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Title: Dead Run-Revival
Rating: R
Genre: AU, horror, action, angst, drama
Characters: OT5
Disclaimer: Inspired from Resident Evil game. Some similarity are purely coincidence. Neither RE nor Arashi are mine!
Summary: When a city suddenly attacked by endless living dead, 5 people without any connection were left behind for different reasons. Will they manage to survive the insanity? Or will...they fing out something that they will never expect to know?
Warning: Bloody & brutal scenes, swearing(for this chapter), and as usual...long chapter.

Chapter 4 : Doppelganger

Things seem are getting worse unexpectedly.

Ohno could feel something bad is happening to his subordinates when hears a long beep every time he fails to contact them. The last time he can go through the line was after he met Sakurai at the house yard of a mansion since the underground organization’s truck that he ride in crashed into the next house, which the cause actually was no other than himself. He somehow defeated all the enemies on the same vehicle before, thanks to his years of training and accidentally saved Sakurai Sho’s life. The two of them together left the crash site after that before he suggested that they should have some rest at a nearest house they can find when realized how tired Sakurai already is.

“Seriously guys, where are you now? What is happening there?”

He mumbles worriedly. Once make sure Sakurai will be fine by himself in the living room, Ohno went to the kitchen to ask the current location of his subordinates. However, it turned out futile even until this second. Sighing heavily, the elite team captain leans on the kitchen counter behind. A hiss escape his mouth when he finally remembers about his injured thigh that starts to bleed again. As he tries to reach for a clean napkin behind, his earpiece detects an incoming call. Hurriedly, Ohno presses the receive call button.

“Are all of you okay, guys? What’s going on there?” He asks almost immediately with obvious worry. There’s a long silence for a while which only increases his anxiousness by every second.

“Are you Ohno, the Delta team’s captain?”

Ohno feels like he just gets a thunderstruck when hear the unknown voice. He pauses for a while to comprehend with the situation before finally speak.

“Who are you?”
“Matsumoto Kei. Your people are with us. See us in person if you still want to see them alive.”
“Matsumoto? You mean the royal guards family Matsumoto? What have you done to my people?!”
“With all respect, we only fight for our rights. We will not harm anyone if-CAPTAIN! HANG UP THE LINE! THEY ONLY WANT TO DETECT YOUR LOCATION! SAVE YOURSE-!”

There’s a sudden ‘poof’ from the other line which makes Ohno worriedly screams for his subordinate’s name. Judging from the tone, he’s more than sure that one of his trusted men just tried to steal back his earpiece to speak with him. This whole mess makes him feel like he wants to appear right away at where his people currently are and bash the hell out of the Matsumoto Kei especially when he catches a few gunshots and wail from the other line. After a while he finally hears a voice again.

“We are heading there. You can choose to leave your location immediately if you want to put your subordinates’ life at stake. Your choice.”
“I’m NOT going anywhere. Just hurry and solve whatever problem you have with us. And since you had mentioned about ‘right’, I dare to say that my subordinates also have the ‘right’ to not be put under any harm at any cost by you or anyone from Matsumoto clan until we settle the matters.”

“Very well.” And the line instantly has been disconnected. Frustrate, Ohno clenches his hands into tight fist. He takes a few minutes to calm himself down before he finally can remind himself what his real mission is. It is undeniable that he feels extremely worried with his people’s current condition, but above all, his top priority is to protect the sole survivor who now under his responsibility.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Sakurai just quietly looks at the ceiling above. Sighing, he then rubs his face and leans forward on the sofa he is sitting. His hand moves to his necklace; a little bit panic when realizing he is not wearing it anymore before he finally remembers that he had kept it in his pocket. Chuckling on his silliness, he takes it out and looks at it smilingly. Working in the journalism field requires most of his time, but still flexible enough to make sure he can fulfill his responsibility as a single father. After his wife’s death due to an illness around 3 years ago, he and his precious, cute little daughter moved into a smaller yet comfortable apartment which is located near with his office. It took almost 20 minutes to reach his daughter’s kindergarten by walking though, but at least it won’t be too far for him to return home any time when he had to leave his daughter alone at home.

