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Title: Life is Unpredictable but...that's what make it fun!
Pairing: Ohno-centric with other members' cameo(try to look for it!)
Words: 5019
Genre: AU, Comedy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Plot only! Got the title idea from [livejournal.com profile] eveshine message; "If life is predictable, it will be boring ne." Sorry for using it without your permission dear! m(_ _")m
Summary: Having a bad day? Check it out.
A/N: Got this idea after listen to Lenka's 'The Show' song. If you're having a terrible day, I hope this will make you feel better. If you're not, enjoy!

Let me make it simple.

When I was born my mom chose Satoshi as my first name just because she likes an idol with the same first name. When I was kiddo I love to do everything that against what my mom and dad told me till the doctor who always treats my wound could recognize my face.

Well, it’s not like I purposely did that though.

I dreamt to be a baker, YET I’m now working as a salary man in a building that full with numbers of nearly dead stressful faces.

What makes my life turn to more upside down is the fact that;

First, I woke up late this morning since my favorite Tuna shape alarm clock was running out of battery.

Second, I just realized that I forgot to pay my electric bill which gave me no choice but to just take a cold quick shower since I can’t use the heater.

Third, I was ‘luckily’ bumped into my apartment owner who gave me a very long lecture when I was heading out since I hasn’t pay 2 months’ rent yet.

Fourth, when I was rushing to the train station I forgot that my wallet still inside my yesterday’s trouser and need to run back to my house which took another 15 minutes.

Fifth, when I finally reached the train’s station and waited for more than 10 minute, the announcer said that the train can’t function and still at the next station.

Sixth, I then chose to rush to my workplace just by running, but misfortunately stepped on my shoelace and broke my expensive favorite watch that I received as present from my big senior.

Seventh, when I looked up and ready to get up, a gold retriever suddenly stopped in front my face and did his ‘business’ right in front me…Ugh.

Eighth, I finally reached my workplace, but 45 minutes late with the first thing I met was my boss’s red and fierce face and his shout and scream greeting. Even his mouth smelt so terrible…which I bet from heavy alcohol he took when he visited his favorite hostess last night.

Ninth, right after I sat on my work chair, I find out that I can’t switch on my computer. So I immediately called for our company repairer and guess what? It was attacked by virus and I must REDO ALL the documents, important files, clients’ request, meeting report and more.

What? It’s not enough yet? You want my unfortunate rise to enough 10?

Okay, here it comes. My boss is coming here. I guess my gossipers coworkers must be telling him about what’s happening to me just while ago. Tsk. Don’t they have anything to do but bring mess to others?


Sound of my boss slap hardly my desk shock my other coworkers. I startle by it, but doesn’t say anything and just fearfully return his killer glare.


“I don’t need a fool worker like you! You’re fired!”


Satisfy now? It’s enough 10.


With box of files and my personal things in my hands, I slowly walk out from my now ex-workplace building. As I take a last glance behind me, I can see the security guard is waving at me with sympathy face. My closest worker, Jun-kun also there, watching my leave quietly since there’s nothing he can do to help me. I meanwhile just force my mouth a smile as return. Well, at least for the first time Jun-kun let me to borrow his CD player and couple of Michael Jackson albums which he never let before.

Slowly, I bring my feet to nowhere. It’s nearing winter, but I somehow still feel the sun is burning my body till the bone.

Then, I look up at my surrounding.

And sigh heavily.

Lovey-dovey couple. A smiley ramen deliverer. A high spirit market promoter with cheapskate housewives is now surrounding him for promotion time.

Not only the weather, but my surrounding is so cheerful that can’t reflect my current situation at all. Oh dear, how sad my life can go more?

I was so lost with my thought until I hear a laugh come from a bakery next at the sideway that I’m walking on. Immediately, I stop. As I spin my body to stand face to face with it, I bite my lip.

Why what I’m doing now is not what I was dreaming to be a long time ago?

