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Title:My Girl PV~A Story of us~
Summary:Based on My Girl PV...
Disclaimer:I really really really not own anything! Even the PV story line!

A/N: Maybe...You should also watch the PV for better understand it
 Ohno-Ichiro/Aniki  Sakurai-Jiro  Aiba-Saburo  Ninomiya-Shiro  Matsumoto-Goro

                Bunch of boxes, already folded cloths and a lot of things are messing all around the living room. Ichiro, the oldest son furrows his brows as his brothers still teasing with each other even though their father will come soon. “Stop lollygagging you guys! We have to be done before To-chan get back!” he scolds them with his hands on his hip. The younger boys stop laughing and look at their oldest brother.

 “We’re doing it!” “And even properly aren’t we?” Shiro winks at the second eldest with a smirk plasters on his face. Then, the two guys giggled as their remembered back about their ‘men talk’ before. Ichiro just snorts and rolls his eyes, annoyed greatly with his brothers’ behaviour.  “Well, speaking of which, you should be doing it too.” Finally, Goro the youngest son says something after silencing himself since the eldest entered the living room before. “What? Do you have a problem?” He stomps angrily toward Goro, want to drag the youngest to fight with him. However, Shiro suddenly stands between them with a large box on his hands. “We’re not. We’re just saying ‘do it’ okay? Now, carry this!”




Taro    Ichiro    Jiro    Saburo    Shiro    Goro


The family’s name plate showed all names except for their mother.  About few years ago, their lovely mother passed away because of severe sickness. However, they were lucky enough since all of them are lived in one roof, easily them to take care of their mother until the day their mother gone forever.


Immediately, Saburo turns his head to his brothers. Their clothes already damp by their sweats. Probably, they were running to get there. “How’s ka-chan?” the second son, Jiro, asking while tried to catch back his breathe. All eyes aimed on Saburo, begging the third son to say something. “Sensei said...Ka-chan can’t make it anymore. So...” Saburo abruptly stopped, tried to hold on his tears. He bitted his lower lip as he knew it wasn’t a right time to cry. “So, Sensei wants us to see Ka-chan for the last time.”

The four guys in front froze. They knew the day will came. They knew their mother’s sickness was getting bad every day. And they also realize that they should do a mentality prepared for it. But, it was too fast. It felt like they only joked, teased, played and laughed with their mother yesterday. Sighed, Ichiro closed his eyed tightly and bitted his lip. “Guys, let’s see Ka-chan ne?” He looked at his brothers one by one, knowing that he should be stronger than them as the first son. “Come on, wipe your tears.” He tries to say it calmly even though his heart felt like been torn inside. Then, he looked at his younger brother in front. “Saburo.”

Nodding, Saburo stands straight and slid open the door that he leant back before. The doctor and nurses immediately turned to them and bowed. “Thank you very much Sensei.” Ichiro led them and bowed to the doctor. The doctor just shook his head and patted Ichiro’s shoulder. Then, he walked out from the room followed by the nurses behind.

“Ka-chan...” Goro’s voice already soared as he tried his best to fight against his feeling. Their mother just smiled weakly and told them to come closer.


Saburo smiles bitterly as the last memory with their mother came back. Inhaled, he grips the name plate and enters back their home.  The situation inside seems already calm down a bit as everyone are focus on their own work. “Wo~!” Suddenly, the deep silence breaks by Jiro’s voice. He clumsily waves his hand in front of his face, trying to get rid of the thick dust from the cushion he cleaned before. “Alright, move aside~” Immediately, Jiro steps aback, giving some space for his brothers to lift the huge sofa to the house yard.  “Where should I put this?” Saburo asked while showing the name plate that he is holding on. “Put it inside the box.”  Saburo looks at the boxes before turns back to his brother. “Which one?”

“That one.” The second son points at the box that Shiro meant with the rattan he holds. Saburo walks toward the box and immediately puts it inside. “And just move the box aside if it out of space already.” “Got it~”

 On the other side, Ichiro is nagging about his aching waist after lifting a heavy load of box before. “You’re definitely become an old man already right, Aniki?”

“Shut up.”




