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Pairing: OT5(Ah, it's not pairing.)
Rating: G
Genre: AU, comedy, friendship, slight-action?
Disclaimer: Just the plot!
Length: 11,210 words
Summary: Aiba accidentally steals a dangerous mafia leader's briefcase which put his in a live-death situation. What will he and his friends going to do?
Warning: Grammatical error and a really crazy plot. So please prepare your heart!



Ladies who are walking on the same sidewalk with the pickpocket immediately turn around by the shout. They scream in terrify when the criminal speedily run surpass them with a cap covering his face. As the pickpocket almost reaches the end of the sidewalk and sees a winding road after it, he speeds up to cross over the road. Beyond his expectation, a ramen delivery all of sudden stop there to fix his sitting position on bicycle.





Aiba flinches when the inspector in front him suddenly slam the table between them.

“Let me ask you, how many times you’re caught by us already?”


And again, he flinches when the inspector hit the table for the second time.

“Then why you are still doing this?! Can’t you see you have no luck on stealing people things AT ALL?!”

Aiba pouts.

“My friend introduced me with a fortune teller before. And the kind lady told me that; ‘you should be a successful pickpocket! It’ll definitely bring a lot of fortunate to your life!’ So, that’s why I’m here.”

The inspector palms his face by Aiba’s innocent tone. After so many times fate ‘arrange’ him to meet that guy in same interrogation room like today he already can see how bold and naïve that guy is.  That’s why he somehow doesn’t blame Aiba for believe what the idiot fortune teller said, but curse whoever his clever friend that suggested him to see the fortune teller until he’s so insist to be a pickpocket.


The inspector let out a cough before change to serious expression.

“I think you fit more to be a policeman.”

At a same time, sound of footsteps echoes inside the long corridor behind them. Since the investigation room’s door is wide open, he and Aiba can see clearly who is walking and heading to jail from their place.


Aiba couldn’t believe his own eyes. Instead of him, the poor victim of his crime is now being drag into jail!

“That’s why I said you should be a policeman. 15 times we catch you and 15 times as well we must release you since all your victims are the most wanted criminals in Tokyo. Are you purposely stole their things?”

“No! Of course not!”

After few more process, the pickpocket finally free with a same last warning from the same inspector who always handle his case. He then immediately walk out from the police station and head to wherever his feet will bring him to.

“Huh? A pickpocket? Do you know that you’re easily deceived by anyone you found? You must be kidding me Masaki!”

That is what Sakurai Sho; one of his best friends who are also a CEO in one of the most successful company in world told him before. In such a young age the owner of company that Sho is working in give him such a big responsibility as he trust his young assistant so much who also gifted with a very great talent in business and negotiation field.

 “…Eh? A pickpocket? It’s a crime, Masaki. Although you are my friend, crime is still a crime.”          

Well, a lawyer is still a lawyer.

Aiba sighs heavily when he remember what his famous and well respect lawyer friend; Ohno Satoshi say when he tell him about what the fortune teller advice him to be. Even though that guy always beam anyone he meet with his sleepy face and tan skin (too long spending time for fishing), the percentage of he’s going to lose in any case he get is ZERO.

“Oi. You must be out of your mind if you think a pickpocket is ‘a kind of’ job!  Although I’m the leader of my Yakuza’s family, I’ll never tell my people to do that kind of sin!”

Um…yep! That is Matsumoto Jun; the leader of a powerful modern Yakuza clan which he inherit from his father who is now living in Okinawa with his mother to have relax and romantic life together without any blood, fight and swords anymore. Though, he actually doesn’t know that Jun actually succeeded to unite all the Yakuza clans in Tokyo again and live in peace with each other. Even the residences who live under them dare to greet their clan members casually like a family.

“What? A pickpocket? Do you have any idea what you just saying? Where did you put your brain?”

Well, what you can hope comes from Ninomiya Kazunari; the genius ever hacker in history? He can break into any security system, bank account, locked website, shopping complex CCTV, satellites, computers and probably also already hides a hidden camera in your bathroom. But the most interesting for him actually is unlocking levels or find a cheat of any games that manage to ‘steal’ his Otaku’s heart.


