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Titlte: Twirling the twisted side (One-shot)
Rating: G (err...still safe I guess)
Genre: Drama, mild angst, mild actions, friendship
Characters: OT5
Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Not Arashi or the branded stuff that mentioned in this fic.
Summary: It was supposed to be a normal night for a drunk man, a bartender, a seducer, an elevator boy, and a 'prince' who didn't know each other...or maybe it wouldn't? And were they really have no connection with each other?
A/N: It might turn out unexpected. So please read until the end. And this is un-betaed!

Twirling the twisted side

The breeze was quite strong that night. Tokyo though was still busy and noisy as the time showed only 3 minutes before past 8 in the evening. Standing on the rooftop of a prestigious hotel in the middle of Tokyo at the same time was a man in his 20’s who was taking his deep breath as he closes his eyes tight. Once he opened his eyes, he finally looked at his wristwatch and counted the tick-tock.

In three…two…one…

“I hate my job! Haaaaate it sooooo much!”

A drunken hiccup followed the slightly tanned man’s whine. While demanding for another cup of whiskey from the bartender in front, he puffed his already chubby cheeks and dropped his chin on the bar counter.

“My life…is suck. Suck! So d*mn suck!”

Noticing the bartender was holding back from sighing heavily by his endless complain, the tanned man started to childishly kick the counter between them. He only huffed in irritated when the bartender  asked him to stop though the noises he made were unlikely will bother the other guests in there like the latter said due to the blasting music the DJ played. Besides, he was the only person who sitting at the bar since everybody else were busy dancing on the floor like nothing else matter in the world.

Whining on the bartender’s lack of concern, the tanned man finally climbed over the counter and snatched away the bottle of whiskey that the bartender held. The bartender tried to stop him from pouring the alcohol into his empty cup himself, but he stubbornly fought it back until the liquid was spilled all over the bartender’s cloth. It was obvious that the bartender grew angrier by the drunken customer’s stubbornness, but was disturbed by the sudden presence of a man from the staff room.

“I’ll handle from here. You better go and change your clothes.”

The bartender was dumbfounded when the unknown man in the same uniform as him then patted his shoulder and went to clean the mess that the troublesome customer just created on the counter. Judging from the youth-look man’s smooth movement when preparing the requested drink for the same drunken customer, he was sure this man must be a newly hired bartender. But then why nobody told him that he was going to work with him tonight?

“Hurry up. It won’t be pleasant if the VIPs see you serving them in this condition.”

Eventually startled from his thought, the drenched bartender quickly rushed into the staff room. The youth-look bartender on the other hand sent his co-worker’s disappearance with a smile before finally serving the drink to the tanned customer in front him. The offered glass was grabbed immediately by the customer before the latter scooted forward on the counter with a begging look.

“Hey…do you want to listen to my story?”
“If you mean about your terrible job and suck life, I’m afraid that I’ve heard all of it from inside the staff room before, sir.”

The bartender didn’t even bother to lift his face as he continued to busy himself with the bottles of alcohol in front him. The tanned man pouted when heard that and started to play with his glass instead. Soon, he saw a beautiful woman and a man with a well-built body took a seat not far from his behind the counter.

“Two Martini.”

The well-built body man nodded smilingly when the bartender reconfirmed it. While waiting for their drink, the man then turned to the beauty beside him and beamed his brightest smile.

“You’re quite a good dancer.”
“I came here often. The DJ played some good music here, you know. Not the cheap crappy ones like you heard in other clubs.”
“Well, it’s a night club owns by a very prestigious hotel after all. We can’t expect for more.”

As soon as receiving their drink, both the man and woman immediately cheered and clanked their glass. It was obvious that the well-built man tried to hit on her as he keep on throwing questions about her personal life in which the beautiful woman unexpectedly didn’t mind to answer truthfully. The man seemed had been laying his eyes on her from the moment their eyes met when she was on the dance floor after all and she herself didn’t mind to play easy for once in a while since the man himself was actually quite attractive. Though if she had to say it, there will be one thing that still unfortunate about him for her.

“I guess we shall move on to the next matter, aren’t we?”

The well-built man winked, this time not bothering to hide his full with desire tone. This made the woman smiled seductively back as she leant her face closer to the anticipating man. Their lips were only a few inches apart when she suddenly smirked and whispered into his ear instead.

“Unfortunately, my man is the one who wear Armani and has Rolex on his wrist. He smells with Bulgari cologne, unlike you who have a smell of perfume that everyone can take from the store rack.”