After finished to clean up the living room, Jiro sits at the dinner table and starts to observe the home floor plan’s paper. “Ah-ha!”  He finally got an idea. Amused by Jiro’s voice, Goro approaches the table and wonderingly why his brother suddenly takes the black marker pen beside. “Alright, let’s do this!” Jiro immediately takes off the cap and writes down his name on the home floor plan’s paper. He writes his name on the largest room column, so his brothers won’t argue with him after they reach the new house later.

“Wait. Give me that pen.” “Eh?” Without waiting for his answer, Goro grabs the pen from him. Jiro frowns and confusedly observes his younger brother act. “Oi, oi.” He widens his eyes as Goro suddenly change his name with his. “Well, as the older one, you should be tolerated with me right?” “That’s unfair! Actually, as the younger one, you’re the one who should be tolerated with me!” Immediately, Jiro grabs back the pen from Goro’s grip and change the name back to his. “Oi, don’t change it back!” Goro hurriedly wants to seize back the pen, but Shiro suddenly comes and grabs it from them. Calmly, he writes down his name on the plan’s paper. Both Jiro and Goro widen their eyes. “Eh?! You took the smallest one?!” “Un.” “Are you sure?!” “Uh-huh. It’s easier to clean up anyway.” He answered it without hesitant at all. Still in disbelief, Goro asks again to make sure with the elder’s choice. “It’s really small you know! See? This room is 6 times smaller than the biggest one!” Both Jiro and Goro look at the fourth son, wanted to make sure if what their heard from Shiro’s mouth before was real. Shiro silencing himself for a while perhaps was thinking about the room. “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I still want the smaller one.” He said it steadily while tapping the small room column with the marker pen’s tip, makes the youngest totally lost his words. “...Seriously, I really don’t get you.”

Jiro however, immediately grabs back the pen from Shiro’s hand. “Alright, since you still want the smaller one, I’ll take the bigger one then.”

“Oi! That’s mine!”

Then, both the elder and the youngest start arguing about the largest room again.




Saburo flips the photo album page by page. Sometimes, he smiles when some of the childhood photos makes he remembers about ton of unforgettable memories before. His smile growing wider and wider by each photo he saw. Abruptly, he stops at the next page.

“Ka-chan! Look!” The 5 years old Saburo hurriedly run toward his mother while gripping a piece of paper. The mother immediately crouched down and smiled. “I draw Ka-chan!” His mom widened her eyes and smiled happily. Saburo still remembered how his mother gave a complimented on his bad drawing and even said the drawing was beautiful than her. “Ka-chan~” suddenly, the 4 years old Shiro approached them and gripped on the mother’s cloth. Silently, he peeked on the draw. “Who draw this?” “Me!” Saburo admitted it proudly with his smile wide on his face. However, Shiro suddenly laughed hardly. “What?!”

“It’s horrible!” He still laughed with his eyes almost let out some tears. Angrily, Saburo wanted to hit him, but stopped when the 6 years old Jiro suddenly ran and hugged the mother. “Ka-chan~ can Ka-chan please buys me the red mask? It’s so cool!” He jumped excitedly, totally been influence by the superhero broadcast. As the mother wanted to answer it, the young Goro suddenly came and jumped to the mother’s back. “Ka-chan~ let’s play the jigsaw puzzle together~” He hugged tightly the mother’s neck to prevent himself from fell down without realizing his mother almost chocked in front. Chuckled, the mother wanted to sit properly on the floor so Goro’s foots can reached the floor. However, the 7 years old Ichiro suddenly ran to her and grabbed their mother’s arm. “Ka-chan! My paper coins collection are sooooooo many already! Let’s count it!”

“Ka-chan, sing me a song~” “Ka-chan! I want the red mask!” “Ka-chan~ let’s play the jigsaw puzzle~” “Ka-chan, Ka-chan! My paper coins!” Those cute boys jumped happily, hoped their mother will give them a priority. Frowned, their mother looked at them one by one and massaged her head. “Ka-chan?”

 Suddenly, their mother fell on the floor. The sons stared at her wonderingly before tip toed move to her. “Ka-chan?” The oldest touched their mother’s arm and shook it lightly. “Ka-chan what’s wrong?” He worriedly looked at their mother as she still in motionless state. “Ka-chan, don’t leave me...” Jiro half begged with his eyes already brim with tears. “Baka! Don’t say that!” Shiro scolded the older even though he already cried too. “But...” The older started to sob followed by the 4 years old Goro. Then, their hugged with each other while crying and begging their mother to wake up.