“Good evening, I’m Saku-” The single father didn’t even manage to finish his sentence when his little girl already jumped toward him as soon as he slid the kindergarten door open. Surprise, he clumsily caught the small body to avoid her from falling. Soon, however, he laughed amusingly especially when his spoiled daughter asked him to lift her up before quickly hugged his neck so she won’t be put down. His wide smile though turned into a guilty one by instant when saw the kindergarten teacher showed up from the classroom. As usual, it already passed working hours when he left his workplace to fetch his daughter there.

“I’m sorry for coming late again today.”

He bowed his head slightly down. The teacher on the other hand, gave him ‘I didn’t buy your yesterday promise anyway’ look which only made him feel more embarrassed by the lack of trust he got. Just when he was about to announce their leave, his daughter suddenly pushed herself away to take a better look on himself. A bright smile then appeared on her face.

“It fits perfectly! Happy birthday daddy! Please take care of me again this year!”

Sakurai surprised by the unexpected wish. He looked so lost for a while before the kindergarten teacher walked toward them with a giggle.

“Thankfully you did come late like we expected. The shop just sent us the necklace a few minutes before you arrived, Sakurai-san.”

Sakurai blinked again. The mentioned of ‘necklace’ forced him to immediately look at his chest, surprised when realized that he is now wearing a necklace of a dried four leaves clover in a clear small square glass. So the reason why his daughter asked to be lifted before was because she actually wanted to put this necklace on him.

“B-But…how? I didn’t notice she was working on this at all.”
“I want this to be a surprise, so I asked for Sensei’s help to look for a shop that can make this necklace! This is a lucky charm to protect daddy from any bad things!”

The little girl smiled brightly in his arms. Still couldn’t grasp what exactly happening, Sakurai opened and closed his mouth for a few times without letting out a voice. Later, he felt his eyes were getting watery and immediately put down his only child to wipe the tears away. Somehow, although he already can accept the death of his beloved wife, anything that related to his daughter will always make his emotion changed drastically.

“I’m not crying!” he suddenly shouted that made his daughter and the kindergarten teacher looked at each other. Both of them giggled together before the daughter pulled his hand to make him knelt down. When she pecked him on the cheek, the father suddenly felt more touched than ever. On the same day also he made a pinky promise to her, vowing that starting from that moment he will protect his precious little princess with everything he got.

Unfortunately, the promise just left as a promise. On the very next day also, the kindergarten called him at his workplace and said that his daughter lost during their trip to a wetland park. The journalist still remembered how he felt his world crushed at the moment, what more when he received not even a single news about her from the citizen or even the kidnapper if the police’s assumption that his daughter has been kidnapped was correct.

Sakurai only wakes up from his trance when sees Ohno hurriedly comes out from the kitchen.

“Sakurai-san, do you feel much better now?”

Sakurai just confusedly nods. He clumsily follows the other one to outside when he was told that they must leave the house though he doesn’t have a slight clue to the reason why. The tense expression that other man has make him waver if he should ask for an explanation or not until he have to wait behind while the latter picks the front door’s lock of the next two houses.

“Actually, why do I need to hide? Why we have to go here?”
“Someone is coming and…this person and his clan might be dangerous.  They’ll come soon to that house to settle something with me, so I must make sure they’re not going to know your presence.”

As soon as Ohno manages to unlock the door, Sakurai immediately follow him inside. Although it’s clearly can be seen that the other one is in pain due to his wounded leg, he still forces himself to move and inspect the entire house to make sure it is completely safe for the journalist. After checking the backyard, he finally approaches Sakurai, who is still staring him, wondering.

“I’ll give you my gun. And just in case you have to escape from here alone, keep my earpiece with you. You can directly talk with the emergency team if you press the blue button.” He then takes out his gun and make sure it is fully loaded. Right when he gives his earpiece to the journalist, they could hear sounds of a few heavy motorbikes are coming closer to the area. Ohno is ready to leave the house when Sakurai suddenly stops him. The bleeding wound that the rescuer has worried him.

“I think this will heal your injury faster. Better to pour some of it on that wound.”

Sakurai then takes out the cylinder container that he still keeps to himself after he almost got caught by the armed men at the scientist’s place before. Ohno who receives it on the other hand frowns. Yet, realizing that he must leave soon, the captain immediately follows without objecting. After reminding Sakurai to lock and block the door, he quickly storms out of there to the previous house where he will meet the Matsumoto clan. Right when he arrives in front of the door, he sees a truck and three motorbikes stop before him.

