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2/8/16 22:33
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Hello everyone! How are you? It's really been a while since I posted something and I'm very sorry for often disappearing without notice. I gave a lot of thought if I'm supposed to make this post since I was pondering if anyone will wonder why did I disappear, but I believe you deserve some explanation :) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] piggywhale for the lovely comment or I might delay this post even longer!

Why I suddenly disappeared after the last post?
A few of my LJ friends might already know about this. Actually since April to July this year I left to Fukuoka for intensive Japanese Language short course. I've tried a lot of ways to apply for Japanese Language classes in my country and scholarship to Japan, but to no luck. Thanks to my sister's information tho I somehow ended up finding out about the school that I later went in Fukuoka. I actually was very, very close to lose hope that I will never get to enter that school until I found out that my parents gave up with my stubborness made the payment for me to study in there right on the night of the payment deadline. And because of that I rushed to do the preparation for my leaving that I don't have a chance to say my greeting to you guys first. I also don't have a good internet connection in Japan, so to even drop a comment on someone's post was actually difficult.

Btw this might have nothing to do with the topic, but I want to take this chance to wish Happy Birthday to everyone who I didn't get to wish before!

New fic?
Honestly I don't know if I'm supposed to be surprise or not when see my last posted fic was on 31st October last year O_O The main reason was because I SERIOUSLY don't have any idea for a new fic. No, actually I had, but I always end up dropping it. I don't think I like the plot enough that it won't make me end up to abandon it in the end, just like what happened to 'Dead Run-Revival'. In short, writer's block~~

YET maybe the news that I'm going to reveal now will make some of you happy. Actually, I'm currently working on two fics right now. Let's hope that I can finish it before October because I'm afraid I'll start to get busy after that again. I'll share a bit of the plot:-

1.No title yet (Genre: AU, fantasy, adventure, comedy, friendship)
The plot takes place in Underworld where warriors, berserkers, wizards, fairies, and more fantasy creatures live in. Due to some reasons, Satoshi - the young prince of Underworld who doesn't have any other desire but to live a quiet life - is tasked to go out for a journey by the king to decide who will be a better new ruler of the kingdom between him and his step brother. Planning to fail on the given task on purpose, Satoshi decides to carelessly choose his own followers which somehow ended up him with Ninomiya from the legendary arachery masters clan, the castle intruder and airheaded wizard Aiba, the dangerous and high prolific murderer Sakurai, and the cool shapeshifter human-panther Matsumoto. Follow their journey as they encounter a lot of things along the way, while Satoshi grows up from being an unreliable leader to someone nobody will expect.

Oh man, it's been a while since I write a summary. I'm sorry for how messy it is =_="
Actually I've been weighing this story since...2 years ago I guess? I keep on picking up and dropping this plot, but after I returned home I somehow finally decide to give it a try. I'm working on Chapter 2 right now and I plan to post it after I finished Chapter 4. But let's just hope it won't be a long wait for you guys tho because the main trouble in this fic is each chapter is TOO LONG to write! I mean the length of the prologue itself is just 1/4 of Chapter 1's length! The reason for that is because each chapter will tell their adventure in each stop since I want readers to look forward for their next journey instead of focusing too long in one destination.

I feel like I'm babbling nonsense now. I hope you girls can understand my explanation so far =_=""
At first this story was supposed to be a serious one, but since I miss writing comedy fics a looooooooooooooooot, I decided to turn it out as a fail comedy fic instead. I think I've been writing too many serious plot lately that I start to miss some silliness as well ;) Ah! Some of you might be wondering why I make Aiba as the wizard and J as the human-animal, right? The reason is because I want to put some 'balance'. I don't want to make Aiba appear too 'cute' and J too 'cool' in the storyline. There are other reasons too, but you will see it yourself later!

2.Spread the words (Genre: AU, slice of life, drama)
I can't write summary for this one yet to avoid spoiler, but the plot might touch sensitive subject for some readers including me, as the writer myself. It's about depression/struggle that potraited by each of them. I've been saying around to some of my LJ friends about a fic which I'm trying 'to make it as close as possible to reality' and THIS is the fic I meant. I think I've been working on this fic since 2013, but I keep on changing the plot over and over and over again because I don't want it to be too dramatic(not like our life is not dramatic itself, but I want it to be more related with the readers). That's why I'm taking my time to write the plot for each character because unlike my previous fics, I can't force myself to write it but 'wait' for the plot to come out naturally instead. Also, some of you might know that I'm battling with depression myself, so it's like opening my own scars I guess? But believe me, I have my reason why I want to write this. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rurikonialenora for giving me this idea long time ago.

So far I've completed until Chapter 5, but since I planned to make this as daily post just like my MatsuMiya fics that I wrote loooooooong time ago, I will wait (probably) until I finish all the chapters before I start to post it.

Hmm...what else to say? Ah! About the continuation of my visit to Japan last year before, right? I don't know if I should share it since it's been a while and you might already forget it but we'll see how it turns out. I might/might now share it because it's been a while.

Aaaah...what else to say? I don't know. Anyway, I'm happy to return  :) I miss you guys and writing fics again. I hope you guys are doing good, or things will get better on your side soon. Don't hesitate to ask me or share anything ^^
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