Aiba stressfully ruffle his hair which makes all eyes on the sideway to look on him weirdly. Realizing the attention he gets, Aiba clumsily bow down and apologize to them.

‘Why I can’t be like them? No need to run from Dad’s loan shark, mom’s debt and pervert apartment owner!’

A heavy sigh leave his mouth.

As he lift his face again and ready continue to walk on, he catch a sight of a man in suit is making a phone call not far from his standing spot.  Jealousy burning in his body as he notices an expensive Rolex around the man wrist with numbers of diamond rings on his fingers while a black limousine is waiting for him beside. Feel sorry with his poor life, the pickpocket ready to leave. It is then when he accidently catches a black briefcase right next to the man.

…And something pop into his mind.


“I also have no idea how he can involve himself with that dangerous man! Anyway, just come here now!”

Jun immediately hang up the call. The moment he almost enter the police headquarters entrance, he bumps into Sho who also get a phone call to come there. Both guys after that immediately get inside elevator before head to second floor together.

“Was I received a wrong information that Masaki just steal the Dragon mafia leader’s briefcase or it IS true?”

“Sadly, it DOES happen.”

Sho feels like oxygen stuck in his throat by the answer.

“He must be out of his mind.”

Few seconds later the elevator finally stops. As soon as the door opens in front them, they see two pretty female officers are waiting for them in front of the head office door. However just four steps ahead before they reach the chief police’s office door, the two pretty ladies suddenly block their way.


They say it in unison. Sho meanwhile frown by it.


“You need a password to enter this room.”

“Like hell we know it! We have emergency case with Ogura-san now and he’s the one who ask us to come here! So, just let us inside!”

The two pretties exchange glance with each other before turn to the two guys again.

“Magical Banana, if you say banana we think yellow.”

Sho and Jun blink by the unexpected situation. Sighing, the CEO turns to his friend beside him before look at the ladies again.

“W-Well, if you say yellow, I think vanilla.”

“If you say vanilla, we think ice cream.”

“If you say ice cream, I think kids.”

“If you say kids, we think kindergarten.”

“If you say kindergarten, I-”

Suddenly, the door of the head officer being slams open from inside.

“What are you guys doing?! Come get in now!”

“But they told us to give password first!”

“Don’t be idiot! You can just knock the door since this is emergency matter! How come you still can happily play Magical Banana there?!”

Jun sigh and fold his arms by the old man blind assumption. Sho at the same time shoot the same powerful man with a deathly ‘why don’t you say it earlier?!’ glare.

“I can’t believe you able to enjoy playing a game with my cute assistants when your friend is in terrible situation now! You’re really such an ungrateful friend!”

Sho furiously make a fist by the chief officer’s sentence. Snorting for the last time, Ogura-san finally tells the two young men to get inside his office. Sho and Jun follow it immediately before close the door behind them. Still holding a really deep grudge with that man, Sho take his only chance to revenge by angrily grabs a vase on the police chief’s desk as soon as the older one turn around and walk toward a large window near his working desk. The angry CEO aims to hit the old man with it, but manage to be stop by Jun.

“I don’t know what is inside your friend’s mind.”

Regretfully, the police chief shakes his head with his arm lean on the window.

Though, actually none of the guys behind listen to it. Sho is too busy with his desire to kill the old man while Jun is too busy to stop him and snatch the vase from other one hold.

“My people already told him timelessly that he should stop doing it, but he never change.”

At the same time, Sho manages to surpass Jun and speedily run toward Ogura-san. Jun who surprise by it clumsily runs forward before hardly elbowing his friend’s nape.

“Do you guys ever give him advice about the same thing too?”

The police chief asks and finally turns around to them. He however frown when see Sho is nowhere to be found and Jun is now holding his vase.

“O-Of course. He’s our precious friend after all.”