“Hongo! Asami!” The captain surprises when sees two of his subordinates with obvious bruises have been dragged out from the truck, their hands have been securely cuffed behind. When those two were forced to kneel down, one of the arrived motorbike riders put down his helmet and approaches Ohno.

“Are you Matsumoto Kei?”
“And you are Ohno?”
“Why are you doing this? What have they done?”

No answer. Yet, Ohno could feel something bad is going to happen when the young man walks toward his subordinates. Soon, the latter stands behind Hongo and unlocks his gun.

Then, without any warning, the captain witnesses the young elite team member gets shot in head, right in front him.


“Rie-chan! Aka-chan! Please answer if you can hear me!”

Another dead silence.

Frustrate, Aiba stops running to gasp for air. He pants tiredly while his eyes still looking for two familiar small figures that he has been searching for the past 30 minutes. Just imagining how the girls will have to walk in the middle of this apocalypse make him worried sick, what more with their still unstable physical health judging from how hungry they look when eating those buns he brought to them before. However, Aiba knows this is not the right time to think about that. He should find out how he is going to search them ASAP – firstly by analyzing the situation.

‘Two little girls covered with dirt. One of them was weak enough to move, so they’re supposed not to be able moving too far by their own unless someone carried them. They also had mention about punishment …and something like trying to ‘run away because…they don’t want to steal anymore’...’

The young scientist immediately hit by a realization. No longer could stop his nervousness, Aiba speed up again and keep screaming for the girls’ name. He could continue all the way shouting for the two names if not because he notices a growing number of eerie moans that come from behind him. Turning around, Aiba finally realizes there’re dozens of zombies are approaching him. He totally forgets that noise clearly can grab the attention of the living dead.

As quick as can, the young scientist flees to put distance between him and the chasing zombies. He however couldn’t run for long when he catches sound of approaching vehicle which makes him stop by instant. Afraid the comers are actually sent to look for him, Aiba storms into nearest building. Once he peeks out from behind the door, he sees a truck suddenly stops not far from his hiding place. Then, something is thrown to the road behind.

“Drive away now!”

The fact that people in the truck seems so desperately want to leave quick makes Aiba frown. After watching the vehicle disappears from there he looks back at the dropped thing. How surprise he is when find out it is a human. A man with a code on his neck.

“Are you ok-!” The young scientist stuck halfway when the man suddenly pushes himself from the road. From behind, he notices the man slim figure looks just like him except for the other one’s black hair since his is dark brown. The moment the man fully gets up and turns to look at where the previous truck has lost to, Aiba is totally taken aback.
The man has a same face as his.

Soon, the other one’s eyes suddenly glow in dark red. Right away, Aiba startles by a loud explosion that can be heard from the direction of where the truck left. The way the doppelganger looks at the said direction enough to prove to the young scientist that he must be the cause although Aiba himself doesn’t know how. Unexpectedly however, the surprise actually doesn’t stop there.

“I’m going to destroy you, Original.”

A same face and a same voice. Now, that’s too much for Aiba’s brain to digest.

With a smirk, the doppelganger walks away from the place. Due to shock though Aiba remains unmoved and only can watch his doppelganger calmly walks toward the now a crowd of zombies which are supposed to chase him before. Right when all the living dead ready to attack the doppelganger at the same time, Aiba notices the other one abruptly stop. His eyes glow in red one more time before the zombies unexpectedly freeze and turn to each other. Then, just like receiving an invisible order, they all of a sudden start to attack or devour each other greedily while the 'order giver' just calmly walks away.

‘Oh, God!’

The bizarre bloody scene makes Aiba immediately falls to his knees in horror. His face paled as he closes the door to avoid any further view with the cruelty outside. Cringe by various audible disgusting sounds that he still can hear from his place, Aiba panicky moves as far as he can from the door. Once he finds a backdoor, the young scientist doesn’t waste his time to storm outside and run with all his might. He definitely will turn insane if he stays there any longer.

‘I have to look for Rie-chan and Aka-chan quick! This place is getting out of hand!'

While passing several buildings on his right and left Aiba at the same time observe every inch of it carefully to make sure he doesn’t overlook the two girls anywhere. Exactly after 10 minutes running, he hears someone’s laugh not far ahead.

“Now~ we have enough…for~ some time-” the following hiccup that comes after the sentence makes Aiba realizes that the speaking man must be drunk. As soon as he stands in front of a slight open door where the voice comes from, he abruptly stops. Just a small push on it and his face scrunch by the bad smell inside.

