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Birthdate:Aug 24
Nickname: Iza,Yuki

Date of Birth: August 24

Favorite animal: Cat //Favorite bread: I think...bread with Tuna on top //Favorite color: Green(I love it even before I know Aiba-shi!) //Favorite drink: As long as it's citrus flavor //Favorite food: As long as it's curry, cotton candy! //Favorite game: Resident Evil aka Biohazard(forever),Silent Hill and the House of the death(yeah.All are horror games XD)

Hobby: Collecting Japanese drama DVD,writing fic,reading(anything as long as I can read it),spacing out,listening music,watching Arashi's stuff and ZZZZZ....

Personality: Let see...I'm a quiet and a bit slow catch person(hahaha<-laughing on own weakness).Also a light sleeper,love dark-silent-narrow space,phobia of snakes and dummies doll,love outdoor activities(even though always stay indoor),love paranormal stuff(except for UFO.Not interested) and love Arashi~

Dislike: Coffee,chocolate,milk,green vegetables(kids, don't become like me!),high place,raw and half cook egg and bright-noisy-crowd place

My ichiban in Arashi: Believe it or not, Aiba Masaki.Unfortunately I have a major problem for couldn't see his picture or I'll suffer 'uncontrollable heartbeat attack'*sob sob*. That's why I also have a problem to write him as a main character for my fic, but I think I'll still try it out one day.

Way to be an Arashian: (2007)A friend introduce me with Hachimitsu no Clover movie which Sho was starring on it->Look for JE groups' song include Arashi when started to fanning over Ya-Ya-yah and NEWS->Listened to the first Arahi's songs were Firefly, Life and Subarashiki Sekai(+Himitsu and Kitto Daijobu not long after)->Totally interested with Aiba-shi's solo part in Subarashiki Sekai till I keep listening the song again and again just to hear his voice->(2008)Finally know how other Arashi's members faces look alike->Start to listen more of their song->watched Truth PV and fall in love!(oh yeah~)

Just add me as your friend cause I'll definitely add you back(except if you tell me not to) ;) I'm an open minded person so fear or worry not!If you have anything to say about the fic that I wro/ite, just say it.English is not my first language so please forgive me for any grammar error or mistakes(which I'm more than sure A LOT!!!)

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ (_ _)

Interests (14):

arashi, arashian, cats, fanfics, foods, japan, jdramas, je, jmovie, jmovies, listening music, manga, musics, watching japanese drama & movie
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