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Title: Beneath the…
Rating: Uhh...R for words?
Characters: OT5 (All Arashi members as brothers)
Genre: AU, drama, family, angst
Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine~
Summary: 2 years ago Osayama Satoshi was involved in a terrible accident that made him lost partial of his memories. Even though he survived the impact, he becomes mentally incapable and has to depend on his younger brothers to lead normal life. What he didn’t expect when waking up though was to find all his once caring brothers had turned into people who were completely different from his memory. Sho has changed into a hot-tempered workaholic, Kazunari becomes an introvert who refuses to talk with anyone, and Jun drowns himself in party, alcohol and women every single night. To make it even confusing, nobody in the house is allowed to speak about Masaki who for some unknown reasons has disappeared without a trace.
Will Satoshi find the answer he is seeking for in the end? Or something…is actually is hidden beneath the mess?
A/N: Their surname is Osayama.

Beneath the (Chapter 1)

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2/6/17 11:39 (UTC)
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Hello there, just remember to add your DW after I saw your post in LJ today XD

Justw anna say Hi :D

alsoo, if it's easier for you to update both LJ and DW, DW has an option to cross posted in LJ so you just need to make one entry instead of posting two entry in different platform :D In case you don't know, I want to make it a bit easier for you. hahaha


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