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Titlte: Twirling the twisted side (One-shot)
Rating: G (err...still safe I guess)
Genre: Drama, mild angst, mild actions, friendship
Characters: OT5
Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Not Arashi or the branded stuff that mentioned in this fic.
Summary: It was supposed to be a normal night for a drunk man, a bartender, a seducer, an elevator boy, and a 'prince' who didn't know each other...or maybe it wouldn't? And were they really have no connection with each other?
A/N: It might turn out unexpected. So please read until the end. And this is un-betaed!

Twirling the twisted side

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>Hello everyone! It'd been a while since I wrote fics. Here, I (proudly) announce that I officially completed my final semester!!!*throw confetti* Just hope my result is good so I can convo next year :)
>This plot suddenly appeared in my head yesterday and somehow I suddenly finished it by today. I think the urge suddenly came since I receive quite a lot of question and request to write OT5 fic. Honestly, I missed to write one too, but writer's block made it difficult ==" And sorry for the title. When I wanted to post it, I finally realized that I haven't named it. I was already feeling too sleepy and couldn't come up with the best name so...that's how it turned out in the end. If I want to continue this I'll probably come up with a better one.
>Comments, opinions, and criticism are much appreciated! I guess...this one will be a one-shot(?). I don't know XD (I really don't!)

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Title : (One-Shot) Gentlest touch
Character : Jun-centric
Words : 3728
Genre : AU, slight angst, drama
Rating : G
Summary : Based on another real story from from STORIES FROM P4WS. Matsumoto Jun is a university student who was unluckily assigned to work as volunteer in a shelter despite the fact that he is actually hated by animal. Yet he never expect that he will encounter a lot of things that he never ever thought the moment he involves himself with the shelter.
Disclaimer : I wrote this based on Hampton's story. Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] fundraise4paws and [livejournal.com profile] no3lr3i :) I'm just writing this story! And J's is not mine!

A/N : This story is written to advertise [livejournal.com profile] fundraise4paws. We're still open for fund and welcoming anyone who want to offer their 'work' to raise the fund. You can go check the community for more information ^^
I will come up with 5 different one-shot which each of it will has Arashi member as the main character. All the stories are inspired on real abandon dogs' stories from P4WS.

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Title : (One-Shot) A Better Tomorrow
Character : Aiba-centric
Words : 3862
Genre : AU, slight angst, drama
Rating : G
Summary : Based on real story from STORIES FROM P4WS . Aiba Masaki is an animal lover who never missed to do his daily jog at a certain same place. One day he witnesses a man tying his dog at a jungle that he used to visit which at the same time, makes him realize about an important harsh reality.
DISCLAIMER : I wrote this based on Max's story. Credit goes to fundraise4paws and [livejournal.com profile] no3lr3i :) I'm just the writer, neither own Aiba-shi!

A/N : This story is written to advertise fundraiser for We're still open for fund and still accept anyone who want to offer their 'work' to raise the fund :)
I'm going to come up with 5 different one-shots which will have one Arashi member as the main character. All of it are inspired on real abandon dogs's stories from P4WS.

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Pairing: OT5(Ah, it's not pairing.)
Rating: G
Genre: AU, comedy, friendship, slight-action?
Disclaimer: Just the plot!
Length: 11,210 words
Summary: Aiba accidentally steals a dangerous mafia leader's briefcase which put his in a live-death situation. What will he and his friends going to do?
Warning: Grammatical error and a really crazy plot. So please prepare your heart!

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Title: Life is Unpredictable but...that's what make it fun!
Pairing: Ohno-centric with other members' cameo(try to look for it!)
Words: 5019
Genre: AU, Comedy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Plot only! Got the title idea from [livejournal.com profile] eveshine message; "If life is predictable, it will be boring ne." Sorry for using it without your permission dear! m(_ _")m
Summary: Having a bad day? Check it out.
A/N: Got this idea after listen to Lenka's 'The Show' song. If you're having a terrible day, I hope this will make you feel better. If you're not, enjoy!

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Title: There's something in my house
Pairing: All 5
Words: 8754
Genre: Horror, angst
Rating: Uggh...I guess R
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine.
Summary: Aiba just moved into his new house with his younger brother help. Yet, he was bothered by something which is obviously not alive and might endanger him.
A/N: Sorry, I can't give too much detail on the summary or it won't be intersting anymore. It's HORROR. So for those who don't like this genre, don't try to read it.

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Title: ...When Angry Birds come to Alive
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Summary: When 'Angry Birds' come to alive, what is going to happen?
Warning: Nino real bratiness and Aiba the poor green pig!
A/N: My first fic after hiatus for three months. Sorry for any mistakes and error!

...When Angry Birds come to Alive )

>Yo!Yo!Yo!Long time no see, yo! I finally back...with tanned and muscles!(gyahahaha!) Okay, actually I wrote this story when I was still in my training and I almost drop it as I already forget how to write Humour fics anymore. But since I've already finish half way of this, I decide to continue it now :)
>As usual, comments and critisms for improvement are warmly welcome! (0w<)b

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Title:My Girl PV~A Story of us~
Summary:Based on My Girl PV...
Disclaimer:I really really really not own anything! Even the PV story line!

A/N: Maybe...You should also watch the PV for better understand it
 Ohno-Ichiro/Aniki  Sakurai-Jiro  Aiba-Saburo  Ninomiya-Shiro  Matsumoto-Goro

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