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Title : (One-Shot) Gentlest touch
Character : Jun-centric
Words : 3728
Genre : AU, slight angst, drama
Rating : G
Summary : Based on another real story from from STORIES FROM P4WS. Matsumoto Jun is a university student who was unluckily assigned to work as volunteer in a shelter despite the fact that he is actually hated by animal. Yet he never expect that he will encounter a lot of things that he never ever thought the moment he involves himself with the shelter.
Disclaimer : I wrote this based on Hampton's story. Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] fundraise4paws and [livejournal.com profile] no3lr3i :) I'm just writing this story! And J's is not mine!

A/N : This story is written to advertise [livejournal.com profile] fundraise4paws. We're still open for fund and welcoming anyone who want to offer their 'work' to raise the fund. You can go check the community for more information ^^
I will come up with 5 different one-shot which each of it will has Arashi member as the main character. All the stories are inspired on real abandon dogs' stories from P4WS.

(Second Story : Hampton)

              Becomes a university student is surely hard. There’re a lot of stuffs in hand that need to be settled; assignments, reports, case studies and many, many more that sometimes Matsumoto Jun wishes badly will never exist.

However now nothing of it can be compared with the task that was given to him by his lecturer before. Several wrinkles form on his forehead once he finds out the place that he needs to spend at for a whole month due to the thesis that he must finish by 3 months from now. He completely can’t believe how unfortunate his luck keeps going on before and now, THIS. If he had a choice he will definitely stamp to that old man’s office and curse him straight in his face for never even once ask if his student would like to go on with the topic that given to them or change it before.


Jun startles from his thought. He immediately looks away from observing every inch of the building in front him to the door where he finally realizes the presence of a smiling man around his age.

“You’re Matsumoto-san, right? Your university just called and told us that you will come today.”

The university student feels his breath all of a sudden stuck in his throat. How he wishes he can say ‘no, you’re wrong’. Or maybe refuse this task. Or just run away or maybe, not coming there from the first place.

Yet knowing that he has no any other option, Jun heavy heartedly nods. The awaiting guy meanwhile politely introduces himself before invites him to enter the building that he is working as one of the volunteers which Jun as well will join for a whole month starting from that day. However even after the guy disappears inside Jun still remain stuck in his current place.
Well, try to imagine.

Jun never even once meets a single animal who will communicate nicely with him. Every time it requires him to interact with someone’s pet he would definitely get at least a long scratch even if the pet was supposed to be the laziest, fluffiest or gentlest pet of his friend. He also never found any dog which will never growl when seeing him although he just coincidentally walks near the place where the dog is resting.  But now he never expects that he will be standing in front of the animal shelter that he is assigned to, speechless and clueless.

‘I’m dead.’


Growls, barks and even howl resound every time Jun walks in front of cages or tied dog in the shelter. Though feel tired and sometimes jump by the sudden bark from his side, Jun doesn’t have any choice but follows the male volunteer in front him who is still busy explaining and walking him all over the shelter. He seems doesn’t care with the noises around him either because of too busy talking to even care or those animals are usually in that condition anyway until he already used to it.

“-do you?”

The volunteer suddenly turns to Jun behind. Manage to be startled once by a howl again, Jun after that quickly returns the latter’s questioning eyes with a same one.

“Sorry, what did you just say?”

He frowns when he still cannot catch what the guy says due to the noises. After asking the latter to repeat for the second time and he still cannot grasp what the latter try to say, Jun decides to just nod. The university student then notices the guy in front nods once before leading him out of the second room to see another room which more stray dogs have been placed.

For around one hour what they’re doing just visit the dogs and cats that the shelter has. Sometimes the male volunteer will introduce him with the other volunteers that they bump into which Jun can hold a friendly conversation without any problem. Yet when it comes to the offer to touch the animals he will quickly refuse, ignoring the other guy’s obvious confusion look by his answer.

Unexpectedly despite the several cold welcomes he receives, miraculously somehow Jun still manages to reach safely the last room in the building. He couldn’t be more grateful for still can stay in one piece. Plus, it seems the guy in front is taking him to the last place where the animal has been placed so after that he will be free to do anything for a while.

“So, here we are. Are you ready?”

Bewilder by the question, Jun blinks for a few times.

“What’s in here?”

“Abandon dogs with horrible wounds. We separated them from the others so we can watch their development closely. Besides, they are not in a good condition to stay in a same space with the other healthy dogs.”

Jun nods. While unlocking the quarantine room, the volunteer starts to talk again.

“Not all volunteers dare to meet them, you know. It is either because they have a too soft spot till the point they can’t see these injured dogs or they have no guts to see the wound. That’s why only a few volunteers can enter this room to give them treatment like giving medicine, change their bandages, taking them for a walk or something like that.”