“Who’s there?”

A groggily man’s voice inside make him hesitate. Yet considering the situation of the two little girls now, the young scientist determinedly opens the door wide.

“I’m sorry for bothering. I just want to ask if you have seen two small girls-”

What comes to his sight afterwards however make him chock his word. Despite the lack of light inside which he thinks used to be a salon judging from mirrors and the furniture arrangement, the place is now nothing less than a drunkards nest. Around 10 men are either sleeping or sitting on the dirty floor though they are surrounding by smelly rubbish, expired meals or numbers of empty beer can. Only when he notices the existence of white powder and empty syringes are messing on the floor, he finally knows what kind of people he is seeing actually.

‘Drug users.’
“Who are you?”

Aiba looks to his front immediately. At the center of the dim space, he can see a man is struggling to stand up normally though that almost make him trip on his feet instead. Tightening his fists, Aiba gathers his courage to approach the other man. Just when he is about to open his mouth however he startles when he feels he is stepping on a cloth.

“Ah~ I see~ that must be *hic* left by that little rascal.”

The drunkard giggles. Aiba at the same time frowningly moves his feet away, only to find a familiar dirty snowcap under him. It doesn’t take long before he recognizes that it was belongs to one of the girls he is searching for. Immediately, he picks it up and approaches the drunkard. Something bad must be happening there and the reason is undoubtedly these men.

“Where are the girls? They’ve been here before, right?”
“One question *hic* one beer. No beer, no question. Or…do you have ‘candies’ with you now?”

Another giggle.

Full of rage, Aiba swiftly grabs for the man’s shirt and throws the latter hard against the wall behind. As soon as they are close enough, Aiba grabs for the man’s shirt again and stares angrily right into his eyes.

“What have you done to them?”
“If you bring beer or candies *hic* we will work for you as well~ we can catch those kids back *hic* for you too~ you want to kidnap them too *hic* right?”

He is about to giggle again when Aiba suddenly reaches for his neck and starts chocking him. That at first is not enough to threat the wasted man enough until he watches the angry man’s eyes in front of him change to bright yellow. The pain around his neck along with the murdering predator stare eventually make the drunkard gets a shiver on his spine.


That one single word manages to drop Aiba’s anger to notch. Finally realize what he is doing, the young scientist quickly let go of the man.
For a few seconds after that he just stare the drunkard who tries to catch his breath while dragging his body fearfully away. As Aiba looks at his side where the mirrors are, he finally can see his own eyes which start to glow dimmer, just like his descending emotion. His expression changes to bitter by instant when realizes how right the drunkard was about him before he notices there’s something on his nape. Turning slightly around for a better view, the young scientist then surprise by what he sees is written on his skin.

‘No. 100?’

The memory of the doppelganger that he had seen before suddenly hit him. Now, when he thinks again, the other one also has a code on his nape.

Except that it was stated as No. 101.


“What’s that?”

Ninomiya abruptly stops by an eerie groan outside. Matsumoto on the other hand run to the nearest window immediately. The successor could feel how the glass vibrates before his eyes by another groan from whatever creepy thing outside as he tries to inspect the situation.
Yet, he frowns when couldn’t find anything suspicious there.

“What did you-” A sudden crash sound from the downstairs startle them. Frowningly, Ninomiya exchanges his glance with Matsumoto as the sound slowly changes from something metallic shifting on the floor to something is rotating high speedily in the air. Once they hear someone is climbing up the stairs, both guys couldn’t help but look over the stairs railing to see who exactly is coming. However, they can’t determine what exactly it is due to the lack of lightening source in the stairway except for one window on each floor.

Later, they hear a windy gush comes from below. Both guys were about to lean over the railing to find it out before they see an object is flying right into their faces.


Ninomiya gets a hard thump in his chest as he moves aback almost immediately. 1 inch more and the professional gamer swears that unknown object will hit him straight on the face. As he watches that object fly straight above, Matsumoto beside him hurriedly shoves out his swords. Less than a second later, they hear a clank comes from the railing above before a muscular man in Ninja clothes suddenly jump from below and landed on the 5th floor stairs railing in front them. That thing then pulls the metal chain that connects with its right hand which seems was used to hook around the railing on the upper stair so it can jump several feet high before. Yet, what surprising the gamer and the successor the most is when the chain slides from hand and disappear into the thing’s back. Even its mouth has been gagged while its face and eyes are all pale and white, making them realize that this things is obviously another monster created by the insane organization of this whole zombies wave.