She then showed her proud smile before walking away from the now dumbstruck man. After asking for her purse from the on duty worker near the club’s entrance, she turned to the well-built man for the last time and blew her air kiss as their parting gift. The entire drama was seen by both the youth-like bartender and the tanned customer who later startled by the well-built man heavy sighed. None of them said anything for a while when the man supported his head with his hand on the bar counter before turning to them with a look that only implying one thing.

Far from the deafening night club’s noises, the previous beautiful woman was now sighing heavily without bothering to acknowledge the polite greetings and bow from the hotel workers along her way to the hotel lobby. She later impatiently waited for the elevator to come down until one of it finally opened and revealed a tall man in his elevator boy uniform. The man immediately bowed down when saw her stepped inside and took her elevator access card which he placed on the button panel to access to the requested floor. Once he returned it to her, the woman clicked her tongue and folded her arms in annoyance.

“Gosh, why all good-looking men nowadays are so cheap? Even you yourself are working here as an elevator boy!”

The tall elevator boy only can bow his head slightly by it. He remained silence during their entire way to the woman’s floor and just listened to her complain about the difficulty to find a perfect young, good-looking, and intelligent man that match with her status as the heiress of a successful fashion company in Japan. Her whine was endless as she wished for a handsome prince who again, wearing Rolex, Armani and other luxury goods to come and saved her since she was already tired of being single. Later when the elevator finally stopped at the almost highest floor, the woman quickly came out without sparing her glance at the bowing hotel employee despite his goodnight bid. The latter though didn’t seem to be bothered by it as he just straightened up and turned to elevator button panel while reaching for his ear. His bright smile reappeared almost instantly when another hotel guests came into there before he escorted them down to the ground floor.

“I guess my prince only exist in my dream, huh? Well, expensive man is expensive.”

The previous woman mumbled to herself as she hastened her steps away. The entire corridor to her exclusive suit was empty and it made her even annoyed until she heard hurried footsteps from somewhere. She was about to take out her room card when later, someone suddenly came from the right corridor and bumped hardly into her. The strong impact made both her and the other person immediately fell onto the floor before she heard a man’s worried voice.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t pay attention with my way. Are you okay, mistress?”

The man’s excuse of course sparked the heiress’s anger. She was about to slap the man’s hand away when saw his offering hand above her until she noticed the expensive Rolex wristwatch he wore. This immediately made her look up and was totally stunned when her eyes met a pair of stoic yet gentle stare that owned by a very good looking man in front her.

“Did you get injured anywhere, mistress? Can you get up?”

Is that Armani suits? – she thought to herself instead as her eyes stopped at his formal and expensive attire. Of course her lack of answer made the man grew even worried, but she was too stunned to believe that her longtime dream to meet a man on her level was eventually granted. Soon, the man suddenly knelt down to pick up all her belongings on the floor before moving to her side. The proud heiress nearly screamed when the stoic man unexpectedly carried her princess-like in his arms before asking for her room number. Somehow she managed to answer it - though not without stuttering since she was still shocked by what she thought as a fateful meeting - what more when she recognized the Bulgari cologne that the man wore. This made her to sniff the man’s scent even deeper until she unconsciously leant her head on the latter’s strong chest which made the man to frown confusedly. Later though, he just smiled at her which of course only made the woman to fluster even more while grinning happily.

A couple of minutes later, the two of them were finally inside the woman’s expensive suit. The moment the stoic man lied her down on her bed and was saying something about wet towel and massaging oil, the woman hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck to avoid him from moving any further away. This sent the man still, but complied with it anyway. The woman felt like she was getting dizzier by the man’s alluring gaze and smell, especially when he showed his seductive look at her. The attraction was growing so strong when their face was moving closer and closer until she can feel her body was weakening by each passing second. Her heartbeat rose skyrocket in excitement when they were finally only a little inch apart before the excitement was probably becoming too unbearable for her anymore until she rolled her eyes and dropped unconscious under the man. This though of course left the stoic man to blink a few times above her for a while before he eventually moved away. Sighing in relief, he then sat on his heels.

“That was close...”

A sudden amused laugh in his ear made him snorted furiously. Yet, realizing that he actually didn’t have much time in there, he hurriedly fixed the woman’s position on the bed before finally looking for something inside her purse. Once found a certain credit card that he needed, he quickly inserted it inside a thin rectangular box that he brought along in his pocket and let the thing to scan it until he heard an ‘OK’ from the other line of his earpiece. It was approximately 1 minute later when he finally came out of the exclusive suit and walked toward the elevator area. As soon as the door opened to reveal the same tall elevator boy, he immediately got inside and leant on the wall behind as he folded his arms while the man pressing the button down to the ground floor. No word was exchanged between them until they arrived at the reception place where the stoic man gave something to the elevator boy before patting his back.