“The wound…is that fatal?”

“Well, some of them yes. Broken bones, losing body parts. There were two of them who just through a surgery so for people who’re not strong enough, we advised them to not come to here. Plus, these animals usually still can’t overcome their trauma yet so not all of them will be so nice with unfamiliar people.”

Upon it Jun couldn’t help but stare the guy before him confusedly. And how he can be so sure that he is strong enough to face what is in the room? Also, does this guy not realize that he was unwelcomed at all by those abandon animals from the moment he set his foot there?

“It is such a good thing you don’t have any trouble to see that kind of stuff. Maybe you can help us to take care of them too.”

Wait, Jun thought. Judging from the way the male volunteer says it makes him much aware that what the other one said sounds more like a statement than offer like he already agreed that he will lend his help in here.  Feels totally confuse, the university guy wondering about it with himself for a while. Only when the guy fully opens the door in front of them Jun finally remembers about the unheard question that the man threw him in the previous rooms. Immediately, his eyes snap open.

‘Don’t tell me he actually asked me about this before.”

Jun’s face instantly changes to slight pale. He panicky opens his mouth to say something, but only to fall into a speechless state when saw the volunteer guy already smilingly inviting him to get inside the quarantine room.

“I’m sure they will like you.”

Without waiting for any response the volunteer turn around. Jun at the same time freezes on his spot. The university student frowningly takes an amount of time to gather his courage for a while before makes his way inside, already made an unpleasant expression when smells the strong medicine scent enter his nostrils. Right when he just takes a step inside however he stops when saw a female volunteer hurriedly approach them.

“The vet just called. They have a new dog for us.”


Another painful shriek and Jun couldn’t help but chew his lip.

He can do nothing but watch from aside while the two veterinarians and two volunteers are working together to calm down a new injured semi-big abandon dog that will be taken to the shelter today. Back at the shelter before he was asked if he wanted to come along to the veterinary which he accept without any second thought. However he never imagines the case that they’re going to have will be this serious.

‘Someone saw a man poured hot boil water on his head.’

He still remember what the veterinarian said when they arrived before. Immediately, his eyes move to look at the right ear of the now uncontrolled dog which almost detach from the place and. Due to the heartless action of any evil man who poured the hot water, the poor animal’s ear is now hanging weakly with a red and raw wound can be spotted around it. Although the veterinarians have given their utmost best to calm down the dog, unfortunately the pain is still too much for the poor animal to withstand. No wonder the dog was so aggressive and still can’t stop form whimpering and shrieking when they arrived at there before.

After for about more than an hour waiting and discussing about the wounded dog, the veterinarian finally let them take him back. Perhaps because of the combination of tiredness and medicine in him, the aggressive dog slowly falls asleep as soon as he has been placed in a cage that they bring along. Jun who is sitting in the backseat at the same time receives his first ever task as a new volunteer - to watch and takes care of the now calm, sleeping dog beside him.

As they start to drive away, Jun just quietly observes the stray dog.  Soon, when he hears the dog soft purr he immediately shifts toward the cage, surprisingly try to get closer to the dog as possible as he can instead of distance himself from animal like usual.

“…How could that man did this to you?”

His face saddens just by recalling how in pain the dog looks back then. If just by touching hot kettle already painful enough to make a person cry, what if the content was poured to him? It already makes him uncomfortable to imagine a bowl of boiled hot water are splashed to him then what more when the water touches his ear, one of the body parts which has a really thin skin layer. He will definitely also scream and cry like that dog or maybe acts much worse than that. And to know that his skin might be melting and he perhaps will lose his hearing sense by that, he isn’t sure if he can continue with that fact for the rest of his life. Yet now he is watching a dog which needs to face exactly that hurting reality.

Determination shines in his eyes as he looks at the latter’s injured again. All the negative thought he had in the shelter while ago disappear just in a blink of eyes.

Maybe he was destined to work in the shelter not for nothing. There must be something he could do for this poor dog and the rest in the shelter especially to prove that not all human are as heartless as what those animals knew.

The fact that he is hated by animals will not stop him from supporting those fellows as much as he can.


Three days passed in a blink of eyes since Jun starts to work as a volunteer. For the entire time he does his best to improve his knowledge and sometimes take notes from the other experienced volunteers about the right way to clean up the cage, feeding and change the bandages for those dogs they have there. He also always makes sure that all medicine is taken properly by every single dog in there and every time he has free time he will help certain dogs to do rehabilitation under his seniors’ surveillance.  Although three days ago when he stepped inside the room for the first time his mind was still bothered by what he is going to see inside, unexpectedly the further he walked inside the more his uncomfortable expression became softened. Indeed there’re injured abandon pets he found there, but almost all of them were sleeping. The awaken ones on the other hand either too weak to do anything or just let him do his job despite their insecure growl.