“Kink much.”

Matsumoto turns his sword as he preparing to launch an attack to the monster. Unexpectedly instead a blinding light all of a sudden comes from the unknown creature’s gag, stopping the successor from making any move. Just in a blink of eyes the dim stairways turn to completely bright until the two guys there almost can’t open their eyes at all.

Soon, something gear-ish sound enters their ears. Ninomiya at the same time feels a sudden wave of heats comes from the thing in front of them. Having a bad feeling, he tries to search for the staircase, but trip on his way instead and accidentally pushes Matsumoto who is standing beside him. As the two guys fall hardly to the staircase, an eerie groan suddenly comes from above them, follow by a deafening explosion that shakes the entire building. Everything feels like suddenly freeze as they rolling down before their back finally hit the wall at the lower level stairway.

“D*mn it!” Afraid the monster will grab this chance to attack them, Matsumoto immediately gets on his feet. Although his eyes still couldn’t fully adjust with the surrounding due to the blinding light before, he could feel there’s a thick smoke spread in the air. The moment his sight returns to normal again, the successor is totally taken aback.

All the staircases above where he and Ninomiya just standing at seconds ago already disappeared by the monster’s blow. Even the wall there has a huge hole. The two of them certainly wouldn’t make it if they didn’t fall to downstairs before.

“Wait. Where’s that thing?”

That question immediately startling him from his thought.


The familiar sound makes the two guys look above them immediately. Right two floors up, they can see the Ninja-like monster is standing on the stairs railing. Once his eyes meet its pair of white eyes, Matsumoto instantly tightens his grip around his sword.

“We have to escape fast. This building won’t stay long. Plus, that monster seems has more advantage to fight within a small space.”

Ninomya just nods. Taking out his gun, the gamer then quietly unlocks it. Several seconds elapse without any sound or movement from both sides until the monster prepares to jump at them.


With all might, Ninomiya quickly skips the stairs down, followed closely by Matsumoto behind. They don’t even manage to reach the 3rd floor yet when the monster suddenly landed in front of them. Taken by surprise, Ninomiya immediately shoots the monster a few times on head. Despite his accurate aims however the monster suddenly grab his wrist and less than a second later, the gamer feels his body floats in the air before he is being thrown onto the 3rd floor staircase, hard. Taking that chance, Matsumoto swiftly stabs the monster right on its chest. Blood spurts immediately from the monster’s body as the successor turns to the gamer below.

“I’ll settle this one! You just-!”

He stiffens by a strong grip on his right hand. As he looks at the creature in front him again, a blinding light enter his sight, making him to close his eyes due to reflex. Matsumoto immediately swings another sword to the creature’s neck, but the monster reacts faster by spreading its metal chain around the other’s left arm and moves to behind his neck. When the monster suddenly tightens its metal chain on purpose, the sharp sword immediately moves toward the successor’s neck, almost cutting the skin if not because Matsumoto gives all his power to resist any more movement.

Now with both his hands trapped, Matsumoto couldn’t run away. He could feel bead of sweat appears on his forehead especially when the monster ready to shoot its laser beam right to his face. Soon, he hears several gunshots before he feels the metal chain loosens from his neck.


Still closing his eyes, Matsumoto gives all his might to free himself from the chain. He manages to drop himself down, kicking the monster on shin so it will fall down before rolling aside to avoid the monster from trapping him. Then, with bits of last energy he still have, Matsumoto punches strongly the creature right on its mouth, forcing the gag deeper into its mouth. A few small sharp fragments fly away and stab the successor’s hand once the laser beam explodes in the monster’s mouth, throwing Matsumoto hardly aback before Ninomiya catches him barely on time.

For a while afterwards, only their heavy breathing can be heard. Both Ninomiya and Matsumoto are already too tired to move as they slowly sit on the floor while trying to collect all their remaining energy. None of them speak for a few minutes, still not sure if the monster already dead or not.

“What…the hell exactly that thing? Seems like a cyborg.”
“Well, for sure…it’s no longer a human.”

They surprise when hear a hissing sound from nearby. Quickly, the two of them get up and look at the staircase above where a thick smoke is still lingering in the air after the explosion. Later, they hear sound of metal is sliding on the floor, follow by an appearance of a shadow. At this, Ninomiya and Matsumoto’s eyes grow wider.

