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Title: The Medium
Rating: R
Genre: AU, friendship, horror, angst
Characters: Sakurai, Aiba
Disclaimer: Slightly inspired from Fatal Frame. Only the plot is mine!
Summary: 10 years ago Sho was saved from a haunted spirit by the town's medium, Aiba. The two of them become best-friends-forever and always stick to each other after that until one day Sho was forced to stop from seeing his only friend. What Sho doesn't expect though is to find out that he might lose Aiba in the most saddening way. Now it's all up to him to let Final Ritual to be performed, or save Aiba and drag their town into its calamity.
Warning: Supernatural stuff and mentioned of human sacrifice.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Final Chapter: Childhood Dreams Ending

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Title:My Girl PV~A Story of us~
Summary:Based on My Girl PV...
Disclaimer:I really really really not own anything! Even the PV story line!

A/N: Maybe...You should also watch the PV for better understand it

(My Girl PV ~ A story of us~)

Title: ...When Angry Birds come to Alive
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Summary: When 'Angry Birds' come to alive, what is going to happen?
Warning: Nino real bratiness and Aiba the poor green pig!
A/N: My first fic after hiatus for three months. Sorry for any mistakes and error!

(...When Angry Birds come to Alive)

Title: Life is Unpredictable but...that's what make it fun!
Pairing: Ohno-centric with other members' cameo(try to look for it!)
Words: 5019
Genre: AU, Comedy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Plot only! Got the title idea from [personal profile] eveshine message; "If life is predictable, it will be boring ne." Sorry for using it without your permission dear! m(_ _")m
Summary: Having a bad day? Check it out.
A/N: Got this idea after listen to Lenka's 'The Show' song. If you're having a terrible day, I hope this will make you feel better. If you're not, enjoy!

(Life is Unpredictable but...that's what make it fun!)

Pairing: OT5(Ah, it's not pairing.)
Rating: G
Genre: AU, comedy, friendship, slight-action?
Disclaimer: Just the plot!
Length: 11,210 words
Summary: Aiba accidentally steals a dangerous mafia leader's briefcase which put his in a live-death situation. What will he and his friends going to do?
Warning: Grammatical error and a really crazy plot. So please prepare your heart!


Title : (One-Shot) A Better Tomorrow
Character : Aiba-centric
Words : 3862
Genre : AU, slight angst, drama
Rating : G
Summary : Based on real story from STORIES FROM P4WS. Aiba Masaki is an animal lover who never missed to do his daily jog at a certain same place. One day he witnesses a man tying his dog at a jungle that he used to visit which at the same time, makes him realize about an important harsh reality.
DISCLAIMER : I wrote this based on Max's story. Credit goes to fundraise4paws and [profile] no3lr3i :) I'm just the writer, I don't own Aiba-shi!

(A Better Tomorrow)

Title : (One-Shot) Gentlest touch
Character : Jun-centric
Words : 3728
Genre : AU, slight angst, drama
Rating : G
Summary : Based on another real story from from STORIES FROM P4WS. Matsumoto Jun is a university student who was unluckily assigned to work as volunteer in a shelter despite the fact that he is actually hated by animal. Yet he never expect that he will encounter a lot of things that he never ever thought the moment he involves himself with the shelter.
Disclaimer : I wrote this based on Hampton's story. Credit goes to [profile] fundraise4paws and [profile] no3lr3i :) I'm just writing this story! And J's is not mine!

A/N : This story is written to advertise [profile] fundraise4paws. We're still open for fund and welcoming anyone who want to offer their 'work' to raise the fund. You can go check the community for more information ^^
I will come up with 5 different one-shot which each of it will has Arashi member as the main character. All the stories are inspired on real abandon dogs' stories from P4WS.

(Gentlest touch)

Titlte: Twirling the twisted side (One-shot)
Rating: G (err...still safe I guess)
Genre: Drama, mild angst, mild actions, friendship
Characters: OT5
Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Not Arashi or the branded stuff that mentioned in this fic.
Summary: It was supposed to be a normal night for a drunk man, a bartender, a seducer, an elevator boy, and a 'prince' who didn't know each other...or maybe it wouldn't? And were they really have no connection with each other?
A/N: It might turn out unexpected. So please read until the end. And this is un-betaed!

(Twirling the twisted side)

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Title: Project Eternity
Pairing: OT5
Genre: AU, Action, Drama, Friendship
Rating: G/R (Depends on the chapter)
Disclaimer: I own the plot only~ Not Arashi~
Summary: Despite of government 'Project Eternity' declaration, 5 genius boys were saved after their parents managed to hide their real intelligence. 10 years later, they witness their parents get caught in misunderstand and aim to save them.
Yet, they never thought it will drag to something serious.
A/N: I'm sorry for every error and mistakes.

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3/9/12 20:26
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Compilation of One-shot horror fic. It'll be added from time to time.

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Title: Meteor Bond (Masterpost)
Pairing: All 5
Genre: Crossover, comedy, brotherhood, angst
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Plot 65% from me, 35% based on the real drama. The characters are not mine!
Summary: Based on Ryusei no Kizuna drama with slight change. 5 brothers sneaked out from their house to watch meteor shower but only found their parents were brutally murdered after returned home. 14 years later, the police unfortunately still could not find the culprit behind their parents death. The brothers meanwhile already become grown-up men and move to Tokyo, but still close with each other. They fill their days with laugh and funny quarrel despite of the deep grudge they hold toward their parents' murderer for the whole past years.
A/N: Their surname is Ariake.

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Title: Shinigami no Game-Lose and you die- (Masterpost)
Pairing: Hmm....OT5
Genre: AU, angst, thriller, horror, action
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I just wrote the plot.
Summary: What you're going to do when you received a message from Shinigami that said you're joining their game? 25 people including Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsumoto Jun try their best to survive the game for the rest three days or they will lost their lives in the most fatal accident they ever thought. Will they manage to? And why Ohno Satoshi who has nothing to do with it tries to rescue every victims that he found?
Warnings: This story full with blood, murderer and plot that might be unsuitable for you who hate this kind of stuff. For you who ever read my fics before, THIS STORY is different from what I ever wrote.

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Title: Fixing My Future with the Broken Pieces of My Past
Genre: Brotherhood, friendship, angst
Rating: G(Include curses and harsh words)
Summary: Having a brilliant and perfect fraternal twins who is 180 degrees different from him forced the 16 years old Miyamoto Kazunari to grow up with a harsh and cold treatment by people around. At first, he had Jun who's the only person that close to him despite of their uncommonness. But after a cold incident occured between them, Kazunari chooses to never put a faith with anyone else anymore.
This story reveal in how a guy who always known as a 'rotten apple in eye' try to rebuild his broken life again.
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING, but the PLOT

Chapter 1: Alike but Different
Chapter 2: Regret
Chapter 3: You Do know Nothing about me
Chapter 4: I am no One
Chapter 5: Strong Bond
Chapter 6: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Chapter 7: The Harsh Past
Chapter 8: Separation
Chapter 9: Point of Return
Chapter 10:Just This Once
Chapter 11: Goodbye
Chapter 12: Restart
Chapter 13: The bittersweet of Life
Chapter 14: It's my Life!
Chapter 15: A silence sacrifice
Chapter 16: Met and Separated
Chapter 17: Endless Disillusionment
Chapter 18: An unexpected anger outburst
Chapter 19: Smile again
Chapter 20: It's not the end, but just begins
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Oh yeah! Ni hou? XD
This is the masterpsot of my first ever fanfics and it's about 40 chapters!(Not including special chapters and prologue) I never thought to do this, but since someone asking me...Shoganai ne~ XP

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