As much as Jun couldn't believe it himself, he enjoys working in the quarantine room. Not only he doesn’t get sudden attacks from any direction like before, but he also somehow feels like he is starting to love animal again. Besides, to his great surprise, he has no problem to see those injuries that the volunteer shows to him. Of course his ‘animal’s forever enemy’ curse will never ever could be broken, but he has no problem with it anymore as he slowly gets used with the negative response that he receives from almost all the dog in there. Thankfully the fellow volunteers also understand his situation and task him to take care of small dogs only, like the newborn puppies he is going to feed today.

“Good morning little buddies.”

He greets the little creatures. A grin shows on his face when sees the puppies yawn by his voice. Finish wear a pair of latex gloves, he moves the milk bottle in his hold closer to them which makes the puppies at first hungrily sniffs for the appetizing same before start climbing each other to drink it. Fortunately Jun has no problem to handle it anymore and just calmly reply his partner with “I’m fine” when
the latter comes to approach.

Soon a chuckle leaves Jun’s mouth.

“My friends are going to tease me if they see I’m feeding babies.”
“I’m not surprised. I bet this is your first time babysitting too right?”

The male volunteer laughs by Jun’s approval sound. Watching the puppies craving to fill their stomach with milk, Jun couldn’t help but bother with something.

“I’m curious. Where is their mother?”
“The founder can’t find it anywhere. So we conclude that the owner still wants the mother, but not the puppies.”

The answer makes Jun looks at the other one questioningly.

“These poor puppies were found on the roadside two days ago. Perhaps the owner doesn’t want to have more pets so he threw them away.”

The university student couldn’t find any word afterwards. As his partner disappears to prepare food for another stray dog, Jun carefully moves closer to observe the puppies that he just fed which all now ready to fall asleep again. His eyes soften when realizes those puppies clearly still need to be breastfed by their mother though they not look so red anymore and already have a thin layer of fur. It’s hard to believe that someone who actually owns a dog could just throw away his pet’s children without considering the puppies’ unfit condition.

“Seriously…what’s wrong with the society nowadays?”

Jun then starts to look around the room. His heart ache just by thinking that almost all dogs in the room actually fall into the condition they are now because of human, a living thing which is supposed to be cleverer and sympathizer. Since when someone can become so selfish to the point can ignore their own humanity value? And isn’t it so ironic when think how easy the owner of these abandon pets could hurt their pets inside and outside despite the trust and love their pets gave while he here is still trying his best to make those dogs to at least not attack him?

Totally lost in his own thought, Jun doesn’t realize he was walking in front of a huge dog. He startles when the stray dog suddenly barks and tries to jump toward him which makes him to bump his hand to nearby cage and cause the dog there to also start to bark madly.

When the other dogs in the same room join to create noises along, Jun knows he can’t do anything anymore. He only can sigh heavily while his partner tries to calm the situation down until the owner of the shelter enter. Now a ruckus already happened because of him, Jun wasn’t sure if he is supposed to be there anymore. He is just about to step out and walk away from there when to his surprise there’s actually a dog standing next to the door, probably brought by the shelter’s owner before.

‘Shoot! Hampton!’

It is already too late for him to retort when Hampton, the aggressive dog with unhealed ear that he meet three days ago already moved toward him. Even though he does his best to treat and feed the dog every day, there’s no chance he wouldn’t be hurt by the latter.

Seeing the stray dog’s face just inches from his leg, Jun expect for a bite. To his great surprise the dog just sniffs him. His confusion grows bigger when the dog then returns his stare while sticking out his tongue, his tail swaying restlessly to show his excitement.


His voice gains attention from the shelter’s owner and the male volunteer who immediately turn to his direction.

“Seem he likes you.”

Jun turns to the other guy in disbelieve. Just then he feels something is touching to his leg, making him to quickly move his leg away. Yet when he realizes his action startling the stray dog who just tries to snuggle with him, he freezes instantly which makes the dog approaches him back.

It takes him several minutes to overcome his shock by the sudden closeness. Only after he was reassured by the other two persons in there he finally manages to kneel down and spoil the abandon animal, a wide smile never disappears from his mouth all the time.


“Not again.”

It’s almost the second week Jun helping as a volunteer in an animal shelter, but seems the dogs in the quarantine room still show no sign to accept him.

Using his left hand, the university student tries to make the dog he just gives food to let go of his hand. Unfortunately when he tries to open the dog’s mouth he feels the bite on his hand suddenly goes deeper, making him to shoot the stray dog with his death glare. He knows probably the gloves he wore already have little holes on it looking by how stubborn the dog refuses from freeing him. Finally he has no choice but to call for his partner’s help.

