind there is another side which keep telling him that all his effort for this time just a waste of time. There’s no point of practicing even in front of the mirror when he knows he won’t be able to win against his fear.

As he steps tremblingly forward, he could feel his brain suddenly goes blank. His face slowly changes to the expression of someone who is about to receive death sentence. Even his hands begin to shake hardly when find out that he is now already at the center of everyone’s attention. This time, he knows there’s nothing he could except to accept his bad luck as his eyes meet a piercing gaze that is looking at him from behind thick glasses.

Why him? Why cannot it be somebody else? Why the spectacles old lady has to choose him when there are several more people in this hall?

Why must it to be his turn to come in front of the class this time???

“Ohno-kun, you might start your presentation now.”

Ohno immediately chocks the air he breathes in.

Oh, how he hates presentation.

>Hi there! I haven't writing for quite some time so I'm really sorry for any mistake. I'm supposed to be in hiatus mode now but somehow a lot of depressing things are happening lately and I just hope that these stories can make someone out there to feel much better. As expected, there are times that we have to laugh out what was happened to us. Am now listening to 'One Step' from Arashi's latest album and the lyric is so inspring for me!
>To my loyal readers who are still wating for the next update of Dead Run-Revival, I'm really sorry to say that I still don't have time to write the new chapter m(_ _")m I hope these drabbles can at least give you 'something' to read for a while. I tried to write these between my free time(that's why it only comes out in short drabbles~). Let's say this is my appreciation for your support and patience up until now ;)
>Last but not least, Thank You SO much for reading! All the best for a better day :D
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