With a hesitant smile, Jun places the vase back on its place. He has no choice but to throw Sho behind the police chief’s desk after the latter pass out by his attack before. After murmur ‘sorry’ to his unconscious friend from his standing place, the Yakuza leader move to sit on guest chair and dive into his serious mood back.

“Do you know where Masaki is now?”

“Not at all. We completely have no idea where he’s hiding now.”

Jun nods.

“That boy really destined to meet criminal no matter what he do.”

With a sigh, the police chief sits on his working chair. Meanwhile, Jun just staring blankly the man in front him; his mind roaming about their in trouble friend, Aiba Masaki.

Actually Aiba doesn’t have that kind of ‘destiny’ when the first time he and the others know him. Aiba maybe even never think to be a pickpocket if it’s not because his former boss always fire him after at most two weeks working with them. After all, the cheerful guy is too unique. There’s time he has been deceive by customers when he’s working as café attendance and end up treating almost all of his customers. Then he work at convenient store, but fired after one day he carelessly leave the shop to chase a cute Persian cat that he see outside the door which cause the shop to face a lot of loss. The guy is also amazingly easily get lost if his workplace located far from his house till the point he end up call for any four of them to take him home from other prefecture of Japan.

 “Now, we just worry if the mafia will find him first.”

“…Well, to be honest I feel more worry whether he already realizes whose briefcase he just stole or not.”

Ogura-san blinks confusedly. Jun however just sighs.

“I won!!! YEAH~~!!!”

All of sudden Nino enters the office with his arms high in the air. His lips curve with a wide grin with Ohno follows him behind, still holding his black briefcase. Sounds of women are sobbing while saying ‘I never thought someone can beat us!’ from outside force Jun to widen his eyes in disbelief and approach his friends.

“You went along with what they’re asking?!”

“Cause they said we need password. But fortunately, Nino won the game.”

Nino just smugly smiles when Ohno pat his shoulder.

“Alright, let’s get back to our topic. Have Aiba-san tried to contact any of you before?”

The three of them look at each other immediately. Sho meanwhile slowly gain his conscious back before get on his feet again from behind the police chief desk. Ignoring the police chief, Ohno and Nino confuse stare by his sudden presence, he just let a purpose cough out.

“No, Sir. He hasn’t contact any of us yet.”

“That’ll be hard to track him then.”

The old man sighs heavily. Meanwhile, the other four guys just stay silent. They totally worry with their cheerful friend’s current situation.

“I’ve already told him that being a pickpocket is not a right thing to do. Why he’s so stubborn to become one?”

“One of my people told me before that a friend of Aiba-san introduced him with a fortune teller. And the lady advised Aiba-san to be a pickpocket because she said it is a right job for him.”

“Wait. I never heard this before.”

“I’m going to bash that idiot friend if he’s right in front me now.”

“No. Let’s just kill him already.”

Tense mood surround them.

Then, Nino slowly lifts his hand.

“That idiot is actually me…”

All eyes immediately stop at him. The room unexpectedly fall into silent before the other three finally have their voice back.


Nino sighs. Feel guilty, he rub his back head without making any eye contact with his friends beside.

“Well, both of us were drunk at that moment. I was still high when he suddenly asked me what kind of job will suit him. Since he looked so stress on that time I was jokingly told him that there’s a good fortune teller not far and if he follow what she said, luck will be on his side forever. But…I never thought she’s the one who told him to be a pickpocket.”


Suddenly, Jun takes out something shining from his side hip. As he gives it to Nino, Nino immediately back off in shock.

“Oi, Jun. What are you trying to do?”

“I won’t do it for you since you’re also my friend. But as a guy who already did a mistake, you must pay it with hara-kiri. Now use it to stab your stomach.”

Nino’s eyes immediately go wider.

“We’re not in Edo Period, Jun. Calm down.”

Despite of the horrible situation, the lawyer still stick with his like-nothing-serious-happen and not-reassuring face at all. Of course it makes the hacker furious, but beyond his expectation, Jun follows the advice and shoves his family’s sword back to its place. He almost give out a relief sigh, but stuck when he see it is Sho’s turn to approach him now.