                Definitely, he still remembers the incident. In the end, their mother finally gets up and stretches her neck to left and right and nagged about her ached back because of the stiff floor. And all of them immediately hugged their mother while crying hardly. Sheepishly, he smiles.

“Alright, back to work.” He immediately closes the photo album and gets up from the wooden floor.

At the same time, Ichiro is tidying their late mother’s altar. He was packing up some left things on it and accidently looks at their mother’s altar picture.

“Thank you for coming.” Ichiro and Jiro bowed at the another guest, perhaps their mother’s co-workers. He was standing straight back when he saw their father entered the funeral’s place. The father looked at him in disbelief while Ichiro just gave him a slight smiled. After their mother died, all of them agreed to keep it from their father until he came back from overseas. Actually, their father was half-hearted to left, but since they really needed money to pay off the medicine and hospitalization’s payment, finally he agreed. “To-chan...” Jiro walks slowly to their father from Ichiro’s beside. Then, he bowed lower while closing his eyes tightly. “We are deeply sorry...”

 However, their father didn’t say anything. He just quietly stepped to their mother’s altar and touched her picture. Maybe some of the guests will thought it was not respecting the death one, but they don’t cared. Their father was suffering more than them.

“To-chan?” Goro stunned as he just came back from discussed about something with the Shrine. He looked at Ichiro and Jiro who were standing behind the guest receptionist place, wondered when their father was arrived. “To-chan, let’s sit there. To-chan still tired from those hours flight right?” Shiro gently tried to persuade their father. However, he just received a weak head shook as the answered. At the same time, Saburo came out from the private room there. He speechless as he saw their father was there. “Aniki, Jiro?” he questioningly looked at the elder. But, no word came out from them.

Slowly, Ichiro takes the picture and carefully wipes the frame as he doesn’t want even a small scratch left on it. Then, he places it on an orange fabric and folds it properly, not realizing his younger brothers are staring at him quietly behind.



“Shiro, look!” The youngest immediately showed the fourth son their nostalgic childhood jigsaw puzzle. “You still remember this?” he asks as Shiro takes it from his hand. “Yup. It’s been a long time since we played this last time right?” Both them look at each other before let out a smile and stared back at their childhoods’ favourite game.

“Oh!” Ichiro yells out excitedly and grabs the paper coins bag plastic that he found. When he was a kid, one of his hobbies was collecting paper coins. It was quite popular among his friends and sometimes they compete in who collected a lot of it.

“Just...a...little...bit...more” He mutters while his hand tries to reach for something inside the dusty oshiire. Countless time his head hit the fusuma and already uncounted time he sneezes inside it. It was his entire fault actually since he was too lazy to clean up it. Few inches more and he finally come out from the oshiire while gripping on something. He smiles happily as he got back the precious red mask. “Finally~”

In the other hand, Saburo was looking back at his childhood photos. He was flipping the album’s page one by one before his eyes caught a letter on the last page.


To Saburo

From Oka-san


Curiously, he takes and opens it.


Dear my son,

You were born as our children. And one day, you will grow up and move out to do what you loved.

When the days come, just go.

I will be watching over you from this home.



As the funeral finally ended, they came back to their sweet home. However, it felt empty like something important was lose. Silence surrounded the gloomy home even though it was so cloudless before. Started from that day and on, no more terrified shouted from their mother when Ichiro came home with his new dark tanned, no more nagged voice when Jiro didn’t want to get up from his futon, no more laughed sounds when Saburo and their mother teasing each other, no more scolded when Shiro stole a tempura before the dinner time, and no more person who will discussed with Goro in how to styling a new brand of clothes. It was empty. Too empty.

“Guys, I go upstairs.” The other nodded. Silently, Ichiro climbed up the stairs and went to his room, left his brothers at the downstairs. “Well, guess...we can’t do anything anymore...right?” Jiro tried to lift up the mood. He bitted his lips and immediately went to the upstairs followed by the others. They were heading into their bedroom to change their cloths. However, they abruptly stopped. It was a sobbing sound, definitely from Ichiro’s room. They took a peek as the fusuma was slight opened and stunned. Usually, Ichiro will stand strong and never cry or showed his weaknesses in front of them. But now his tears were flowing down swiftly, unstopped.