“We already shot, stabbed and even made a laser exploded in its mouth! How come it’s still can survive?!”

The thick, heavy smoke little by little disappears as the figure comes forward. Both Ninomiya and Matsumoto are all ready to flee when the monster stands on the staircase above them with smoke continuously escape from its now wide gaping mouth. Although its face is 90% burnt by the previous explosion, the creature seems doesn’t feel any pain and keep on walking toward them while dragging the metal chain that it is no longer able to hide. Once seeing it starts to swing the chain, the two of them quickly get away and manage to dodge the attack. Right when they hear another swing is going to come, they fortunately already reach the broken exit door and hurriedly rush to outside.

However, the fact that they are at open and bright space doesn’t bother the monster even the slightest. Ironically, the situation only provokes it more as it just keep on chasing over the two living target though Matsumoto’s sword still stuck on its chest. The professional gamer and the successor were about to continue with their escape plan when they notice something is being thrown from the rooftop on their left. At first they wanted to run away, but realizing that it is actually a machine gun, Matsumoto quickly run forward and catch it. He then throws it to Ninomiya who takes it confusedly.

“Shoot when I said so!”

He then runs in full speed back toward the monster. Although receives a few swing attacks on his attempt, Matsumoto calmly dodge it and keep on going ahead. Once his sword finally in his reach, the successor swiftly grab for it, slashing it harshly to create a long, deep wound and pull away. As he hurriedly jumps aback, he finally looks at Ninomiya behind.


The professional gamer waste no time to send hundreds of bullets at the same injury Matsumoto has left. The strong impact from the shooting hits Ninomiya’s torso countless time, but not enough to make the said man to stop his attack. Even when he feels his shoulder slightly turn to numb, he keeps on shooting the monster, doesn’t want to let it get away alive any longer until the machine gun finally running out of bullets. Only then he slowly drops the weapon and let it fall to the ground as the impact at last affect his body.

“Did we kill it?”

At the same time, the monster falls forward to ground. As its blood start to gush out on the road by the professional gamer’s previous endless shoot, Matsumoto quickly comes to approach it and stab right into the heart through its back to make sure it is really dead. Ninomiya who witnesses it meanwhile slowly approaches the finally dead enemy once it stops struggling, still panting after their long attempt to escape and defeat the monster. Massaging his sore left shoulder, he notices the code on the dead monster’s nape.

“No. 92?”
“No wonder it is so hard to defeat. Seems any monster with big number is really deadly.”
“I can’t imagine how strong the monsters with bigger code than this one will be. If we meet another one soon, I don’t think we can survive.”
“We better leave then.” With a grunt, Matsumoto shoves his sword out of the dead creature’s back.

Ninomiya at the same time looks at their surroundings to see if everything is clear in their way. That’s when his eyes stop at the machine gun which is now lying on the ground.

“Did you see who threw that to us?”

The successor who just put back his sword looks at the same direction as him. Yet, neither him can find the answer. He doesn’t even think that there must be someone who was behind the unexpected help when he caught the weapon before.

“It was thrown from the rooftop where the left sniper was. That person must know we have fought the snipers to have this idea.”

Their thought however gets cut off by a sudden explosion from somewhere close. Immediately, Matsumoto turns around to make sure there road is clear for them

“Let’s go. Something might come here soon.”

The successor then leads to the opposite way from where the explosion takes place. Ninomiya on the other hand doesn’t move away immediately. He just watches the other one walks away before bring his wondering stare back to the rooftop where the weapon was thrown from. Only when he hears Matsumoto calls for him, he eventually prepares to leave the place as well.

But not without taking a last glance at the building where the machine gun comes from.


>Hello everyone!!! It has been a while since I posted the last chapter of DR. I'm really sorry to make you wait so long (if there's anyone waiting for it though). Actually I planned to release this chapter after I finished write chapter 5, but things are getting out of hand in RL and I still can't work on it. Then the longer I keep this chapter, the bigger my thought of 'why-I'm-supposed-to-keep-this-chapter-longer-since-I-already-completed-it-anyway' become. Again, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for taking too long to update this one m(_ _)m
>This chapter is actually the beginning of major conflict and plot-twisting of this story. If there's anything you don't understand, feel free to ask, okay?
>Last but not least, Thank You SO much for spening your time to read this fic! And Thank You for patiently waited ^^

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