“Yeah. Cause we’re in Heisei Period now.”

After pat Jun’s shoulder as a sign to the younger one to move from his way, Sho step toward Nino while clench tightly his hands until his vein show up and his bone produce some crack sounds. Noticing that the ‘mother-hen’ eyes look quite dangerous to stand closer with, Nino quickly moves aback.

“Alright, alright. I know it’s my fault Sho, but this is not the right time for this. We should solve this problem together before Masaki lost his life.”

Sho abruptly stops. Then he turns around, only to see Ohno and Jun nod by Nino’s words. Although still angry, he just crosses his arms while giving Nino a last warning glare. After that the four of them finally look at the police chief in front them again who just blink his eyes wordlessly from the second the drama in front him start.

“I think that’s all, right? We should take our leave now and look for him now.”

“No. you guys must stay here. Who knows Aiba-san is going to call you soon.”

“Don’t worry. We promise we will tell you immediately if he did.”

“That’s not the only reason. The Dragon gang must be now looking for anyone who has anything to do with Aiba-san and you guys might be already in his target since you’re so close with him. So, STAY here and DON’T TRY to get out from this building.”

The four guys exchange glance with each other. Later then Ohno suddenly tell Sho to hold his briefcase before calmly approaches the old man in front them.

“Sir, I don’t think you have any right to stop us.”

“I have a right. You guys safety are now under my responsibility until we manage to find the briefcase back or Aiba-san under our arrest.”

“Wait. Why do you want to arrest him? He’s the victim here right?”

“Well, he just steal someone property which is OBVIOUSLY a crime, doesn’t it? So he is criminal now.”

Sho, Nino and Jun want to fight back, but nothing escapes their mouth as they well realize the rightness behind Ogura-san’s words. Yet Ohno just chuckle by it.

“Sir, I don’t think it’s a right thing to do cause as much as I know you’re the one who always let Masaki free since all the victims of his ‘crime’ are more dangerous and sadist criminals than him. Plus, I never see any law in our country that state ‘a criminal who help police to arrest other criminal will be release’ EXCEPT if you have a proper agreement about it. But obviously, you didn’t right?”

“Indeed. But in his case, it was different. Aiba-san helped us to catch the MOST wanted criminals and as the ‘reward’, we let him free. ”

“That means in this case Masaki is also ‘helping’ the police right? Cause his ‘victim’ now is a dangerous Dragon mafia’s leader who has numerous dangerous people under him in Japan. After timelessly you guys freed Masaki, I don’t see any point for you to arrest him this time.”

The police chief silences. On the other hand, Sho, Nino and Jun behind clap their hands by their friend’s stunning statement. Well, what you can expect from a great lawyer?

“Or maybe you guys want to catch him because the police department are afraid with the mafia’s leader. So once Masaki under your arrestment you want to give Masaki back to the gang and let them to do what they want to him.”

“What if we really want to do that way?”

“You’re doing the most risky thing then. Since Masaki can’t be state as a criminal, that means he is still a commoner who is clean from any crimes. If the press or people outside find out, they would never trust police anymore and in the worst case; you might be fired.”

“What?! No way!”

Ohno smirks before puts his palm on the table with his still calm eyes.

“I think you also know that everyone in this country pay a lot of respect on me. Plus, the firm that I’m working in is as powerful as that could send you into jail in no time when they find this out. So, whether you’re going to arrest the gang leader and help us to save our friend or you will see me in court soon.”

Sho and Nino gape by the creepy threat. Immediately, Jun rush to stand beside the older one.

“Listen here. We promise that we will let you know if anything happen to our friend. What we want now is you just let us to use our own way to find him. Fair enough, right?”

“Own way?”

“Don’t worry. We will never use something that against the law, what more to injured or drag any innocent people along. And I promise that all my people will only investigate or spy anyone who they think might give us any clue about this matter. They will only fight back when it’s needed.”