“Good job.”

The elevator boy bowed down by it and shoved the ‘tip’ he received inside his pocket. He then followed the man to walk out of it though headed to the toilet’s direction instead. Once inside, he immediately locked himself in one of the cubicles there before taking off the uniform he wore and changed into the casual clothes he had worn under it. After keeping all his disguises in a laundry bag he kept, he left it on the top of toilet lid and finally came out of the cubicle while wearing his cap. He whistled casually as he went to wash his hands on the sink before the youth-like bartender walked out of another cubicle and washed his hands next to him. The whistling man then went to dry his hands before disappearing from there, in which the bartender responded by taking out the cap man’s ‘forgotten’ laundry bag after shoving one particular thing inside it into his pocket. By the time he walked pass the previous drunken customer who was already leaning near the laundry room area, he heard the tanned man mumbled some incoherent words. He chuckled amusedly to see the latter’s ridiculousness, though hidden from the other people’s eyes there, the tanned man was actually returning his low, brief high five when their arms brushed against each other.

As soon as the bartender disappeared into one of the laundry room there, the drunken man finally swayed back into the night club and joined the other dancing people on the floor until he reached a particular middle age man. He grinned widely as he suddenly grabbed for the man’s left hand and twirled the latter which of course startling the other one so much. The rudeness almost enraged the middle ager until the tanned man grabbed for his wrist, gripped it tight, before rising it in front them. The moment the drunken man finally moved his hand away from his wrist though, the middle age man can feel his mouth immediately dropped low once realizing that his beloved lost Rolex wristwatch actually has reappeared on his wrist. Due to too shocked  unfortunately, he couldn’t say a word and just keep on moving his eyes back and forth to his wristwatch and the smiling tanned man over and over again until the man chuckled amusedly.

“Yes. It’s magic.”

Without saying any further word, the tanned man then calmly walked away from there. There was not even a slightest hint showed that he was drunk or at least tipsy when he made his way out of the prestigious hotel lobby to a particular black van in the middle of the parking lot. Instead, he was so enthusiastic when he jumped to the empty passenger seat next to the driver’s before returning all his friends’ high five. The van was filled with their laugh and voices when they recalled all the funny and unexpected incidents that happened before while the tallest one among them drove away from there.

“The rooftop was cold! I’ll freeze if you sent the floor’s photo even one second late! And the sleeping pill's effect was really slow too!”
“It can’t be helped. She reached the elevator later than we expected.”
“It’s all Red’s fault. You obviously did have a great time when dancing with ‘the mistress’ before, right?”
“Well, she broke my heart in the end anyway, didn’t she? And the one who owned that Bulgari cologne was actually me! I just changed it for tonight!”
“Come on. We need to create her ‘imagination prince’ after all. I was more worried about the wristwatch. That one was really expensive, you know.”

Their conversation afterwards somehow went to the possibility of their tanned friend to replace the watch with a new one anyway due to his unarguable stealing skill. The said man protested it, but in the end pouted when knowing that he can’t win against the four anyway. They all suddenly fell into silence for a while after that until the one who was driving finally asked.

“Did you manage to track anything?”

The well-built man who was still busy typing something on his laptop just chuckled.

“Actually more than you thought. She keeps quite a lot of money in her bank account, you know.”

Interested, the man with the stoic features turned to the laptop screen while unbuttoning his jacket.

“For a very proud company’s heiress, she actually did a pretty decent job to get THIS much.”
“Well, obviously that’s what she gets by becoming the spokeswoman of the biggest charity event for orphanages this year. I don’t think she have done anything else except becoming the model of her own father’s design to have that much in her saving.”

The youth-like man said as he folded his arms on the top of the chair that his two friends were sitting in front to look at the screen as well. This made the tanned man to exchange his proud grin with the taller one beside him who already giggled happily.

“Told you~ Any charity spokespersons are always profitable~”

The other four men chuckled by that. It wasn’t long before all of them fell into a deep silence again as they form a same smile while the van continued to disappear further under the dark night.


“But boys…I-I can’t accept this.”

Sho and Kazunari snorted by the same answer before making the old woman in front them to take back the thick envelope that she tried to return to them. No matter how hard the headmistress of the orphanage wanted to refuse it, the two men just insisted as they continuously pushing it back to the older one’s hands. This funny sight made Satoshi to laugh hardly behind before joining the other two to persuade the woman who they called as ‘Mom’ to receive the money that they wanted to give to her. The ‘negotiation’ was endless until Kazunari finally dragged her into a hug while whining in his childish tone like he used to do every time he really wanted something when he was still small.