 Ichiro bitted his lips, tried to not let out any sounds. He was trying so hard for not crying in front of his brothers even though there were certain times he can’t stayed longer anymore. He knew as the oldest he should stay strong for his brothers’ sake, but it’s easier to say and not to be done. At least now, he didn’t cry in front of them. But unexpectedly, his door slid open.

Ichiro stunned. Not only because he was too shocked as his brothers seen him cried, but also because of the tears that were also damping their faces. Finally they didn’t say anything for daylong, but let out their sadness and shared it together without words.


                Saburo sighs. On that day, they had promise to take care of each other and stayed together no matter what. But when they move out later, will they still remembered it?

 “I never thought we will found it back.” “Me too.” The sudden Shiro and Goro voices startled him. Suddenly, Jiro stormed into the living room with his precious red mask. “This is nostalgic right?” he showed them the mask with his unstopped smile. “We found this too.” “Oh! I still remember it!” Jiro widens his eyes as he saw the long-time-no-see jigsaw puzzle. “But yours look so childish.” “Yours more childish!” As the three brothers keep arguing with each other, Ichiro suddenly enters the living room. Ignoring the fight, he crouches down in front the ‘childhood’s treasure’ box and almost puts his paper coin inside it. However, Goro stopped him. “What are you doing?” “I want this.” Innocently, Ichiro looks at him. The three younger frown. “No! Choose something else to keep!” “But, I want to bring this along.” “No, no, no. It is a lame choice.” The two youngest words make Ichiro pouts. “See? Mine is better than him.”

Still don’t want to lose with each other, Ichiro and Jiro had a mouth fight with their two youngest brothers. Suddenly, Saburo gets up from his seat.  

“Guys.” They immediately stop and look at him. “I found this.” He showed them the letter his found before. His brothers questioningly look at him and the letter on his hand. “What’s that?” “...A letter...from Ka-chan to us.”



Ichiro looked at his brothers behind and signalled them to come nearer to their mother. His heart was throbbing hardly inside, but he tried his best to not showing it.

“Ka-chan.” slowly, Saburo stepped toward their mother. He holds her hand and kissed it with his tears already rolled down to his cheeks. The mother just smiled and stroked his hair gently while uttered him some encouragements words. Then, Goro sat beside the bed with his teary eyes. He wanted to say something, but no words can be let out. As Goro wanted to slid closer to their mother, Shiro suddenly stormed out from the room. Even though Jiro knew the reason why, he still came out and persuade his brother to come inside. Ichiro just stared at them before their mother suddenly called him to sit beside.

Gently, she caressed her oldest son’s cheek with a thanked word for always cared about his brothers and let them always came first no matter what. She also thanked him for his willingness to replace her place during her absentness at home. However, Ichiro just shook his head and smiled sweetly at their mother.

Then, she looked at the youngest one. She chuckle a bit as she remembered the earlier times when Goro just learnt how to cook. Almost the time he failed, but because of his stubbornness he finally manage to prepared various of delicious meal, inherit a lot of recipes from her. Goro just smiled and thanked their mother for patiently taught him till now.

Saburo was already sobbed when their mother looked at him. Again, she stroked gently Saburo’s hair and thanked him for always smiled and lift up the house mood. She also told him that she will miss his laughed and unpredictable idea after this. Saburo just sniffed and stared at her dearly for the last time.

At the same time, Jiro and Shiro entered back the room. Jiro slid close the door while Shiro stepped slowly to their mother while bitted his lips. His eyes seems red perhaps was crying outside the room before. Softly, their mother told him to come closer and hold his hand. She thanked for always been there when she needed someone and for always be honest and outspoken to the others.  Shiro just silenced himself while closed his eyes, worried if his tears will fall again.

Jiro knelt down beside the bed when their mother looked at him. His hand topped on her with a sad smiled on his face. The last thing she said was to help Ichiro to take care of his younger brothers and make sure to put a faith in everything he did. She also thanked for his willingness to always wake up late just to wait her to back home after some over-time work.