Why I’m facing this alone and not with somebody I love like the lovey-dovey couple just while ago?

Why I can’t enjoy with what I’m working on like the ramen deliverer guy?

Why I can’t be so enthusiast with my job like the market promoter or fighting hard for my life like those housewives before?

Slowly, I spin my body from there and continue on my path. I know that my apartment owner must be watering his plants outside now so it’s better if I just walk to anywhere but home.

All of sudden, I feel my old phone vibrates inside my pocket. I immediately put my box down before shove out the device. Seems, it’s a message from the doctor that my mother told me to see 3 months once. He’s telling me that he needs to postpone our appointment to today...which is a good thing to do for spend my time wisely. Well, at least until that old owner finish with his job.

After quickly reply his message that I’ll go there right now, I change my direction to a building not far from here. It takes less than dozen of minutes for me to reach there. However, I still stop when I feel the sun’s radiation is no joke. I need to take off my black suit before shoves it into my box and brings it along. As soon as I enter the building where the doctor’s clinic is, I immediately walk toward the elevator, but only found the elevator already almost closes.


I shout to anybody inside it while running as swift as I can to the metal door. Yet, it already moves to upstairs.

Great. Another misery. I should let Guinness Book Records know about this and see if anyone can beat my ‘strike 11 worst thing ever happen in life’ record.

It takes 10 more minutes to wait for another elevator to come. As soon as it slides open, I immediately step inside. Yet, the door suddenly closes, hitting both my side and beyond my consciousness, I flinch in surprise by the contact. The moment I clumsily plus painfully jump inside, I turn to face the floor buttons immediately.

Ugh. How much I want to kick these three naughty elementary boys who are now laughing while walking out from inside here. No doubt they’re the cause huh? But since I choose to ignore them; I just push the right button and lean on the wall behind me. A second later, a very muscular tanned man enters the narrow space I’m in. You’ve no idea how scary his face with scars everywhere on his face and body until I immediately straight up my body.

The door almost closes when a pregnant lady suddenly shouts us to hold this elevator for a while. She takes a little bit time, but finally she still manages to.

And the three of us finally move up.

Spooky. That’s the first word that comes across my head. Well who won’t when the elevator gives a creepy shifting sound from outside. Even the facts that the pregnant lady and muscular man stand in front me make me feel uneasy. But, it’s just the start.

Suddenly, the elevator stops.

It stuck right in our midway to the 9th floor. The three of us look at each other questioningly until the muscular man moves to the button panel and push vigorously the open or 9th floor buttons. Later, he finally pushes the red emergency button.

“We’re stuck! The elevator suddenly stops!”

I taken aback and close my eyes in reflex by his voice. Well…all of us know it’s impossible someone deaf will work in emergency station. Didn’t he realize that he was too loud until the poor lady next to him flinch by it?

It takes a few moments until we hear some response from the other line.

“We’ll go and check it out. Please wait for a while.”

10 minutes.

30 minutes.

45 minutes.

56 minutes

1 hour.

1 hour and 15 minutes

1 hour and 25 minutes.

1 hour and 47 minutes.



Both I and the pregnant lady flinch at the same time by his sudden punch on the door.


I sigh.

He’s right. Even my doctor is already waiting for me up there. Sighing, I hug my knees to my chest and sit quietly on the floor with the lady is sitting beside me and the muscular man still screaming like mad man for only God knows how long we’re trapped inside here.

Soon, I let out a bitter chuckle.

If I still a young and stubborn kid now I must be already climb up to open the elevator lid above us. Or try to shove my fingers between the elevator doors and give all my power to make it open. Or kick or jump nonstop inside here to make this thing move again even a little.


But where did my enthusiasm and curiousness gone? Why I don’t do that anymore? At least anything than just sitting here and wait till someone come and save us?

The fact that I’m growing up to someone that I’m not really makes me sad…


I shift my eyes to the lady by her voice. I can notice her face suddenly change to a hurting one as her hand moves to her big belly. Later, I caught something is wetting her long skirt.