“Yeah. As the leader of my clan, I don’t want to see anyone get injured by our act.”

The police chief thoughtfully put his finger on his chin. Seeing the old man is now taking his time for thinking, the CEO and the hacker slowly turn around with a small whisper.

“A devil lawyer…”

“With an angelic Yakuza leader…”

They exchange their glance awkwardly.

“Why I feel like they should exchange their job with each other?”

Soon, Ogura-san finally gives out a defeat sigh.

“Fine. But if something inappropriate happen to him, I’m not going to take any responsibility, got it?”

Wide smiles grow on the four guys’ faces.

“Roger, Sir.”

Ogura-san just nods.

“So, you guys have any idea what you’re going to do now?”

He frowns when Nino curves with a big smug smile.

 “Such a lame question.”

The hacker’s confident level makes the police chief amaze.

“That means you already have a plan?!”

“Nope. Not at all.”


‘Not again…’

Aiba pouts when another crowd of people run away from him while screaming like they just seen a Sadako crawls out from their television.

‘I wonder if I am that creepy…’

Well, of course. Who is not going to run 50 kilometres per hour when bump into a guy with a red blood stain on his shirt?

Weakly, Aiba walks toward closer bench in nearby park with the briefcase he just steal still tightly in his grip. After place the black ‘box’ beside him, he immediately shove out some McD’s tissues from his jean’s pocket and wipe the red stain that dirtying his white shirt. Actually he just return from fast food restaurant to have his lunch since it is half pass 12 pm which means it’s already savings money promotion (Nino told him before).

“What should I do now…”

He sighs heavily for the nth time on that day. If he doesn’t carelessly spill chilli sauce to his shirt before, definitely those cute kindergarten kids that he found on the way before aren’t going to run away from him while crying in terrify.

Although still dissatisfy with the treatment he receive today, Aiba decide to ignore it. Immediately, he brings his attention to the briefcase beside him. He then curiously tries to open the briefcase but fail when it needs a three number password.

‘People usually use 000…’

He excitedly starts to match the combination without knowing...how idiot the mafia’s leader is if he uses those numbers as his password.


Or, yes. The mafia leader IS idiot.


Aiba grin widely. Now the briefcase finally unlock, he immediately open it.


And close it back. For a while he just blink by the documents he seen inside it before reopen it for the second time.


And close it again.

“…Why the Dragon’s names sound so familiar?”

...Seems what Jun most worry about comes true.


At the same time Ohno, Sho and Nino are now in Matsumoto’s residence. Only sound of human made pond outside of the traditional living room they’re in can be heard which make Ohno and Sho to stare it quietly while Nino doing his job to track their friend’s phone. They’re actually planning to discuss about the solution of Aiba’s problem inside Jun’s room, but the owner himself say that it is better if they just have it in the living room since his clothes take too much space for them to enter altogether.

“Serve yourself.”

They look at the long corridor beside them when Jun comes with a tray of juices. As soon as the Yakuza leader gives glasses in his hand one by one to them, they immediately take a sip of it.

Except for Sho.

“Well, Jun…”


“Why are you the one who make drinks for us?”

The question immediately makes Ohno and Nino stop from praising how delicious their juice is.

“Huh? But usually I’m the one who make it when my neighbours come to stop by especially when my people not at home.”

“Well, speaking of your people…WHERE THE HECK ALL YOUR PEOPLE ARE?!”

Nino furiously puts his glass down.

“Aren’t they should follow you and protect you with their own life? But now, where are all of them?!”

“I told them that education is important too and they should try on what they like. So, most of my people now either having their class in university or doing part time job.”

Ohno and Nino gape when the clan’s leader just takes a sip of his juice calmly. Suddenly, Sho pats the younger’s shoulder before gives him a thumb up with a big smile.

“Exactly. I like that idea.”

As expected something that will come out from him.

All of sudden, someone panicky enter from the entrance. As soon as ‘the someone’ sees the four of them, he hurriedly runs toward them. Yet once he stop at the corridor near the four guys, he couldn’t say anything because of too lack of breath which makes the four guys only can watch him with a frown.