Can’t kept his feeling anymore, Jiro immediately hugged his mother followed by his brothers. Their mother just smiled with a tear fell from her eyes, touched by the warmed and lovely family hugged.


“Aniki?” Saburo turns his head to Ichiro as the elder suddenly gets up from the chair after finished reading the letter. However, Ichiro doesn’t say anything, but grabs the home floor plan’s paper on the dinner table and walks away from there. His brothers followed him behind and start to wonder when Ichiro suddenly stops in front of the house yard. Silently, he stares at the paper on his hands with his brother stand behind him. “What’s wrong with it?”

Shiro confusedly asks. Again, Ichiro didn’t answer his questions, but thorns the paper into pieces. At first the four guys behind were shock. But finally, they lips curve with a smile.



After finished arranged their stuff back to the usual position, the three guys doing their own works while waiting for Ichiro and Jiro to come back from doing some groceries. Goro was humming in the house yard with those old memories flown back. He smiles as he knows their oldest was did a right decision. Immediately, he takes out his phone and typing a message.


Reception: Oto-san

To-chan, we want to stay with Ka-chan a bit longer.

So, we decided to not move out.

Sender: Goro


Shiro places their mother picture frame on the altar and lets out a gentle smile. He wasn’t regret with the choice, and he knows his brothers weren’t too. They miss their mother a lot and they still want to ‘live’ with her. “Yosh!” he gets up from the tatami and still standing at the same spot. Suddenly, he heard loud noises came from the back yard.


Saburo lets out a smile as he stares at their family members name on the name plate in front.


Taro    Hanako    Ichiro    Jiro    Saburo    Shiro    Goro


Now, their family name plate was complete. Their mother still alive. Even though the moments they shared together are going distant every mere second, their mother still alive. Still living in their heart just like before. Satisfied with it, Saburo enters back the living room with a slight smile on his face. As he closes the door behind, he heard laughed and quarrel sounds come from the back yard. Immediately, he heads his steps to there.

“You’re so late!” Saburo stunned by the sudden yell. Shiro just lets out a smile and crouches down near with their late mother favourite bonsai.

“Lend your hands here Saburo.” Ichiro said as he came to the yard with plates from the kitchen on his hands.

“Why you stood still there?” While taking a fast glance, Goro continues to put some charcoal inside the grilled. Saburo however still blinking for few times, confused with what was happened.

“We will have a barbeque for a dinner.” Jiro chuckled as he knew the younger was totally absent minded with what was happen. 

“Barbeque...?” Saburo mutters the word back, trying to get what his brother meant. Then, he let out a wide smile. He immediately runs toward them, making the brothers scold him to wear a pair of sandals first.




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2/5/11 14:38 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] astra-54.livejournal.com
kyaaaa~ I love it iza-chan~ XD
yappari naa~ arashi as kyoudai, saikouuuu~ XD
it kinda sad to know their past and how they feel so sad for their mother's death. you drew their closeness really great! (>v< )b

and you start you hiatus nee~ *sigh*
ganbatte nee~ ^^v

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2/5/11 14:47 (UTC)
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So fast! XD
But glad you love it! X))))

YATTA-Man! \^0^/
Actually, I'm a bit worried with this one-shot...But your comment burst up my confident! Thank You ne~ Maybe I should try Aozora Pedal after this X) (Not sure)

Will be hiatus ne~ Tomorrow my exam start, so I post it tonight ;)
Ganbarimasu yo!
Hontou ni Arigatou Gozaimashita for reading! XDDD

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oo~oh~ try it, try it! XD
just try it! it wouldn't hurt :p
*somehow, I always giggle if I remembered about aozora pedal PV. jun's hair kinda.... girlish (?) LOL XD

then, you should sleep fast!! you need to rest and relax before exam ;)

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Yeah, I think so!
Matsujun's hair kinda cute! X)
Hehehe...I'll try it when I got some time later ne~
Even I just slept, I can't slept properly (-.-")
Too nerveous!