Oh God. No way. Not now.

It won’t happen…right?

“Gentlemen…I-I think…I-I’m going t-to give…a birth.”

It DOES happen but…

WHY NOW???????


That is the first thing comes out from my mouth. The muscular man meanwhile immediately turns around. I was crawling closer to the lady when he suddenly falls on his knees. I decide to ignore him, but-


His terrify but…girly screams startle me. Immediately, I turn to him and found the man already lean forward on the elevator’s doors while screaming, hitting, and scratching or anything that he could do on it.

Okay. I’ve no time for him.

Ignoring that man, I just turn to the sweating and hurting lady in front me. She’s already panting heavily which I know ‘it’ will be soon.

“Calm down, ma’am. Help will come soon-”

However, she suddenly clutching on my shirt and grips it really, really tight.


More sweat flow down to her sweaty face which also makes the muscular man who I feel grateful for not calling him as manly scream in terrify more.

“Not now! I’m phobia with blood! I’m phobia with blood!”


In a swift move, I shove out my phone and call for the doctor that I’m going to see. The phone only rings once before I hear a man who is also my high school friend answers it.


“Thank God I can use phone here. Sho-kun. Are you busy now?”

“I’m only waiting for you now. You’re still stuck inside the elevator?”

“Yeah. I need your help right NOW. It’s a really, really important and urgent matter.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Could you teach me how to receive birth?”


Well, I bet he’s shocked with my question.

“Satoshi-kun, do you know I am a dentist?”

Heaven, I know.

“That’s why I’m asking. But I don’t know who else I can seek help from.”

All of sudden, the lady screams again while gripping tightly on my already crumple white shirt. She shakes me as like trying to reduce her pain. Yet, it’s not what disturbing me…but the fact that the muscular man already screaming and crying like a girl in front the elevator door.

“What happen there?!”

“A lady is going to give a birth here. I think we can’t be saved in any minutes so I’ve no way but do it myself. Please, you’re my only hope here.”

Another silent.

I don’t’ know for how long Sho-kun just stay quiet until I hear he told me to hang up the call and he will just send me text or picture message to help. At the time I look at the lady again, I can see how pale her face is. Quick but gentle, I straighten her legs on the elevator’s floor, pushing my stuff of box aside. The lady then suddenly screams full of pain again which this time make the annoying tanned man move to the corner and facing against the wall while bury his head on his knees. Maybe if that’s all I wouldn’t care, but when he starts to sobbing, sniffing and screaming, totally win against the one who’s supposed to give a birth now…huff. This Satoshi can’t keep his patience anymore.


He surprise when I suddenly attach Jun-kun’s headphone on his head. I ignore his stare and just start to play any MJ’s song in a very loud mode. And thanks Jun-kun for lend it to me, he already calm down and most importantly, shut up.

“I-I can feel i-it’s c-com-ming!!”

I clumsily turn to the lady again. Her panting is getting louder and stronger.

If you’re saying I’m really calm down, heaven, NO. I’m shivering, but what choice I else can choose since I can’t just sit and watch or become like that man over there.

Right on time then, Sho-kun’s message comes to save me. I was so excited and thankful when I take and almost open his first message until-

-Battery Low-

 And poff. The screen turns to black, just within less than a second.


I panic when her tears start to stream down. My hand slowly gripping tightly around my phone before finally just put it down beside me. While take few deep breaths, I lift her skirt until it shows her bloody and wet thighs before gently spreads her leg apart.

“Ma’am, look at me.”

The lady weakly brings her stare to me while crying.

“Breathe. Breathe.”

She chews her lip and finally nods. Seeing her already calm down and trust me enough, I start to inhale deeply. Tightly, I close my eyes and bring her knees up.

I can feel her body tremble so I slowly open my right eye first, follow by the left and…

God. WOW.

Wait. No. What I’m thinking about! Focus. Stay focus!

“I can see the head. Push!”