“What’s wrong Toma?”

The Yakuza leader startle when Toma suddenly grabs his shoulders.

“Jun, was it true Aiba-chan just stole the Dragon’s property?!”  

“Eh? How do you know about it? As much as I remember the police keep it as secret for a while.”

“He must be following you all the time right? Isn’t he your most right person?”

“That means when we’re talking with Ogura-san, you’re hiding on the ceiling and listening to all what we said? Cool!”

“No. I heard it from Oba-chan that I always hanging out with in next neighbourhood.”

Ohno and Sho fall on the floor exactly at the same time. Calmly, Jun just makes his mouth with ‘o’ shape and nods. Well, like he expects it.

“Well, it does make sense. If he followed Jun all the time, there’s no need for him to ask Jun that question.”

“So it is true?!”

Jun just nods.

“That means Masaki is in a big danger now. The mafia gang must already know how his face looks alike and looking for him in his house now.”

“Nino, still no Masaki’s trace?”

Nino immediately moves to his laptop and types something on it. He unfortunately only can shake his head to answer the CEO’s question.

“Toma, call our people to come here NOW.”


Aiba gives a heavy sigh out when he see another pile of bills and ‘love letters’ from bank in his mailbox. With his left hand holding briefcase and the other one grip tightly on those envelopes, he slowly moves to climb up the nearest stairs. The moment he only few steps from his apartment’s door he surprise to found the door is slightly open, showing that someone already unlock it. Worry if burglar just sneaks inside, he make his pace quicker before push open the door.

Yet, he tilts his head to side when see no one inside.

‘Eh? No one?’

Few wrinkles plasters on his temple as he feels completely confuse with what is happening.


The poor guy immediately jumps when someone behind suddenly playfully slaps his butt. He immediately turn around and surprise to see a familiar 50’s lady who has thick make-up on her face.


His heart thumps hardly against his chest when the middle age woman dangerously comes to approach him.

This will definitely mean one thing only.

“Have you thought about it?”

“A-About w-what?”

He slowly takes few steps behind for every step the landlady take to come closer. Actually he knows what the landlady is talking about but he is too terrified now to even speak. Finally, he traps between the hard wall behind him and the creepy landlady in front. Both their faces are extremely close till Aiba thinks he could count how many pimples the woman has on her face.

“Whether you pay the rent or I’ll kick you out from here.”

The pickpocket bites his lower lip worriedly.

“J-Just give me few more days please...I still have not enough money now.”

“I WON’T listen to any excuse anymore. Prepare to see all your stuffs at the garbage place if I still don’t get anything next Monday. Got it?”


“Good boy~”

A pat touches his head immediately. However, his unfortunate fate still not ended yet. Like the other day, the landlady will start to move her nose to the tall guy’s neck and sniff his fragrance; full of concentration. All the renters there already know about the landlady’s smell fetish and the only way to prevent her from doing that to them is PAY the rent. The ridiculous situation almost makes the poor guy to punch his landlady (he learnt from Jun for safety), but considering that he has no place to stay at with the current cold weather outside, he gives up.


All of sudden someone kicks the front door open. Three guys with fierce face immediately enter the small apartment room and almost start to make a fuss. However, they stop by the sight that comes into their eyes.


Sound of whistles and excited laugh all of sudden noising the room that make Aiba’s face red in embarrassment.

“No! It’s not like what you guys think!”

“Come on Masa~ what are you embarrassing about?”

Another meaningful whistle comes from the three guys. Immediately then the ‘intruders’ rush out from there before one of them closes the door with a teasing wink. Feel completely embarrass by it, Aiba pushes the landlady’s body aside and tries to explain with what exactly happen between him and the woman, but unexpectedly, the landlady suddenly grabs his wrist and slams him on the wall with unbelievable strength.

“Shall we continue~”

“N-No! T-This is all just a misunderstanding a-and they are misunderstood about what happen! I-I must explain this to them!”

