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I was torn at first if I should post this or not  just in case there's someone who is wondering or worried with my sudden disappearance (if there really is though XDDD). So here I am, to tell all my LJ friends that I'm still around :) Though if anyone notice it, I do appear in comment section sometimes, but I didn't update anything on my own journal. Well, the main reason for this is because my laptop charger broke down since around months ago. And since I don't have much time and money due to...well, assignments, I also don't have opportunity to buy a new one.

I bet those who have read my personal journal might notice that my laptop broke down quite a lot now XD But this time I didn't find it as 'suffering' as the previous ones since I still have time to move any important and needed videos, songs, and files before the laptop battery running out of battery. And since it's nearing exam period, I also don't bother so much to use laptop at that time.

Another things that I found even funnier (and maybe unfortunate too) is 3 days before the first exam paper, my phone (and my only connection source with internet) broke down. That explains why I didn't reply some of your messages especially since I don't like replying LJ's message using phone because I tend to misspell words. And this applies for those who I didn't manage to wish Happy Birthday too (_ _")

So let's make the things I've mentioned above short - modern gadget hates me.

I have question to ask here though. I was thinking if I should continue writing fanfic. Somehow when I notice that there's a lot of new good writers appear and there's a lot of the also good 'seniors' disappeared from the fic world, it makes me waver if I should proceed with it or not. Of course I still enjoy writing it as before, but after finishing 'Project Eternity' I suddenly feel like there's something wrong with the plot that I come up with until now. I just can't reach a certain level of 'accomplishment' when I wrote it like before. To be honest there is a lot of fics in my laptop that I didn't post it here because of this reason. I tried to overcome it by posting 'Dead Run' since it's less riskier as I already have the plot in my mind but then I got something that probably one of the fanfic writer's afraid with - writer's block. That's why the series suddenly stops there. I hope I can continue the series one day, but maybe not for now.

However, during my laptop-charger-broke down 'era' I decided to rewatch Fatal Frame, and suddenly, get a new fic idea! It just a short series one and consists of 4 chapters. I'm almost finish with chapter 3 now but...I was considering if I should post it or not. Well, firstly because I was thinking if it was good enough for you girls/guys(if there's guy around) to read especially for those who follow or at least have read those fic I've wrote before. The second reason is because instead of consisting 5 members like my usual fic, it only has 2 Arashi members as the main characters which is Sho and Aiba (a friendship one, of course. And also a horror plot too, of course). I have to short it down to 2 members only so I can make the story shorter before I will lose my will to complete the fic again like what happens to most of the fics in my laptop. If I include all of them, the story will defintely get longer since I want to make sure their personality will 'balance' the plot. The last reason is because...let's be honest. I lose my confident in writing again *bitter laugh and clap to myself* (the last time I experienced this probably when I posted Meteor Bond).

But don't take me wrong. I don't feel posting it is like forcing myself since it's actually something that I really want to do for those who have waited for my new fics for all this time (again, if there's any).

In short (again) - do you want me to keep on writing fanfic or not?

See you around later! :D

P.S I miss writing a comedy fic again.

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11/5/15 15:17 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] eveshine.livejournal.com
2 members dame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want all 5 included type... To be honest it's been a while I read yours. I'll give you lots of dozes in PM later..
Writer block? What is that?

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11/5/15 15:45 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] gambitsfox.livejournal.com
Hey girl! If you keep writing? Well, that's really only something you can decide. If it makes you happy then........please do! If you find yourself forced to just for the sake of others then maybe you need a break. Sounds like you really love it though. There can never be enough writers in fanfic. I, personally, dont like to read horror or fics without at least Nino in it. But, there are plenty of people that do! Hope your gadget problem is better and keep up the writing! Missed ya! : )

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11/5/15 16:19 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] j-sei.livejournal.com
Hello :D

Some people has said the same thing I want to say. If you feel forced, don't.
I haven't read your latest fic too xD
I think it's okay if you want to post this Aiba and Sakurai fic :D I rarely read horror stories and I prefer if the fic has all 5 of them (or at least Nino) so I don't know if I will read it or not later, depends on my mood.
Hope you can get away with your writer block soon! I do hope to read more from you ^^

Ps : hope for a new gadget for you soon!

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11/5/15 17:59 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
here here!! Yuki-chan!!! long time, ne XD
but saw some post yours It's good you still stay :D and yeah some people
"disappeared" it's sad ne :(
well I think "if you start something you have to continue" but mmm it all depends how are you... but I have to say I'd like to read your stories :D

bye Yuki-chan!! remember, take care your health and don't miss : )

P.S.: Mee too!! they were so funny!:D


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