She screams very loudly again when I told her to push like what I’ve seen in drama and movie before. There’s no way I can explain how broken I feel to see how hard the lady is trying her best just for giving out the proof of her and her husband love. My eyes also brim by the sight of her fight, but I hold back my feelings since it’ll only turn the situation out worse, I know. The moment the baby is half fully out, I can see her body start to get weak and her face turn to pale.

No. she must stay awake. If not, her struggles will be all wasting.

“Hang on there, ma’am! I know you can do it! Just a little more!”

When her eyelids almost half open, I quickly slap lightly her face. It really takes a lot of effort to ensure her that she can do it, but somehow I still manage to.

I have no idea how long it takes. But right when I safely take the baby into my arm and cover it with my black suit, I hear the lady weak and small laugh.

Smilingly, I let her hold the baby and both of us hear a loud gasp. At the same time, the elevator suddenly works again and moves to upstairs in no time. As soon as the door opens in front our eyes, we’re greeted by firemen, emergency worker and people from hospital. Since I never call for ambulance inside before I immediately know Sho-kun is the one who does that. Only after the lady has been bringing away from there, I full of relief slowly follow to step out.

“What’s happened to him?”

The fireman’s words snatch my attention and I turn around immediately.

Right on the corner with MJ’s song still in full volume play, the muscular man already passed out. I just chuckle until I finally notice how bloody the floor is. Even the metallic smell FINALLY comes into my sense.

Ugh. Ughh...Errrk…


Sorry Sho-kun!

Swiftly, I run to the gents. The moment I stormed into one of the cubicles, I terribly throw up until I feel my stomach almost shrink.


When I finally come out from the building where I just stuck for hours, it’s already evening outside. The sun is not as grilling as before since there’s calming breeze, making my already weak body feels a bit better. With my arms still lifting my box, I walk toward a nearest park.

Happy kids are playing with each other. People are jogging around. A small family is clinging with each other while their only little girl is gripping a balloon in her tiny hand.

What a sight. But at last, I feel a bit calmer now.

Slow and steady I approach a bench with a brown hair guy is sitting on the other side of it. Thankfully I finally found a place to rest for a while. This box is seriously getting heavier and heavier which almost break my arms.

No. Correction. Actually the box’s mass is not changing, just my hands can’t hold back anymore.

Maybe because of my tiredness and nausea feelings, I just finally realize how beautiful my surrounding is. Birds are chirping like singing with sound of leaves shifting as its music. Even 5 stars hotel can’t beat the wooden bench I’m sitting on. The price is not that expensive, but it’s comfortable just the way it is. Children laugh, parents are playing around with their kids and couples are spending their time with their love one makes me feel like currently watching a show. A free show with a deep meaning but still fun and entertain to watch.

“Which should I choose…?”

Immediately, I turn to the guy beside me. His face looks trouble. But when I bring my gaze to the things that he’s holding, I frown.

Cans of ice coffee and watermelon juice? He’s troubled by that?! For SERIOUS?

But, I still laugh.

Well, without I notice it I’m actually also like him. I was troubled by the fact that I woke up late, need to take a freezing shower, nagged by apartment owner, forgot wallet, need to run to workplace which located few kilometers from my house, broke my watch, witnessing a dog did its business right in front my face, got scolded by my boss, lost all my bunch of hard works and got fired. Oh, not forget about the thing that just happened inside the building before.

But…it’s funny that I’m actually mourning about the things that ALREADY happen. Well, I bet not only me. Anybody might be not realizes about it too. It’s funny we’re trying to figure out the way to change what already happen to us by thinking ‘If I didn’t, If I wasn’t’. Rather than that isn’t it’s more meaningful if we just laugh by how awesome and lucky we are till our bored life suddenly can turn out with SO much unpredictable things? There’s no need to give a useless try to change what already gone and changed, but instead, we should try to fix it so we’ll treasure more our lovely and only chance to live in this world.