“It doesn’t matter~”


His voice now crack, obviously shows like he is going to cry if the woman still does not want to stop soon. For the entire couple of minutes after that the lady tries to give him another sniff attack though Aiba this time doesn’t want to let her do like her please anymore and struggles to push her body away with all his might.

Finally, the older woman pouts and looks at him in dissatisfy.

Mou~ stop treat me like a Ryu gang! There’s no reason for you to feel afraid with me!”

“...Ryu gang?”

“Aren’t everybody in Tokyo afraid of them? You treat me like I’m one of them!”

Aiba just blinks confusedly as he still doesn’t get what she is talking about.

‘Ah. She must be talking about the Dragon gang.’

“I heard from my friends that the leader now is in a really bad mood since someone just steals his important briefcase that full of the gang’s secret. How dare the stealer for doing that.”

The tall guy sniffs a bit, finally manages to resist himself from crying. However then he suddenly tilt his head confusedly. Now when he rethink again he finally realize that he seem...just...read the Dragon name before.

Sound...really familiar!

“Well, who cares right? Don’t push me away again please~”

 This time Aiba doesn’t pay any attention on her at all and just bring his eyes to the ceiling with a slight frown.

‘Dragon...Dragon...Briefcase...Briefcase...Dragon’s briefcase...’

A sudden realization hit him.

“Let’s continue~”


The landlady abruptly stops and looks at him in surprise.


OMG. He always listen Sho said it when the five of them went out for a drink before and he really hope that he can use it one day as he believe he will look so cool when he say it (only because it is in English actually).

...Although, he never thought he will use it in that kind of horrible situation.

‘Ouch. That must be rough.’

He immediately looks at the closing door where the whisper is coming from. His expression drastically changes when he realizes that the three guys before actually still there and eavesdropping them from outside the door. Panicky, Aiba rushes to look at the bedroom, bathroom and finally notice the medium size window in his small kitchen’s counter. Immediately, he open the window with his full with envelopes hand. Fortunately he is living on second floor.

“Masa? Where are you going to?”

The landlady confusedly stare him from behind. With half of his body now outside of the house, Aiba immediately turns to her with a determined look.

“Savingk my life!”

He gives a small push to himself and a moment later, he finally out from the house and fall hardly on the parking lot. Soon after he manages to stand on the ground, he leave the place as fast as he can, completely doesn’t bother to look behind at all. He surpass flood of office workers who are now heading to their own way from company until he reach a park where he is sure far enough from his apartment area.

For a while after that he just stands dumbly and looks around there.

‘What I’m just doing...’

Weakly, he approaches a nearby bench and sits on it. Only when he put the briefcase and those envelopes in his hold beside, he finally realize how STUPID he is for still bringing it along with him.

‘Sho and Nino are right. I’m such a naive and DUMB.’

With a heavy sigh, he leans on the bench.

 It will be the end for him. He just does a big mistake and now he might be lost his life because of it. His friends really right in how careless and naive he is.

‘Wait. Maybe I can ask for their help!’

A bright smile plasters on his face as he take out his phone from his pocket. It however doesn’t last long when he notice his phone is running out of battery. Again, he sighs heavily and slowly lie down on the bench with full of despair. For a while he just silently stare the sky above. It sounds funny but somehow he feel so grateful with his landlady’s attack or he must already have been throw to the Tokyo Bay and his friends just need to prepare an altar for him with ‘Aiba Masaki in memory’ written on it.

He just keep staring the sky until he hear woman’s scream from his side.

“He’s death! He’s death!”

A shock gasp comes from the screaming woman as she tightens her grip around his boyfriend’s arm. The boyfriend meanwhile look at him with a same terrify look as well and just can return his girlfriend grip. Their act makes Aiba confusedly sits up which make the couple take few steps aback immediately.

“H-He still can moves with that injured? Isn’t his stomach was badly stabbed?”


With a frown, Aiba looks at his dirty shirt. Then, he brings his gaze up to the couple again.

“...This urm...2-2013 fashion.”


ACT 2 )


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