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2/5/11 16:09 (UTC)
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omgggg this is sooooo goood~~~!!! i almost wanted to cry at parts =( especially the part where ichiro was crying in his room alone T______T but it was still sooooo good!! i love how you took the pv and added to it<33333333 AMAZING JOB!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS!!<3

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2/5/11 19:18 (UTC)
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I'm SO glad you liiiiiiiike it!
Ichiro is a great Aniki ne X)
I love this PV really much, so I decided to write about it ^-^

Thank you Thak you Thank you for the praising! XD

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yes ichiro is so great, taking caring of his brothers and being so brave for them<3

yea its a greatttt pv!! i wish they would do more pvs with story lines:D you should do a fic for aozora pedal too^___^ i would TOTALLY read it!!!

you're very welcome:D you totally deserve it!! its a great fic!! im gonna favourite it to read it in the future again:D great job again~~ *hugssss*

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oh and now this totally makes me wanna watch the my girl pv on repeat also haha

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Hahaha! XD
But you can enjoy more if you watching the pv X)
I'll try Aozaora Pedal next time /^-^
I'm REALLY REALLY glad you love it! XD
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haha thats true XD i ended up watching the pv and making yesterday LOL sooo good haha

yayyy!! aozora~~ haha im actually watching the making of that now too LOL they need more pvs with plot lines!!

^____^ np:D looking forward to more of your fics!

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I love this~! ^^ *click memories*

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Glad you love it!!! X3
And Thank You SOOOOOOOO much for reading! <3333333

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2/5/11 17:46 (UTC)
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so heartwarming story..
thanks for sharing this =]

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The PV was kinda touching me =)
I'm glad you like it!
Thank You SO much for reading too!

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3/5/11 11:47 (UTC)
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I love this PV...
Coz the PV was so sweet, thanks for making this fict...
It was so warm and kind...

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4/5/11 06:01 (UTC)
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Yep, I love the PV too X)
It's really touch and heartwarming, match with the song =)
Thank You SO much for reading too ^-^

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4/5/11 13:36 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jellybean6972.livejournal.com
Aww~ so touching and sweet! I love it! ♥
What a good idea! Making the MY Girl PV into a fic!
Thanks for sharing! :D

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4/5/11 18:59 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Yay~ Glad you love it! X3
I love the PV SO much, so I try to write a fic based on it =)
Thank You SO much for reading! X)

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5/5/11 05:46 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] caryl-star88.livejournal.com
this is a great fic! its also cool how you kept the parts that were in the MV :D

much love~

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5/5/11 09:38 (UTC)
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Owh! Hi! OwO
Glad you like it! X3
Thank You SO much for reading ne!

Much Love too~! ^-^

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8/5/11 13:16 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] neiro90.livejournal.com
Aww that was was good and way better than that!
*still sobbing*
I remember reading fic similar to this when the 5 brothers were born.
Was it also yours?
My girl PV <3

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8/5/11 18:05 (UTC)
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Glad you like it! X3
*pats your head*
No, that's not mine...but I want to read it!
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9/5/11 07:17 (UTC)
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I wonder if you have read it. Here's the link:
Enjoy the cuteness xD

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9/5/11 08:42 (UTC)
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I just read it and I REALLY love it! XD
It was SOOOOO adorable funny!
Thank You SO much for give me the link!
I love you!(No weird meaning! XP)

Thanks a LOT again! =)

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9/5/11 12:12 (UTC)
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I love it!
I've been thinking of writing about the "My Girl's brother" a time but not like that, writing an other story about them, you know? ^^ But I didn't have so much ideas so, it's still in a closet for the moment xD

You did a great job, I really appriciate to read it ^__^
I think I'll explore your LJ when I would find a little more time, to see what else you have written ^__^

Thanks for sharing~

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9/5/11 19:25 (UTC)
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I hope you'll write it cause I really want to read the story! X)
Any fic related to My Girl will make me 'doki doki suru' XDDDD
So, I'm really glad if you write it =)

I'm SO happy you like it X)
But, the story I was working on before was a bit messy XP
I'm sorry if you can't really understand it...

Thanks a LOT for reading!

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10/5/11 00:01 (UTC)
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so beautiful, touching, lovely, and sweet
thank you so much for sharing <3<3<3

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10/5/11 05:20 (UTC)
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Thank You SO much for reading too~
Glad you like it! <3<3<3