I’m such a fool for just realize it now. Rather than complaining why I don’t be a bakery, why I don’t try to appreciate what job I’ve got and give my best there? Instead of complaining why I face this alone, why I don’t think the way of how I should make my lonely self happy by doing anything necessary? Rather than feel depress cause I can’t enjoy my work, why I don’t realize that I’m actually the one who can choose whether I really want to enjoy it or not? Instead of complaining why I can’t fight for my life like those housewives before, why I never realize that I’m actually already fighting for it since the moment I choose to make my mother give a birth of me into this world?

Actually it’s much easier to just accept what we have now than try to figure out a way to change our life to something which doesn’t mean for us.

Yep. I believe it so.



Quickly, I turn to the guy beside me.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh? Yeah. Sorry, if I make you feel uneasy.”

The guy shakes his head with a smile. Then, he offers me his can of ice coffee.

“You can have it.”

Huh? Why all of sudden?

“It’s not fun to drink alone myself.”




What a puppy eyes he have.


I finally take the offer which makes him beam me with her cheerful grin. Both of us then open the lid, but still staying in very comfortable silence. As I take a sip of my coffee, I saw a guy coming from the entrance with a guitar hanging on his back. My eyes don’t leave him as he just watches his surroundings for a while. When he turns to look at the park pond in front me and the puppy eyes guy beside me, he slowly moves toward it. Then, he sets himself on the pond side. My fully attention was on him when he takes off his guitar.

And soon, his burger fingers start to play with the strings.

My eyes now completely attach with the guy. Though it’s a really calming evening and anyone who wants to perform anything within this situation perhaps will choose to play cheesy or peace music, he unexpectedly play a happy mood maker melody. The music he creates makes anyone who listens on it stop immediately and unconsciously, curve with smile including me. Even some of the visitors in the park also already move their head along with the song, just like me and the guy beside me.

All of us were too immerse with his play. We only ‘wake up’ when we hear sound of child is sobbing come from among us.

“My balloon…”

Oh. It’s the little girl who’s playing with her parents while ago. Poor her…

At the moment her mommy tries to calm her down, the puppy eyes guy suddenly get up from next to me. Everyone fall in silence as well as the guy who’s playing his guitar, realizing that he’s going to approach the little one. I just put my box and half empty can aside when he finally kneels next to the girl.

“Your balloon gone?”

She nods.

What a nice guy.

Yet, he suddenly gets up. I confusedly frown when I watch him walk toward the guitar guy and whisper something. The guitar guy then says something, but I can’t hear it. Only when the puppy eyes guy takes out a harmonica from his pocket, the crowd there gasps and immediately claps their hands.

Cool. I bet this is going to be awesome.

“We’re amateur and we can’t push aside the fact. But, just enjoy our show.”

And it’s a time when mind and heart become one.

No one here knows each other, but they can still smile to each other, enjoying the beautiful melody from the harmonica featuring mood maker music play sound by the guitar. Without anyone realize it, I witness all there are already whether move their head or clap in synchronize, totally matching with the melody. The chirping birds become the back voice. Sound of pond and shifting trees as the background sound. The guest is us. The small orchestra is the two guys. And the almost disappears sun as the setting.

Indeed the free show doesn’t cost anything. But who thought we can enjoy it till this far?

Now I feel more peace. My future problems just left forgotten for a while. For now, I just want to enjoy what I’m having now, taking a breath and break after a long tired day.

Unconsciously, I let out a relief sigh. Whether the balloon girl interested to me or hear my sigh, I blink when she all of sudden turns to me.

Oh. She smiles.

So, let’s smile back then.

…But wait. Why she’s approaching me?

When she stops right in front me, she suddenly grabs for my hand.

“Dance with me!”

“Eh? Bu-”


She however doesn’t listen at all. And before I realize it, we already stand among the crowd. Now I already become the centre of attention.

“Now we have the dancers.”