“Please, mom. It’s your money. You deserved it after the event’s organizer lied that they will give 90% of the donation to all the orphanages under them. Besides, we heard that the other orphanages already received their right amount of share anyway.”

The older woman just sighed by this.

“I know, but I don’t want you to give this to me just because of that. This is too much.”
“It isn’t. It won’t be enough if we calculated all the bills, education fees, foods, clothes, and many others. This is the least thing we can do.”
“This is actually more than enough, Sho. Besides…you guys already gave each of them a complete school set and new clothes too.”

The three guys followed her eyes when she then turned to look at the happy children at the yard. Some of them were excitedly opening their school bags and showed every single thing they found inside to their grinning Masaki-ni chan while some happily wanted to try their brand new clothes with the help from the spectacles Jun-ni chan. All the boys and girls seemed happy with their present since it was rare for them to have something like that except during New Year celebration. Later when finally realized that the old woman’s eyes was on them, they immediately ran toward her to show everything they got. Everything was chaotic when all the children wanted to speak at the same time which made the five guys to laugh out aloud uncontrollably behind if not because the headmistress already begging for them to help her dealing with the excited kids.

“You guys will never change.”

She sighed by their giggle before turning to the girl who had been pulling her hand since like a minute ago. This made the five guys to smile at each other and started to play with the other children as well until they noticed a fourth year old little boy came to approach the old woman with his pleading eyes.

“Can we have a celebration tonight?”

His question gained the attention from the other children as well. Every single of them started to repeat the same thing and some even jumped excitedly to make the headmistress approve their request. Sighing in defeat, the old woman eventually gave the answer that not only made the little boys and girls there happy, but also the still watching five guys.

“Well, I guess we can. But only if all of you promise to behave, okay?”

All the kids cheered by it while the five guys smiled victoriously to each other. It then turned into a hugging event after the old woman told the children to get inside to keep their new gifts properly. The moment she turned to her front again, she sighed when saw Masaki already opened his arms expectantly before she eventually smiled and hugged him back. Satoshi, Sho, and Kazunari followed to hug her as well until it reached Jun’s turn who suddenly hold her hands tight in his.

“Just tell us if you need anything, okay mom?”

Seeing her nod made the younger one to smile as well before pulling her into a hug. The headmistress then invited them to have a lunch together, but all the guys refused since they still have some works to do. They later waved and bid their goodbye excitedly as they walked toward their awaiting white van outside before the older woman suddenly shouted.

“Please don’t work too hard, boys! Take care of yourself!”

This made all the five guys nodded before telling the same thing to her.

Yet, once all of them had their back turned on later, all their expression immediately changed into a mischievous one. Satoshi just smiled, Sho just chuckled, Masaki was giggling, Kazunari was smirking, and Jun only quietly pushed the glasses he wore in amusement.

“…We won’t. We just steal back what’s needed.”


>Hello everyone! It'd been a while since I wrote fics. Here, I (proudly) announce that I officially completed my final semester!!!*throw confetti* Just hope my result is good so I can convo next year :)
>This plot suddenly appeared in my head yesterday and somehow I suddenly finished it by today. I think the urge suddenly came since I receive quite a lot of question and request to write OT5 fic. Honestly, I missed to write one too, but writer's block made it difficult ==" And sorry for the title. When I wanted to post it, I finally realized that I haven't named it. I was already feeling too sleepy and couldn't come up with the best name so...that's how it turned out in the end. If I want to continue this I'll probably come up with a better one.
>Comments, opinions, and criticism are much appreciated! I guess...this one will be a one-shot(?). I don't know XD (I really don't!)

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leiva21: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] leiva21
Hi there, it's been a while since I read any of your stories.
Ah this is quite a nice read. Arashi as con men and they actually did that to help the unfortunate. Thanks for this <3

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Hi there too! Yeah, it had been a while since I update something here :D
Glad you find it nice ^^ Thank You SO much for sharing and commenting too!

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Aaaa you are back!!! I really miss your fics!! And congratulation for finishing your final semester!! Looking forward for more fics from you ehehe XP

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Yeah, I'm baaack XD It feels nice to be around again. I want to write more fics too but author's block stops me @_@
It's nice to see you around again :D Thank You SO much for reading and commenting!

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<3 I miss your fic :D
Glad you still manage to write despite said writer blocked ^^
Also, will be happy with chaptered story for this one too :D hahaha


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