“I can’t believe he has already done this to me THREE times.”

Jun immediately pulls his hand and walks away as soon as his partner managed to persuade the dog to free him. Hissing, he quickly throws away his gloves and rubs his right hand. His partner meanwhile only can look at him sympathisingly while locking the open cage.

“It must be hard for you. Honestly I never meet anyone who was so hated by animal like you.”

“I guess there’s no chance for animal to like me ever.”

A sigh escapes Jun’s mouth. He is just about to leave the room and looks for medicine to treat his wound when a sudden bark from one of the cages there stops him. Hampton in the cage on the other hand is looking at him with shining eyes, making Jun couldn’t help but come out with a chuckle and a promise to return soon.

Some minutes later Jun did keep his promise to come back as fast as he can. He starts to play about random stuff with Hampton together, no longer concern about the incident that just happened while ago. After a moment his partner approaches the both of them.

“How about take Hampton for a bath since he seems not have any problem with you?”

The question makes Jun immediately look at the other guy. After all, the guy supposed to know that he never even has once helped to bath any dogs in there. Most of the time he will just watch from the side or help to pass whatever needed for the volunteer on duty. Bathing them for him is the same with digging his own grave since gets less than few scratches are impossible at that stage already.

On the other hand, he doesn’t want to disappoint Hampton. That dog after all is one of a few dogs who don’t attack him and even the only one who treat him as a friend. And perhaps because of that as well he wants to do something for the latter.

It wasn’t long before his decision strengthened by the reassuring words from his partner. Besides, it’s already too late for him to turn back anyway since Hampton has been taken out and lead to the bathroom already. So what he could do only hope for luck to be on his side, especially after he step into the bathroom and they finish preparing everything for the bath purpose a few minutes later.

The moment Jun begins, glimpse of nervous clearly shows on his face. It’s not near easy at all since every single movement by the stray dog makes him almost immediately withdraw his hand. Yet, considering that the water might hit the dog’s unhealed ear, Jun forces himself to stay calm with the other volunteer there lend his help sometimes. He grits his teeth as he starts to wash Hampton’s head which the latter to his surprise, stays still and not wriggles at all. Hampton even looks calm and let himself to be clean by Jun who at the first shock, but soon continued to focus on his job. The bathing process took a little bit longer since it was Jun’s first time, but everything going smooth until the end nevertheless.

“I’m shocked.”

After drying his hands, Jun approaches his partner who currently drying the stray dog’s fur. As he kneels down next to the other guy he receives a pat on his back by the other one.

“That’s because you gain his trust. I’m sure a little bit more and the other dogs will start to accept you too.”
Smiling, the guy returns to dry Hampton again. Upon that Jun immediately bring his stare at the dog who already looking at him. Only silent surrounds them for a while until the university student reach for the latter’s head and pat it lovingly.

“Thank you.”

Somehow he gets something. It doesn’t necessary to worry about being hated by animals actually. What is more important is he treats them wholeheartedly without expect for any return.

Cause Love and kindness will melt even the hardest soul.


>Thanks for reading everyone! As you know this story is written special for [livejournal.com profile] fundraise4paws. Like I've mentioned in A/N, we're still open for fund and looking for more donation. You still can show your support by spreading this fund or leave comment about your thought on the community even if you can't offer or make donation ^^ It'll enlighten us.
>I hope J wasn't turned out OOC in this story ==" My planned is to write this story with A.M.N.O.S order but I think the next story maybe will come up a little bit later due to certain problem...So please excuse me ne... ^^"
>LJ 'betrayed' me on the last post. I tried to fix my last post several times but seemed it's not working... I hope it won't happen again T^T

(no subject)

28/9/13 11:05 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] raene-9.livejournal.com
i liked it how you describe Jun in here and how he got close to that dog...kind Jun..thanks for sharing ;)

(no subject)

1/10/13 12:06 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Thank You SO much for reading!

Hehehe. I wanted to write 'kind Jun' for a long time already. Glad you like it ;)

(no subject)

8/10/13 03:41 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] yukiko-makoto.livejournal.com
Aww..J, you're so nice although you already know that many animal don't like you..
Another heartwarming story from you..
So, the next one is probably Nino right?
Ganbatte! I'll patiently wait for the next one..

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12/10/13 03:25 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] j-sei.livejournal.com
<3 I love Jun's story ^^ Finally he can get closer to animal (though from ff only :p) I think the other dogs can accept him later ^^
Kind of rare to see Jun like this but it's not OOC :p

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14/10/13 02:58 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] neko-kirin3104.livejournal.com
What happened to Hampton made me cringe. I am glad that Jun stayed on as a volunteer long enough to gain Hampton's trust. I am sure the other dogs will learn to like him too, eventually. Thank you very much for sharing! <3


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