I saw the guitar guy smiles. When I bring my stare to the little girl, I stunned for a while by her excitement. She already sways her hand which is entwined with mine, following the music flow.

Soon, I curve with my smile.

There’s nothing wrong by enjoying this moment right?

Smilingly, I tighten my hold. I raise my hand a bit higher and she cheerfully spins around under it. The fact that I’m wearing crumple office worker clothes and my partner is just a mere less than 10 years old kid doesn’t become a matter to anyone. All of us just enjoying every single moment, filling it with laugh, smile and spend it with all heart.

Another realization hit my mind again. Rather than counting how many ‘straight’ misfortunate I get today, why I never try to count how many things I’ve learn from my bitter experiences?

Well, I admit that I was kind of lost after had been stomp by stress and trouble again and again. It’s normal. Everybody will lose with their life sight more than once for sure. But that’s also why sometimes human need a ‘large fate hammer’ to hit their head just to make sure we will catch something.

Each of our life is actually amazing on its own way, without we notice it.


A week has passed after my boss…I mean my ex-boss fired me. And seems luck still not on my side since I still couldn’t find any job that fit me though I already try my best to look for it everywhere. Since my entire savings already used to pay for my rents, the number in my bank account almost reach zero.

Yep. ZERO. Z.E.R.O. Can you get how terrible it is?

Feel tired after flipping pages of vacancy books, I yawn widely and let my body fall on my futon behind.


Sleepily, I toss my face to my phone beside me. As I reach for it and flip open to see the caller, I immediately sit up and widening my eyes.


“There he is.”

From the elevator that I just stormed out, I immediately see Jun-kun, my ex-boss with an unknown man in suit beside him. The moment I stop next to Jun-kun, I try to catch for my breath again with my eyes confusedly returns his.

“What happen?”


Jun-kun’s mutely bring his stare to the unknown man. I just follow his eyes until my ex-boss suddenly cough for my attention.

“This is our-ups. I mean the important partner of my company. He’s the chairman of THE powerful J&A IT Company. You must ever hear it before right Ohno-san?”

I dumbly nod with my mouth open. No wonder this unknown man surrounds by bodyguards and men in suit.

“Are you Ohno Satoshi-san?”

I dumbly nod again. Then, he moves to his assistant and takes something from the other man hold. When the important man wants to give me the thing that he just takes, I clumsily lift both of my hands and let it hang on there.

My eyes wide open.

My jaw hangs much lower.

W-what? B-b-b-b-b-b-ut how come?

 “I bet my former worker did a really bad thing to your wife until he forgot to bring along his suit, right Sir? You can sue him if you want. I’ve no obligate. He has nothing to do with me.”

“He’s not that kind of person, boss! I know Satoshi-kun well!”

Thank you for the support Jun-kun.

But sorry by the way. I forgot to bring along your MJ’s album and CD player.

“He’s not your worker anymore?”

My attention back to the unknown man again. I saw my boss-oh, correction. Ex-boss nods by it. Then, the man smilingly looks at me.

“I don’t know how I can express my gratitude to you for helping my wife a week ago. It’s our first child, you know. We don’t know how to contact you at all, but fortunately my assistant found your work card inside this suit’s pocket. And don’t worry about the suit. I already told my people to wash it.”

I bring my gaze to the suit under me again. Immediately, I sniff on it.

Oh, lemon.

“Since you’re jobless now…”

I look at him again.

“…do you want to work under me?”


Jun-kun’s sudden pat on my shoulder behind startle me. Still in shock state, I turn to him in disbelief.


I turn to speechless. I want to say something, but only smile comes out.

Have you ever thought why heavy rain, typhoon, storm or tornado must exist?

Well…cause without it, rainbow will never ever exist. Without it we will never notice how beautiful the scene of the 7 colors along with sun makes it appearance after a disaster.

We can’t predict what will happen on our future, but that’s why it’s interesting.

Isn’t it?



>Since days ago I actually feel stress about why I can't continue working on my multichapter at all. I already have the plot but I just can't work on it. I'll slowly forget how to write a story whenever I stop so it makes me really blur. Besides, it's also the reason why my style keep changing. Then I finally realize that the reason is cause I'm not enjoying what I'm writing on ;) I should pay more attention about it after this. I also have a bad day today but when this story popped into my mind, I know it's not time for me to mourn or cry about it :)
>Thanks a LOT for reading by the way ^-^ Let's do our best together for our life!

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9/9/12 12:30 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] shortysoul.livejournal.com
I love it so much!!! And it's so inspiring especially for me in this time. Thanks for sharing =)

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10/9/12 12:22 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Hope you'll have a great day! ^-^
Thank You SO much for reading~

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9/9/12 15:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jei-marie.livejournal.com
Wow! I really learned a lot from this..
I'm like Ohno, not enjoying my kind of work, always thinking how I get into this job..but this enlightened me..
Thanks so much..

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10/9/12 12:36 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
I hope you'll slowly start to enjoy your work then :) It'll take a lot of time, but possible.
Thanks SO much for reading too!

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9/9/12 16:22 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] platinum28.livejournal.com
I really enjoyed this fic, it was so funny but at the same time carried lots of great messages. :") I recently started to feel happier about my studies because I started to enjoy it again, but it took me really long time to get over my depressing attitude, haha. But you're right, once you look at the good things and enjoy, everything is so much better and even easier, isn't it? :D

Thanks for sharing your fic about Ohno, and have a great week! :D

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10/9/12 12:49 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Yep! Maybe that's also why when we're having bad things we will feel depress and terrible. It's up to how we manage our emotion. So it's better if we see everything positively though it's not that easy :)

I'm glad you started to enjoy your study again ^-^ Hope everything will go smooth for you. Thank You SO much for reading! Have a great week too! XD

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9/9/12 23:51 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] atenea005.livejournal.com
Thank you for sharing!!!
It's truth If We predict our future it won't interesting!!...
this days I'm a little worried, stressed:(I have a problem with my work and my clasess but I hope it is resolved soon!! oh and I need to slepp more!!:( but I'll do my best!! and I hope You do the same Yuky-chan!!! I think You only try to writte as You can feel, and DON'T WORRY!!! Everything is going to be alright,ne!! XD GAMBATE Yuki-chan!!XD

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10/9/12 13:10 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Yup! Life is not interesting anymore if it's all under our prediction ^^ Hahaha. Maybe you're right that I just want to write what I feel.
Sleep well ne? I hope you will overcome your stress and both your work and classes will be alright again :D I'll give all my best here so you too please give all your best there! Issho ni gambarimashou! XD
Thank You SO much for reading by the way~

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Thank you very much. You just don't know how much I want to hug you now. And how tight. XD
hai! Let ys do our best with our lives!!
Good luck! Ganbatte ne!?

Again, arigatou gozaimasu!! *bows

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I'm glad if this story help you to feel better! *hug you tight earlier* XD
Hope your day will be nicer sooner! Yup! Let's do our best together for our life! ^-^
Iya, iya. Thank You SO much for reading!!! *bow down back*

Good LUCK to you too~ ;D

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20/9/12 08:37 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] mardhiyah-87.livejournal.com
what a wise story from you...full of messages...you made my day..thank you :)
i always enjoy your story.you make we, reader thinking and start appreciate with what we have and what had happened to us.to make a dish...there're ingredients for it... like our life no matter it good or bad that what make us right...just be positive...
Thanks again <33

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23/9/12 14:01 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] 24iza-run.livejournal.com
Sorry for the late reply. Firstly, Thank You SO much for reading! :D
It's a big honor for me if you enjoy your reading ^-^ I always tell my self to not just write a 'story', but also a 'life'. There's a lot of things happen in our life and make us to feel like a pathetic person with a pathetic life/fate. So I hope this story will make them to at least change their mind set or life sight even a bit.
Thanks for enjoying it too! <333


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